Definition of 'um'


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1. Alternative spelling of µm.

2. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘around, about,’ cognate with ambi- and amphi-. It was formerly common, but is now wholly obsolete, except in a few Scotch words.

3. Same as om.

4. intransitive To make the um sound to express confusion or hesitancy.

5. Alternative form of umbe.

6. Expression of confusion or space filler in conversation. See uh.

7. Used to express doubt or uncertainty or to fill a pause when hesitating in speaking.


1. `By the way, does Vanessa know about, um, Adam Ant's alter ego?

2. February the sixteenth --- um --- hang on...' I did a quick calculation.

3. I... just wanted... to ask you something, um, actually... er...?

4. I, um, forgot what I was going to say

Other users have misspelling um as:

1. umm 36.13%

2. uhm 10.55%

3. uhmm 3.47%

4. Other 49.85%

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