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Other users have misspelling sergeant as:

pie chart
  1. seargeant 9.09%
  2. sergent 6.67%
  3. sergant 3.64%
  4. serjent 3.03%
  5. Other 77.57%

Definitions of sergeant


  1. any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal
  2. a lawman with the rank of sergeant
  3. an English barrister of the highest rank

Examples of sergeant

  1. McCarthy remains dismissive of the allegations and defensive of the former sergeant, saying he was "brutalized" by his colleagues, in particular, by a few senior officers "exerting locker room peer pressure" in the department ranks.
  2. It still perplexes Kross that he survived while the firefighter on the other side of Josephine, Sergeant Bacco, did not.
  3. FLORES: My name is Sergeant Flores, Christopher R.

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