Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling because as:

pie chart
  1. becuase 6.69%
  2. becouse 4.97%
  3. becaus 4.57%
  4. becase 4.47%
  5. becuse 3.64%
  6. becasue 3.05%
  7. Other 72.61%

Definitions of because

  1. obsolete In order that; that.

Examples of because

  1. It might as well be closed, because in many American hospitals you're simply shooed from the windowsill after you've been nursed back to health (usually in 72 hours or less), and you're expected to "fly" on your own.
  2. The captain's armband must have special powers because he's been brilliant.
  3. He was going back to the place where there was no feeling, because emotion and love were not allowed.

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