Definition of 'unique'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. A thing without a like; something unequalled or unparallelled.

2. rare A thing without a like; something unequaled or unparalleled.

3. A unique thing; a thing unparalleled or sole of its kind.

4. not comparable Being the only one of its kind; unequaled, unparalleled or unmatched.

5. disputed Unusual.

6. Of a feature, such that only one holder has it.

7. disputed Of a rare quality.

8. Being without a like or equal; unmatched; unequaled; unparalleled; single in kind or excellence; sole.

9. highly unusual or rare but not the single instance

10. (followed by `to') applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality

11. the single one of its kind

12. Only;single.


1. How much hearing an implant provides is unique to each individual.

2. He was an incredibly unique individual.

3. Rightly, he considers himself a unique force.

4. For most of scientific history, humans have considered themselves unique in their cognitive abilities.

5. The current conditions are unusual but not unique.

6. The job of a serviceman or woman is unique.

7. This group is unique because it is the first time they have been together.

8. Yet we have a unique opportunity to consider our future and who we desire to be.

9. There are so many unique people here and students go on to do great things.

10. You will need one unique code from the back page.

11. To see the unique and valuable person that is still very much there.

12. You are special and unique and fabulous.

13. It is unusual but not unique weather.

14. Surely this was the foot of the unique woman who had so long eluded him.

15. The carefully planned ritualistic murder was considered unique by detectives.

16. Everyone is unique and people should be encouraged to express their individual identities.

17. The buildings are beautiful and offer the potential to design bespoke spaces that are unique and individual.

18. Your voice is unique, so use it.

19. With hundreds of finishes and colours to choose from, the results are unique and uniquely comfortable.

20. If your business is not unique, use your imagination.

21. It is a unique place, but we just realised we needed more space.

22. The results offer a unique snapshot of life in Britain today.

23. To book your experience, simply grab one unique code from the back page and follow the steps below.

24. The researchers studied two young males that shared the same dialect, a set of calls unique to a particular social group of whales.

25. ‘His logic is still unique, but unlike his huge stage, his canvas hasn't broadened.’

26. ‘Only mankind is unique, in that unlike the fox, he kills his own species by the tens of thousands.’

27. ‘The brain is unique in that, unlike any other organ, it can tell you about itself.’

28. ‘All apartments are individually designed to give a unique look and feel to each property.’

29. ‘For example, it had a radical and unique design which could have deterred some car buyers in the medium car sector.’

30. ‘They employed the unusual, if not unique, move of boycotting their own executive meetings.’

31. ‘So unique and unusual is the table that it has pride of place in the front window.’

32. ‘A new book claims to give a unique insight into becoming a better driver.’

33. ‘I thought it was the right opportunity to observe a unique jungle drama and record it on film.’

34. ‘On top of that, his work with the BBC gives him a unique insight into British athletics.’

35. ‘We are supposed to believe that he is an expert on Russia with a unique power of insight needed by the military top brass.’

36. ‘This will be a unique opportunity to see this fascinating film and its first screening in Britain.’

37. ‘This last was a speciality of his, to which he brought unique and profound insights.’

38. ‘The society was so singular, so unique, so finely skewed between wilderness and civilisation.’

39. ‘This trail can be picked up by anyone with the right scanner, which can identify an item by its unique signal.’

40. ‘The chip, which emits the unique signal for your account, is injected into your arm!’

41. ‘In keeping with their unique sound, the recording process is also unusual.’

42. ‘She used her skills as a graphic artist to create unusual images to give each a unique look.’

43. ‘Although the severity and scale of the crisis was unusual, such problems are not unique.’

44. ‘It would mark appropriate respect for a remarkable individual if his colours remained unique.’

45. ‘However I could not spot any items that would be unique to this venue.’

46. ‘The Sierra Nevada is particularly rich in them, with 50 varieties unique to the mountains.’

47. ‘It is a myth to claim that this is an experience unique to expatriate life.’

48. ‘The one opportunity you don't want to miss out on is something unique to the island and truly special.’

49. ‘However, Western wars in the Middle East and worldwide poverty are hardly unique to the current period.’

50. ‘While the books were written as a pair they paint a very individual picture, each unique to its own area.’

51. ‘The ruling is unique to probation service workers in Greater Manchester.’

52. ‘Between a third and half of the dew ponds, unique to the limestone dales in the White Peak, have also disappeared.’

53. ‘That the USA has just one film in the official competition is not unique to Moscow.’

54. ‘A number unique to each handset can be used to identify and render stolen phones inoperable.’

55. ‘Most males do not survive this process, which seems to be unique to Latrodectus hasselti.’

56. ‘The series uses a lot of very similar camera angles, but they're relatively unique to it and they work really well.’

57. ‘When the work is completed it will be known as the Chapel of Adoration and will be unique to Abbeyleix.’

58. ‘One attraction completely unique to Rotterdam is the famous cube houses.’

59. ‘History has treated the Crash as a freak and singular event, unique to itself and highly unlikely to be repeated.’

60. ‘In parallel, something more complicated was happening to the flag in New York, unique to America.’

61. ‘Central American cenotes are legendary, unique to this part of the world.’

62. ‘You see, we came together as the Association of Muslim Police because we have interests which are unique to us.’

63. ‘The story goes on to say, however, that video surveillance is not unique to China.’

64. ‘There is no brain chemistry unique to the pit bull that makes it unpredictable.’

65. ‘However, by the opening of his act we knew that this was to be a remarkably unique performance.’

66. ‘As it is rarely seen outside Japan this is a unique opportunity for people in New Zealand to view it.’

67. ‘This is a unique opportunity to get hands on experience of museum work.’

68. ‘Games developers in the city will have a unique opportunity to get close to a potential major player in the industry.’

69. ‘The secret recordings gave a unique insight into Barrett's domestic affairs.’

70. ‘The series provides a unique insight into life in late Victorian and early Edwardian Britain.’

71. ‘Gwen's photographs give a fresh insight into this unique period of Lakeland's past.’

72. ‘The recent turmoil in the US energy market has created a unique opportunity for the new firm.’

73. ‘This is a truly unique opportunity to see and hear one of the real innovators of the blues.’

74. ‘It's been a unique opportunity for young dancers in Swindon as all the teachers began with us.’

75. ‘Her record of events offers a unique insight into one woman's war - on the Home Front.’

76. ‘We also now present an ideal and unique sponsorship opportunity for European brands.’

77. ‘Once again all the banks spotted the unique opportunity of this market at exactly the same time.’

78. ‘You have to be nice to people to convince them that lending their work of art is a unique opportunity.’

79. ‘It is a unique opportunity to improve the lives of millions of poor people around the world.’

80. ‘This extraordinary and unique piece is the first in a series of new work focusing on mythology.’

81. ‘She has a unique talent, but there's an unusual maturity and a respect for musical history.’

82. ‘They are in a unique position to provide some real insights into the blogging world, but they didn't do that.’

83. ‘I have to admit that this is not my scene, but this tradition certainly adds something unique to the English scene.’

84. ‘They did not look that impressive with their light brown skin, but it was unique to see a primate of this size.’

85. ‘One of Quebec's best-known impressionist painters, Sammoun is represented in the United States by Marco Fine Art of El Segundo, Calif., which also publishes the artist's hand-painted uniques in editions of 200 pieces on canvas.’

86. ‘The second-order jackknife estimator incorporates the number of uniques, duplicates, and the number of quadrats sampled.’

87. ‘Sammoun's limited editions are hand-painted uniques in editions of 100, plus proofs.’

88. Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint

Other users have misspelling unique as:

1. aunque 20.01%

2. uniqe 3.88%

3. uniq 2.63%

4. unque 1.62%

5. uniqu 1.62%

6. Other 70.24%

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