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Other users have misspelling economy as:

pie chart
  1. ekonomi 11.33%
  2. econom 10.49%
  3. economia 7.61%
  4. economi 6.04%
  5. econmy 5.39%
  6. economie 3.53%
  7. ecomony 2.6%
  8. Other 53.01%

Definitions of economy


  1. the system of production and distribution and consumption
  2. frugality in the expenditure of money or resources
  3. an act of economizing; reduction in cost
  4. the efficient use of resources

Examples of economy

  1. Our economy is unbalanced, money is in excess supply, and its circulation is completely divorced from the circulation of goods.
  2. The huge fall in exports has done a great deal of harm to the economy.
  3. But Ms. Economy pointed to the elaborateness of concept and coordination of details — "the flowers are matching," she observed — leading her to suspect they may have had professional help bringing the Halloween spirit alive.

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