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1. UK army rank with NATO code OR-6, senior to corporal and junior to warrant officer ranks.

2. The highest rank of noncommissioned officer in some non-naval military forces and police.

3. A police officer holding this rank.

4. The rank of police officer next below a captain, lieutenant, or inspector.

5. One who holds any of these ranks.

6. A sergeant at arms.

7. Any of several ranks of noncommissioned officers in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps.

8. A noncommissioned rank in the US Army or Marine Corps that is above corporal and below staff sergeant.

9. engraving A title sometimes given to the servants of the sovereign.

10. Formerly, in England, an officer nearly answering to the more modern bailiff of the hundred; also, an officer whose duty was to attend on the king, and on the lord high steward in court, to arrest traitors and other offenders. He is now called sergeant-at-arms, and two of these officers, by allowance of the sovereign, attend on the houses of Parliament (one for each house) to execute their commands, and another attends the Court Chancery.

11. (Mil.) In a company, battery, or troop, a noncommissioned officer next in rank above a corporal, whose duty is to instruct recruits in discipline, to form the ranks, etc.

12. (Mil.) See under Drill.

13. (Law), engraving A lawyer of the highest rank, answering to the doctor of the civil law; -- called also serjeant at law.

14. (Mil.), (Zoöl.) The cow pilot.

15. (Zoöl.) The cobia.

16. an officer of a legislative body, or of a deliberative or judicial assembly, who executes commands in preserving order and arresting offenders. See Sergeant, 1.

17. any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal

18. a lawman with the rank of sergeant

19. A non-commissioned officer of the army and marines in the grade next above corporal, and usually selected from among the corporals for his intelligence and good conduct.

20. One of a body or corps attendant on the sovereign, and on the lord high steward on the trial of a peer; a serjeant-at-arms.

21. An officer of an incorporated municipality who was charged with duties corresponding to those previously or elsewhere performed by an officer of the crown.

22. A police officer of superior rank.

23. A substitute upon whom a serjeant was allowed to devolve the personal discharge of his duties; a bailiff.

24. Hence, also

25. In ichthyology, the sergeant-fish.

26. A servant in monastic offices.

27. A similar attendant on the king's person in France.

28. An executive officer in certain legislative bodies. In the United States Senate he serves processes, makes arrests, and aids in preserving order; the sergeant-at-arms in the House of Representatives has similar duties, and also has charge of the pay-accounts of the members.

29. [In this and the next four senses usually spelled serjeant.] A servant; a retainer; an armed attendant; in the fourteenth century, one holding lands by tenure of military service, commonly used as not including those who had received knighthood (afterward called esquires). Serjeants were called to various specific lines of duty besides service in war.

30. [In this sense the modern spelling is serjeant.] In England and Ireland, a lawyer of high rank.

31. In Virginia, an officer in towns having powers corresponding to those of constable; in cities, an officer having powers connected with the city court corresponding to those of sheriff, and also charged with collecting city revenues.

32. [The two spellings sergeant and serjeant are both correct, and were formerly used indifferently. Sergeant, however, is more in accordance with modern analogies, and now generally prevails except in the legal sense, and as applied to feudal tenants, to certain officers of the royal household, and, in part, to officers of municipal and legislative bodies, where the archaic spelling serjeant is retained. See defs. 1–5, above.]


1. The former police sergeant is having an absolute nightmare at the moment.

2. The sergeant and constable will appear before a tribunal charged with misconduct.

3. He was granted the rank of sergeant and set to work.

4. Her enthusiasm and commitment has seen her being promoted from sergeant and inspector to her present rank.

5. His father was a police sergeant and his mother a teacher.

6. It included six weeks on training patrol with constables and sergeants.

7. There was no officers versus sergeants nonsense.

8. And then into the circle steps a lone young police sergeant.

9. It is the one time in the year when the officers and sergeants serve their men.

10. An inspector and two sergeants were found guilty of gross misconduct but stayed in the force after written warnings.

11. Few African soldiers could rise above the rank of sergeant.

12. Will the young constable pass his sergeant's exams?

13. She reported the incident to the police but was told by an army recruiting sergeant to withdraw her complaint or face losing her career.

14. A further third were serving in the lower military ranks to sergeant.

15. Six police officers involved in the case have been served with gross misconduct notices, including an inspector and sergeant.

16. Army sergeants and senior teachers?

17. Police and court officials wrestled the Black Watch sergeant to the ground and handcuffed him.

18. The term sergeant-at-arms should be replaced by “chief of police, ” or the title of whatever officer serves the warrant.

19. The barracks chief, the tag sergeant, starts raining on my parade, yelling, “Shut up, Carlin!”

20. After correctly spelling the word "sergeant," Skylar was asked if there were any special sergeants in her life.

21. The nine-year-old had just spelt the word "sergeant" correctly at her school's spelling bee when her father, a sergeant serving in Iraq, appeared from behind a curtain.

22. You're going to answer yes or no, drill sergeant, is that clear?

23. While McCaulley did attain sergeant's rank, use of Marine

24. The fat sergeant is in all them but I never got his name. 007 is pretty good.

25. A sergeant from the HorsforthPolicerelated to me that he had received complaints via SurreyPolicefrom RevSizerand from Dr Anthony McRoy – a lecturer at theWales Evangelical School of Theology – who both objected to being associated with terrorists and Holocaust deniers.

26. ‘Because of the increased number of volunteer soldiers, the ministry will phase out recruitment of non-commissioned officers, including air force and army sergeants and naval petty officers.’

27. ‘Lessons have different levels of difficulty to reflect the roles of either a sergeant or a warrant officer.’

28. ‘It is us, staff sergeants and sergeants, who don't want to take the time to train and mentor soldiers.’

29. ‘On the ‘digital’ battlefield there is a real likelihood that brigade commanders will talk directly to sergeants or corporals commanding sections and that intermediate officers will be sidelined.’

30. ‘This cadre platoon consisted not only of more senior staff sergeants but promising corporal/specialists and sergeants as well.’

31. ‘I am a female sergeant in the Army National Guard, and a single parent of one.’

32. ‘It has 3000 soldiers, including privates, sergeants and officers.’

33. ‘The point out that it takes years, not months, to produced a trained, effective infantry soldier and more years to season sergeants and warrant officers.’

34. ‘The U.S. military is the world's best because its sergeants and warrant officers are without equal.’

35. ‘The final section of the book covers the beginning of the resistance from below, among the corporals and sergeants of the old army, Islamic activists and Arab nationalists.’

36. ‘The Defence People Committee has endorsed an initiative to offer completion bonuses to selected corporals and sergeants in three critical trades.’

37. ‘Corporals, instead of sergeants, lead the terminal crews, some with only two to three years in the military.’

38. ‘The person in distress was an Army sergeant who had been on land-navigation and survival training in the mountains of West Virginia.’

39. ‘In spite of that, he was given an overall pass, along with eight other soldiers, who included a sergeant and warrant officer first class, who had also failed aspects of the test.’

40. ‘There are paintings and photographs of generals, lieutenants, sergeants, privates, secretaries and commanders-in-chief.’

41. ‘The heart of any Army is not its generals, but its young sergeants, captains and colonels.’

42. ‘"Our air superiority is incredible," a marine sergeant told Associated Press.’

43. ‘She worked as a cook in the airmen's and sergeant's mess.’

44. ‘We must embed jointness as a leadership trait from sergeant to colonel.’

45. ‘But don't worry, this isn't boot camp, where the sergeant barks at you all day long.’

46. ‘A 15-strong team of Lothian and Borders police officers, including a chief inspector, two sergeants and 12 police constables will police the new building.’

47. ‘But there are still ten constables, two sergeants and a detective inspector operating from the incident room at a secret location in Bradford.’

48. ‘Bradford's public is suffering because of a shortage of police sergeants and inspectors, it was claimed today.’

49. ‘Resupplied with coffee and fruit cake, if very little in the way of useful information, the chief inspector and his sergeant went on their way after half an hour.’

50. ‘Control was through a rigid hierarchy with the police commissioner at its apex; officious and often severe discipline was exercised by inspectors and sergeants.’

51. ‘Some of the things which I said in relation to the range of responsibilities that people at my level have apply also to sergeants and inspectors.’

52. ‘It presupposes that if you become an inspector or a sergeant, you ought to become a good manager.’

53. ‘The decision that this should happen was taken by a police sergeant.’

54. ‘What I would say is if you get a conflict between a sergeant and another sergeant or a police constable, it is up then to the borough commander to try and resolve that.’

55. ‘Led by an inspector, each Local Policing Team will have its own sergeants and constables and will be accountable for police performance and responding to community concerns.’

56. ‘I am not sure about the petty offences, for example, the stealing of the police sergeant's badge that occurred on 23 May.’

57. ‘Constables and sergeants wore white gloves, and inspectors and the more senior ranks wore black or brown leather gloves.’

58. ‘Since the launch, the town centre has been covered by placing one sergeant, five police constables and two special constables in the town centre, with back-up from police cars.’

59. ‘I am a police officer, a police sergeant with the Cleveland Constabulary, and I am currently the General Secretary of the Police Federation of England and Wales.’

60. ‘Outside the front gate, two policemen with an over-enthusiastic sergeant stood and looked at the gnomes, who looked back, curious but still as stone.’

61. ‘You can't have it both ways and look fondly back to when a sergeant and four policemen lived and worked in the community.’

62. ‘A sergeant or a constable of police would make a decision, would he or she not, whether to prosecute for a traffic offence?’

63. ‘After I produced identification, the police waited for their sergeant to arrive before placing me under arrest without stating the charge.’

64. ‘The Chief Constable, who had already decided that the sergeant should be dismissed, sat next to the chairman of the appeals committee and remained present at the deliberations.’

65. ‘In the team will also be three detective constables and a sergeant who will be dedicated to tracking the addicts through the criminal justice system’

66. ‘Behind the desk, a lieutenant, a sergeant, and a police officer were conversing.’

67. ‘A sergeant at the police station cut hair from his head, neck, and part of his left shoulder blade.’

68. ‘At the Police station, a sergeant takes down my story and informs me I've been the victim of online Identity theft.’

69. ‘One day when I was about 14, a police sergeant saw me drinking a beer on the street.’

70. ‘A sergeant detailed the penalties facing bartenders who keep pouring.’

71. ‘Three sergeants taken off patrol duty for the rest of the night accompanied their every bathroom visit.’

72. ‘Mike stood at attention until the closest sergeant reached him with handcuffs.’

73. ‘The latter was on her cell phone when she spotted Amanda being ushered toward a counter, where a female sergeant was stationed.’

74. ‘The sergeant was behind the wheel of the police car.’

75. ‘I was stopped by a sergeant with the Richmond Heights, Missouri, police department.’

76. ‘It seemed almost incomprehensible how much his life had changed and all of the things that had happened since he had retired from his job as police sergeant.’

77. ‘It was the Modesto police sergeant who thought of the idea.’

78. ‘Before long, they were recognized at a truck stop by an alert police sergeant in Indiana.’

79. ‘Perhaps a half-dozen other cops, including a couple of sergeants and their white-shirted boss, wandered around the park.’

80. ‘My sergeant fired and the suspect stopped raising his pistol and tossed it to the floor in front of him.’

81. ‘That year Dad had got his promotion to sergeant at the station and the party was a little bigger than usual, which wasn't much but something.’

82. ‘He made his way to the terminal where a dark-haired female sergeant worked the station.’

83. ‘I might have continued had not the sergeant in charge flung open the door.’

84. ‘The mother was visibly relieved when the sergeant told her it wasn't serious.’

85. ‘So I was locked in with my cousin in jail until the sergeant on duty released us.’

86. the sergeant ordered the soldiers

Other users have misspelling sergeant as:

1. seargeant 9.09%

2. sergent 6.67%

3. sergant 3.64%

4. serjent 3.03%

5. Other 77.57%

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