Definition of 'absolutely'


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1. grammar In a manner that does not take an object.

2. In a manner that does not take an object.

3. In an absolute relationship.

4. Without qualification or restriction; completely.

5. In an absolute, independent, or unconditional manner; wholly; positively.

6. totally and definitely; without question

7. Completely; wholly; independently; without restriction, limitation, or qualification; unconditionally; positively; peremptorily.


1. Is it absolutely necessary for populist politicians to have absurd hair?

2. To be absolutely free from animal fat vegans must use only freshly minted coins.

3. We absolutely love buying stuff online.

4. You're absolutely going to love him.

5. I really felt like my parents absolutely loved me and cared about me.

6. I had a sneak peek of the first episode and absolutely loved it.

7. I mean, is it one of those times of year you absolutely love?

8. The absolutely Fabulous star will lead the cast of a new weekly whodunnit sketch.

9. BOOK one of these brilliant cruises and your partner or a pal goes absolutely FREE.

10. She was absolutely horrified and refused to talk to me.

11. They would only talk to me if it was absolutely necessary.

12. You can then get your colleagues absolutely plastered before she gets there.

13. We are under investigation for cold calling and we totally and absolutely deny the allegations.

14. They absolutely loved the changes to our meals.

15. It was so absolutely perfectly shaped and designed.

16. It was absolutely necessary to have our principal pieces tied to the club.

17. He drove from the count and he was absolutely fine and completely sober.

18. There was absolutely no love in all this.

19. Those women were absolutely set free.

20. To us that seems absolutely ridiculous.

21. She is absolutely amazing, certainly in for the highest award possible.

22. We have taken steps to make sure that absolutely can't happen again.

23. This summer, book one wagon and receive two really big horses absolutely free.

24. Certainly there was absolutely nobody at the Velodrome complaining.

25. The answer is absolutely, yes we can.

26. They all do one thing, absolutely perfectly.

27. I absolutely refused to go and look at dusty shapes of wood.

28. I absolutely deny we had an affair.

29. Now I feel absolutely fabulous.

30. ‘I can assure all the people in Pennsylvania these allegations are absolutely, totally and unequivocally false.’

31. ‘I absolutely and totally agree with what Thatcher said’

32. ‘I absolutely and totally support what he's doing.’

33. ‘All I know is what I read in the paper, which I know is always totally, absolutely accurate.’

34. ‘To be absolutely honest and totally truthful with you, I haven't the slightest idea.’

35. ‘They alone must decide if they will abide totally and absolutely by the Mitchell principles.’

36. ‘She was quite aware of her own limitations, but absolutely incapable of changing herself.’

37. ‘Looking around me, I finally believed the boy's words totally and absolutely.’

38. ‘On the other hand, it is the fact that I am doing something absolutely personal and totally my own that really makes me do it.’

39. ‘Because of the authority he brings to it, his art is totally persuasive and absolutely compelling.’

40. ‘This is decades of blues channelled through one person who is here and now: totally accurate, completely familiar and absolutely pure.’

41. ‘‘The Trust is being absolutely open to all those involved,’ he said.’

42. ‘Allenwood must now beat Celbridge in their last outing to be absolutely sure of qualifying for the next round.’

43. ‘She stressed that the trust was absolutely committed to not using more beds for private healthcare than it could reprovide elsewhere.’

44. ‘They trust you absolutely and all responded in different ways.’

45. ‘Scotland coach Matt Williams is absolutely right in restricting the selection of the national rugby team to home players.’

46. ‘Certain decisions are absolutely correct and understandable at the time of their making.’

47. ‘He is the voice of the manager once the players cross the line and O'Neill trusts him absolutely.’

48. ‘I needed to talk with someone who was very smart, someone who I absolutely trusted, someone who knew me as well as I knew myself.’

49. ‘As for Ciccolini, his account is absolutely gorgeous with a strong improvisatory element.’

50. ‘Also an actor and professional MC, he absolutely adores his train gig and is quite possibly the happiest mall worker in the history of shopping.’

51. ‘Of this much I'm certain - Down will be absolutely furious when I tell him that his words have been twisted in this way.’

52. ‘I can't go into too much detail of the whole night but it was absolutely and completely and totally fantastic, but I didn't half suffer for it on Wednesday at work!’

53. ‘I absolutely, totally and utterly fell in love with the place.’

54. ‘I think it is totally and absolutely disgusting.’

55. ‘He's devastated, totally and absolutely devastated.’

56. ‘It sounded absolutely thrilling, totally adrenaline pumping and so, even if I've never held a tunny rod in my own hands, at least those in my family have.’

57. ‘She took a piece of dead skin off her nose and then concluded the look was absolutely perfect.’

58. ‘Regardless of the circumstances it is absolutely vital that this trust is never broken.’

59. ‘Doris was an absolutely delightful and totally wonderful person.’

60. ‘It's uncommercial, totally uncompromising, and absolutely essential.’

61. ‘It is absolutely ridiculous, totally worthless, and it will create more problems than it will solve.’

62. ‘The reaction of racegoers in Chicago was absolutely disgusting and totally uncalled for’

63. ‘I noticed out the window an absolutely stupendous view over Westminster.’

64. ‘Placed neatly between Tobermory and Dervaig, right on Loch Frisa, Achnadrish House boasts absolutely cracking views.’

65. ‘The views are absolutely wonderful - you can see for miles.’

66. ‘It was about a half a mile downhill, with an absolutely beautiful view of the countryside, although it was always a bit harder to get back up again after a few pints.’

67. ‘They have a nice little theatre, big enough for a party, with absolutely fabulous views over the Thames.’

68. ‘The implications for horse racing are vast and, in my view, absolutely marvellous.’

69. ‘As we were fairly centrally positioned, about two thirds of the way back on the main floor, we now had an absolutely excellent close-up view of the band.’

70. ‘In our view, it is absolutely critically important that the Police Complaints Authority is independent and is seen to be independent.’

71. ‘The benign neglect that they seem to be going in for at the moment is, in my view, absolutely outrageous.’

72. ‘It is absolutely imperative in my view that every family that reads this message takes the bad news seriously and prepares for a long siege.’

73. ‘Unless you were listening to Today on Radio 4 this morning, just as I was, you probably have absolutely no idea whatsoever.’

74. ‘The second point, my Lord, is that merely being offered some nebulous assurance at this stage provides absolutely no comfort whatsoever.’

75. ‘However, there's absolutely no indication whatsoever that the people who met with Vincent did anything improper.’

76. ‘I think they are, and I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of any instance of fraud.’

77. ‘But in the last fortnight, all of a sudden with absolutely no publicity whatsoever, the station's opening hours have been returned to normal.’

78. ‘And I have absolutely no quarrel whatsoever with how well, Steve, you performed your duties.’

79. ‘And it is simply a fallacy to say that the only way people can achieve is when there is absolutely no bias whatsoever against them.’

80. ‘Of course, the fact that they're giving away two free tickets to the Jazz Festival to each new customer who transfers has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it at all.’

81. ‘After checking this book out of the library I was surprised to find that there were no illustrations… absolutely none.’

82. ‘There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in this gossip.’

83. ‘There is absolutely no risk whatsoever to Anthony.’

84. ‘This play, despite having virtually no words, and absolutely none spoken by the central character, is one of the most moving things I have seen in ages.’

85. ‘In light of these facts, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why beef prices cannot be maintained at the previous week's level.’

86. ‘We have absolutely no security installations whatsoever in the West Bank.’

87. ‘This had absolutely no effect whatsoever on any person's salary.’

88. ‘Have you ever stood in a swimming pool filled with water, totally alone, with absolutely no movement?’

89. ‘In my opinion, there was absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to sharpen up a skill.’

90. ‘I thought this was a very well done program and in my opinion there is absolutely no issue at all about taste or decency, it was a factual program on at a late hour.’

91. ‘There is absolutely no qualification process - you sign up, you get on the plane, you ski!’

92. ‘But certainly there is absolutely no doubt this is going to be a major electoral issue.’

93. ‘And if I'd known about the UK Competitive Eating championships, I would have had a bash, absolutely!’

94. ‘Yes, we certainly do need to try to change New Zealand's culture of binge drinking - absolutely!’

95. ‘An historical account will be valid or correct, not absolutely, but in relation to a specific emergent context.’

96. ‘This results in increasing site rent, both absolutely and relatively.’

97. ‘Today, America's production of world wealth, both absolutely and relatively, is accelerating.’

98. ‘In other words, Indian life expectancy improved, both absolutely and relative to that for non-Indians.’

99. ‘In short, a fund can have relatively good performance and absolutely horrible results.’

100. ‘But even if such programs should not be absolutely excluded, a strong case can be made for a ban on them at least for now.’

101. an absolutely magnificent painting

Other users have misspelling absolutely as:

1. absolutly 21.51%

2. absolutley 4.98%

3. absalutely 3.39%

4. absulutly 3.39%

5. absolutelly 2.99%

6. absolutel 2.99%

7. apsolutly 2.79%

8. absoulutly 2.59%

9. absoultly 1.99%

10. absalutly 1.79%

11. Other 51.59%

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