Definition of 'yesterday'


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1. The day before today. 'Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow'. It can also understand as a day ago.

2. The (recent) past, often disparaging.

3. Time in the past, especially the recent past.

4. The day before the present day.

5. The day last past; the day next before the present.

6. Fig.: A recent time; time not long past.

7. the recent past

8. the day immediately before today

9. The day last past; the day next before the present: often used figuratively for time not long gone by; time in the immediate past.

10. On the day before today

11. A short while ago.

12. On the day before the present day.

13. On the day last past; on the day preceding to-day.

14. in the recent past; only a short time ago

15. on the day preceding today


1. What he presented yesterday was both different and more of the same.

2. It also emerged yesterday that some face a postcode lottery over their energy bills.

3. yesterday they found time to say that they were still making up their minds.

4. yesterday the world witnessed perhaps the most significant grand slam final in history.

5. The panel heard yesterday how the two female officers made their way to the hotel foyer following an argument at the conference.

6. To judge by the annual meeting vote yesterday, there are misgivings over pay.

7. The assessment task is made harder because the numbers released yesterday combine two different pieces of research.

8. The forward sat out training yesterday with a tight hamstring.

9. The original plan had been to grab them early yesterday while they were asleep.

10. The cause of a blaze that destroyed a disused furniture warehouse yesterday afternoon was unknown.

11. Police were yesterday interviewing the ringleaders of the protest.

12. Workers received a text telling calling them in to crisis meetings yesterday.

13. But there was a different feel yesterday.

14. He was back in full training yesterday.

15. Police and medics were called in the early hours of yesterday morning and sealed off the area.

16. It also emerged yesterday that they were friends of the pilot.

17. It was beauty parade time yesterday.

18. yesterday 300 workers accepted an offer guaranteeing locals work.

19. It emerged yesterday that social workers in Lincolnshire had contact with the family when suspicions were first raised.

20. ˜Socrates came yesterday,™ ˜yesterday™ tells us the pertinent time) and those that indicate place.

21. We were extracted by snow cat half way through a winter survival skills course with the Canadian military following the word yesterday morning about Columbia.

22. Hillary's win yesterday is important because no one knows how many superdelegates are going to back her but the Puerto Rico win certainly won't * decrease* that number.

23. I heard him say your name yesterday while I was giving him a wash.

24. Please tell Senator Biden that the “Madrasah” that he spoke about yesterday is Arabic for schools.

25. ‘I was welcome yesterday, but today I feel like the three of you are hiding something from me.’

26. ‘The crew of a nuclear submarine was given a hero's welcome yesterday as it arrived home from the Gulf.’

27. ‘I think it was today or yesterday President Chirac essentially backed that up.’

28. ‘And they came to the House yesterday and today with the recommendation that was passed.’

29. ‘There was an upswing of violence again today, yesterday, and the day before.’

30. ‘His reaction is the same today as it was yesterday, that he wants to get to the bottom of this.’

31. ‘Still, things have been far smoother here today than they were yesterday.’

32. ‘Well, I think I'm considerably less grumpy and irritable today than yesterday.’

33. ‘However, one of his lawyers said yesterday that today's court date will still have to be honoured since it was ordered.’

34. ‘I'll ask him questions about what we did today, yesterday, and about the adventures that we've had in the past.’

35. ‘Mr Dillon did not return calls to The Guardian yesterday or today.’

36. ‘Fatal crash investigators combed the scene yesterday and would return today to continue their investigations.’

37. ‘I am doing a research paper on Women's voting rights; yesterday and today.’

38. ‘Having had to offer congratulations to one celeb couple yesterday, today The Sun is back on form, stirring up a spot of trouble.’

39. ‘There is many western places in this town so I had some porridge yesterday and some muesli today which is really helping things.’

40. ‘Our trip over the Pennines went very well yesterday, good job we did it yesterday as today the M62 is blocked due to an accident.’

41. ‘I actually listened to Thought for the Day on Today yesterday.’

42. ‘Detectives arrested the boy in Bradford yesterday and he was today being held at Lawcroft House police station awaiting interview.’

43. ‘The ceremonies were taking place over two days at York Minster, yesterday and today, and saw students graduate in a variety of subjects.’

44. ‘Speaking of stats: do you think they tell you how many people visited your beloved blog today, yesterday, last week, last month?’

45. ‘The prints are all crisp and clear - Out of the Past looks like it could have been shot yesterday.’

46. ‘This is a problem that has always bugged parents, even since I was in school, which is not today or yesterday.’

47. ‘Back in the days these people refer to, players kicked balls of stone-like leather, and were injected with so many drugs to numb injuries that half of yesterdays stars can't walk today.’

48. ‘Even in attitudes, fashion and food the two groups were as distinct as today's news and yesterday's cover story.’

49. ‘Time cruelly accelerates and yesterday's icon is today's TV history.’

50. ‘She remembered those days as if they were yesterdays.’

51. ‘The day before yesterday and today, and both on the final climb to the finish.’

52. ‘My official photographer so far has released only this picture from yesterday's music fest.’

53. ‘My rest day from yesterday ended today, finally, at about eight o'clock in the evening.’

54. ‘After yesterday, this is probably the nicest day we've had thus far this year.’

55. ‘We did release a statement early on and then a few days later we began to talk about it, starting with yesterday and today.’

56. ‘Between yesterday and today I have been completing my preparations for departure on Tuesday.’

57. ‘My work computer went wonky now and I lost most of yesterday and today to trying to get my environment working again.’

58. ‘And I guess just looking at today and yesterday, what do you think of the overall process?’

59. ‘I raise a difficulty that we have from yesterday concerning today's answers.’

60. ‘Air France scrubbed the same flight set for yesterday and today from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to Dulles.’

61. ‘Today's announcement follows yesterday's suspension of the outfit's shares.’

62. ‘In the insonmiac flux I live in, I seem to have finally conquered time: today is yesterday is tomorrow.’

63. ‘In yesterday's hearing, a senior FBI official and another senior CIA analyst agreed.’

64. ‘I slept for most of yesterday and today, cos am utterly exhausted.’

65. ‘Staff at the estate agents spent today and yesterday contacting owners, but there are still a number of people they have been unable to speak to.’

66. ‘The flood watch included Elvington Beck, where the water had visibly risen today since yesterday, and Stamford Bridge.’

67. ‘On a day like today… after yesterday, I tend to reflect, internalize, and re-address the balance.’

68. ‘I think I can put at least some of my decision on comments below down to the fact I was coming down ill with something and have had to spend yesterday and today at home.’

69. ‘October 26 1999 I missed the previous day's filming so today I sit and watch yesterday's rushes.’

70. ‘The third one outdid them all by going out with his car into a riot ridden area (there was rioting in most of Karachi today due to yesterday's events).’

71. ‘It seemed like yesterday that we were bitter rivals, so recent since we wanted to kill each other.’

72. ‘It's our sincere hope that you continue believing in today's gain from yesterday's effort.’

73. ‘I've always had the view that you remember yesterday, work for today, but also work towards tomorrow.’

74. ‘Because we've been there before, we've endured yesterday's men and yesterday's ethics.’

75. ‘You do all that and then you are yesterday's story, yesterday's people.’

76. ‘Tom Hawthorn is a Victoria sports reporter more interested in yesterday's stories than today's scores.’

77. ‘The students of yesterday are today's alumni and an alumni-school connection also benefits the school.’

78. ‘Yet it is the yesterdays that have made today possible.’

79. ‘When I go home it is all going to be history and I don't want to be living in yesterdays.’

80. ‘The surreal, anarchic and monstrous extremes of yesterday are not so sensational anymore.’

81. it was in yesterday's newspapers

Other users have misspelling yesterday as:

1. yestrday 5.39%

2. yesterda 5%

3. yeaterday 4.84%

4. yesturday 3.74%

5. yesterd 3.52%

6. yeasterday 3.35%

7. yestarday 3.24%

8. yesterdy 2.64%

9. yesteday 2.47%

10. Other 65.81%

11. tomorrow 0%

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