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1. obsolete A racecourse; a place for running.

2. The set of courses, coursework, and their content, offered at a school or university.

3. All the courses of study offered by an educational institution.

4. A group of related courses, often in a special field of study.

5. A course; particularly, a specified fixed course of study, as in a university.

6. A race course; a place for running.

7. A course; specifically, a fixed course of study in a university, college, or school: as, the curriculum of arts; the medical curriculum.


1. These two trends within the field of historical inquiry are each reflected in the American school curriculum.

2. Maybe we should use a different curriculum?

3. Heads will get more scope to decide which languages pupils study under a curriculum review unveiled today.

4. She said volunteering activities should be introduced as part of national curriculum projects in schools.

5. It is also a discipline that can be taught as part of a school or college curriculum.

6. The new history curriculum will plod along in strict time.

7. They teach the national curriculum for core subjects but do not follow its timetable.

8. It should form part of the history curriculum.

9. Gardening crosses over with so many other subjects on their curriculum.

10. National curriculum planning should be confined to devising a detailed and defensible set of school aims.

11. But he also announced a major overhaul of the school curriculum as part of attempts to drive up standards.

12. As well as specialising in their particular creative field, pupils study the national curriculum.

13. This Government has accepted that certain subjects on the curriculum are particularly important for economic success.

14. We can plan our curriculum, there are no drills and can draw up our own programmes.

15. Presumably, humility or empathy are not national curriculum subjects.

16. That did not stop him having strong views on the contents of the history curriculum, for example.

17. This can be reflected in the university 's curriculum, into which employers have an input to ensure that it remains relevant to their industry.

18. ‘Many children continue to study their own curriculum by attending evening classes.’

19. ‘In the process of designing courses and curriculums I re-examined how colleges do it.’

20. ‘One campus I visited spent several years implementing a new general education curriculum.’

21. ‘Times have changed since the liberal arts curriculum was developed.’

22. ‘Today's school curriculum is fuller than ever, but the school day isn't any longer.’

23. ‘I find it really hard to understand why demanding standards and a sound academic core curriculum should do any harm.’

24. ‘Academic undergraduate curricula would have to be re-scheduled to incorporate time for acupuncture at the expense of other course work.’

25. ‘Here is a summary of the United Kingdom's national educational curriculum.’

26. ‘Private schools are not legally obliged to teach the national curriculum, unlike their state sector counterparts.’

27. ‘In focusing on the problems with the new science curriculum, my analysis here might seem one-sided.’

28. ‘Recently, three other universities have begun to offer a pharmacy curriculum.’

29. ‘They teach the required Egyptian standard curriculum plus art and music.’

30. ‘The schools follow the curriculum taught in Taiwan and receive a small subsidy from the Ministry of Education.’

31. ‘Their writings now constitute a large part of the standard curriculum for graduate students studying the history of modern art.’

32. ‘Statements taken from standard biology curricula appear to have been mixed in.’

33. ‘And that raises obvious issues for teacher-training, curriculum development, and so on.’

34. ‘So the interpretation was critiqued and debated in all high level curriculum committees.’

35. ‘The education sector will provide curriculum materials linked to library artifacts and museum exhibits.’

36. ‘I felt a distinct, self-inflicted pressure to cover the requisite curriculum material.’

37. ‘The curriculums include prayer, and all subjects are taught in a religious framework.’

38. they teacher gave out the curriculum to the students at the beginning of the year

Other users have misspelling curriculum as:

1. curriculm 11.51%

2. curriculam 6.53%

3. curriculu 6.11%

4. curiculum 5.26%

5. kurikulum 4.97%

6. curriculo 2.7%

7. curriulum 1.99%

8. cirriculum 1.99%

9. coriculum 1.56%

10. Other 57.38%

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