Definition of 'because'


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1. archaic For the reason (that).

2. On account (of), for sake (of).

3. Used alone to refuse to provide a full answer a question begun with "why", often taken as an ellipsis of "Because I said so".

4. SynonymsSeesince.

5. Synonyms See since.

6. By reason (of); on account (of): followed by of.

7. To the end that; in order that.

8. For the sake (of); in order (to).

9. For the reason (that); since.

10. As known because; as inferred because; as determined because.

11. By or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that.

12. For the reason that; since.

13. [Prep. phrase.] by reason of, on account of.

14. obsolete In order that; that.


1. Overall the vending machine sold as many drinks because consumers switched to alternatives.

2. If we keep clean sheets we will win games because we can score goals.

3. because what else are they gonna do?

4. Not because of the money but because he kept going on about me facing a massive penalty.

5. The option of share buybacks looks tricky just now because of notional losses on recent buybacks.

6. because how many people at the clubs are actually that bothered about anything other than winning?

7. That is what you have to do, because the game is always changing.

8. Need we forfeit "jettison" just because we have "throw overboard"?

9. They were good choices because not many people know the second song.

10. It was a good place to be because no one else wanted to be there.

11. Many soldiers quit because they cannot afford to support families.

12. But their discourse goes on because it happens in relationship.

13. Suggest she writes to me because she clearly has problems.

14. Just because this man is a great performer does not excuse this behaviour.

15. It is a pity because so much else is wondrous.

16. Many shun plastic because they like the anonymity of paying by cash.

17. Many do so because they cannot afford to make their own way.

18. They always surprise you by how far they can go because the motivation inside them is so great.

19. That is an attitude and a behaviour that he instilled over many years because they had success through that.

20. We lost the general election because too many people thought we weren't on their side.

21. But maybe that's just because nobody else is singing.

22. He had taken out a policy with the firm that covered loan repayments in case he lost his job because of a heart condition.

23. A quarter had landed a job because of a friend or contact from university.

24. But we can't wait for this game because when you are playing well it breeds confidence and belief.

25. We are looking into those, because clearly the cars have to be safe before they can be driven.

26. The dealers are a mixed bunch, one of whom has clearly been chosen because he is so spectacularly obnoxious.

27. People go on about the English media and refer to the job as national team coach as the impossible job because of it.

28. We lost the game because Stoke defended much better than we did, with much more purpose.

29. Just to clarify, I think that Rose and Donna and Martha, and Mickey, and Jack are special *because* of all of those things they do with their 'ordinary' human bravery and cleverness, which is why the s1 and s4 finales bother me, because they leave us with the inadvertent implication that to be really special, you have to be like a Time Lord.

30. The idea that women are uniquely civilizing is absolutely sexist by any definition because it assumes that men need civilizing *because* they are men.

31. INSKEEP: Was that because studio time is expensive or because� (Soundbite of laughter) Mr. AUERBACH: That's because, you know, we're cheap.

32. Moreover, precisely because we have introduced the conjunction ˜because™ as an explanatory conjunction, it may be felt that it is not well-suited to the ontological role now being devised for it.

33. On his second day in office, President Obama repudiated George W. Bush’s obsessive and destructive secrecy by ordering his government to obey the Freedom of Information Act. He said it should not withhold documents because they are embarrassing, or reveal failures and errors, or “because of speculative or abstract fears.

34. She can't find a job..because the reason she has left her other jobs is because of a military move.

35. America needs a change in currency policy because, although a weak dollar helps exports because it lowers the price of American goods for foreign buyers, it will eventually bring negative consequences to the economy in general because a weak dollar, an unstable dollar, makes America less attractive to foreign investment.

36. This is because of stuff I've said elsewhere -- games are powerful and compelling *because* they're so much like other aspects of our lives.

37. I do hope that both systems stick it out for the long haul..mainly because I will probably get another DS sometime..because they have some good games.

38. ‘The reason for this is because they had been trying for a baby for the last few years.’

39. ‘The reason the party is in this mess is because it has not been honest with the voters.’

40. ‘So far the council has sold us down the river each time because it is strapped for cash.’

41. ‘It will take so long because the site has a slope and the ground needs to be levelled.’

42. ‘He said he wanted to talk to me but I rejected him because it was so early in the morning.’

43. ‘They are often put off going to toddler groups because it is mainly mums who go to them.’

44. ‘The thieves ordered him to open the safe, but because it was on a time lock he could not.’

45. ‘We were at a loss because if we had known how to obtain a disc, we would have done so.’

46. ‘We as adults do not lash out at one another just because we don't do as each other wants.’

47. ‘He did not appear at the hearing but said he did not pay because the firm could not afford it.’

48. ‘Old Town is liked because it shows how Swindon used to be and we wanted to fit in with that.’

49. ‘We are not going to take them down because if we take them down we will be letting our kids down.’

50. ‘He said the car was a lifeline because he was disabled and his wife was the main driver.’

51. ‘My wife and I regularly go into town to shop or to walk around because we love it so much.’

52. ‘Apparently she went into a pub because she had no change in her purse to call me back.’

53. ‘Everyone is throwing their hat in the ring because this is the last chance to do a deal.’

54. ‘Up until then it had been very hard on some levels because my family moved around a lot.’

55. ‘We must have looked cold because one of her minders came out and asked us in for a cup of tea and a bit of cake.’

56. ‘Have you been unable to put a book down because you just have to know what happens next?’

57. ‘They want me to move my van from where I park it because they want to fence off the area.’

58. ‘Mom is actually about to get a new job and a lot more money, and I am excited because shopping trips!’

59. ‘Had to leave the office because laughing too loudly.’

60. ‘I basically have to get a new computer now because aarrgh.’

61. ‘I hope that wasn't the total reveal. because meh.’

62. ‘I almost went to bed with my contacts in because tired.’

63. ‘Not sure if I'm upset because anxiety or upset because tired.’

64. ‘So many books I want to read and TV series/films I want to watch but can't because revision.’

65. ‘Physically in pain because sun burn.’

66. ‘I'm at the park with my guitar because sad.’

67. ‘Rewatching Breaking Bad because awesome.’

68. ‘Can't wait for summer because parties in my backyard’

69. ‘I hate when you make some money but it's already spent because bills.’

70. I couldn't come because I was ill

Other users have misspelling because as:

1. becuase 6.69%

2. becouse 4.97%

3. becaus 4.57%

4. becase 4.47%

5. becuse 3.64%

6. becasue 3.05%

7. Other 72.61%

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