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1. A form containing a list of questions; a means of gathering information for a survey

2. A form containing a set of questions, especially one addressed to a statistically significant number of subjects as a way of gathering information for a survey.

3. A list of questions, usually on a printed form, to be answered by an individual. The forms often have blank spaces in which the answers can be written. Sets of such forms are distributed to groups and the answers used for various purposes, such as to obtain statistical information for social science, political, or marketing research, or to obtain information about a patient for the use of medical practitioners.

4. same as questionary.

5. a form containing a set of questions; submitted to people to gain statistical information

6. Same as questionary, 2.

7. to survey using questionnaires


1. The women filled a questionnaire while the men kept a sleep diary.

2. All you have to do is fill out an online questionnaire.

3. Users answer a questionnaire that matches them with three wealth managers they can speak to at an agreed time.

4. Those taking part had to fill in a detailed questionnaire.

5. The other questionnaire collects information for a relevant funeral sermon.

6. Two thirds of potential offenders who completed an online questionnaire said that they had changed their behaviour.

7. The potential jurors were kept under guard as they filled in the questionnaires.

8. Only those applicants who were considered exceptional were sent questionnaires requiring additional information.

9. Many advisers use online questionnaires to determine your risk profile.

10. The first step of getting a job is via an online questionnaire.

11. All questionnaire answers were far more predictive than physical measures.

12. The participants were then asked to fill in a questionnaire assessing their mood and energy.

13. Members are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire.

14. One solution is to supplement the standardized form with a questionnaire tailored to the competencies necessary for a particular job.

15. You may be asked to fill in a survey or a questionnaire about your condition or about how you are feeling.

16. Many advisers use online questionnaires to determine a client's risk profile.

17. In all survey questionnaires asking "What things have helped you?

18. In return, the mystery shopper must answer a short questionnaire on their experience.

19. And her Playboy interview/questionnaire is absolutely hilarious.

20. I received a questionnaire from the MWA yesterday, something I need to fill out for the publicist hired for the Edgar Awards.

21. After your marketing questionnaire is complete, it is important to follow up with the people who were involved.

22. Once the questionnaire is completed, you may be asked more specific questions about your child and about his or her stuttering.

23. Your response to the 2007 Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (SBO) questionnaire is required by law.

24. The so-called "supplier diversity development questionnaire" is sent to all bidders for contracts with the London Development Agency.

25. I think the questionnaire is too slanted towards extemes.

26. Well, yes, but other than one answer on endorsements, the rest of the questionnaire is typed out.

27. The Political Compass questionnaire is one way to measure political thinking.

28. Today I filled out a ten-page “how are we doing” questionnaire from the V.A. I gave everything to do with cleanliness, courtesy and quality care an excellent, but then the questions began shifting, and suddenly it was all about me.

29. ‘Much remains to be learned about how respondents go about answering written questionnaires.’

30. ‘Pupils placed completed questionnaires, identified by study number only, in sealed envelopes.’

31. ‘People from around the world will be able to answer questionnaires and add comments.’

32. ‘Respondents are able to read the whole questionnaire before answering the first question.’

33. ‘Understanding why this is the case and how it can be improved is seen to demand methods that go beyond questionnaires and surveys.’

34. ‘The class then turned its attention to putting together sample questionnaires for the survey.’

35. ‘Interviews might be a useful adjunct to written questionnaires at follow up.’

36. ‘A second limitation to our study is that the questionnaires were not counterbalanced.’

37. ‘The detailed content of each section was tailored according to the answers in individual questionnaires.’

38. ‘We thank the many women who completed questionnaires for this study.’

39. ‘Nurses trained for the survey went through the questionnaires to ensure that they were fully completed.’

40. ‘Pupils have compiled traffic surveys and questionnaires to gauge the scale of the problem.’

41. ‘Copies of the two questionnaires and answer sheets were included with the letter to staff.’

42. ‘Users were involved in the design of a questionnaire developed for one study.’

43. ‘Our questionnaire was based on detailed questionnaires tested in England and Denmark.’

44. ‘A survey team will be handing out questionnaires on station platforms and trains.’

45. ‘We used a slightly modified version of the questionnaire tested in the preceding pilot study.’

46. ‘Will it publish its questionnaire and advise us of the cross section of people it interviewed?’

47. ‘They will be asked to fill out questionnaires documenting details of their family history.’

48. ‘Two linked questionnaires were designed to examine expected differences in the reporting of seizures.’

49. the students filled in a questionnaire

Other users have misspelling questionnaire as:

1. questionaire 20.97%

2. questionare 5.91%

3. cuestionario 5.61%

4. questionair 4.87%

5. gestionnaire 4.73%

6. questionnair 3.69%

7. questionner 2.66%

8. questionarre 2.51%

9. questionnare 2.51%

10. Other 46.54%

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