Definition of 'mustache'


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1. A growth of facial hair between the nose and the upper lip.

2. Something similar to the cultivated, groomed hair on the human upper lip, as.

3. Distinctive coloring or feathers near the beak of a bird.

4. A group of bristles or hairs about the mouth of an animal.

5. Food or drink sticking conspicuously to the upper lip.

6. The hair growing on the human upper lip, especially when cultivated and groomed.

7. informal A stain or discoloration on the upper lip of a person.

8. (Zoöl.) Any conspicuous stripe of color on the side of the head, beneath the eye of a bird.

9. (Zoöl.) A West African monkey (Cercopithecus cephus). It has yellow whiskers, and a triangular blue mark on the nose.

10. That part of the beard which grows on the upper lip; hair left growing above the mouth.

11. an unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip

12. Hairs or bristles like a mustache; whiskers; rictal vibrissæ mystaces.

13. A mystacine, malar, or maxillary stripe of color in a bird's plumage.

14. The beard worn on the upper lip of men; the unshaven hair of the upper lip: frequently used in the plural, as if the hair on each side of the lip were to be regarded as a mustache.

15. . A long ringlet hanging beside the face, a part of a woman's head-dress in the seventeenth century.


1. Twirling his new, Charter-Magicked mustache, he quickened his pace.

2. He was three or four inches taller than Meyerhoff and had a scraggly mustache, and his face wasn't filled with sunshine either.

3. A gruff officer was waiting for him, reeking of coffee, the edge of his brown mustache darkened by a recent beverage.

4. ‘The soldier is played by Basim Hamed, a willowy, 31-year-old sculptor who shaved his shoulder-length hair and grew a mustache for the part.’

5. ‘She has a pencil-thin moustache on her upper lip.’

6. ‘An old man wearing glasses that drooped down to his nose with grey hair and a thin grey mustache above his upper lip stood before us with a grin.’

7. ‘He can make out the attempts at a mustache on his upper lip, but his hair is too fine and matches his pink skin too well to show.’

8. ‘The dads in the 1900 and 1940s houses had a whale of a time, being required to do little more than grow a moustache, read old newspapers and lift their feet for their wretched wives to sweep under.’

9. ‘Just because a pimply-faced 15-year-old tries to grow a moustache so he can buy cigarettes, nobody's fooled.’

10. ‘I saw Seymour today & he is having a struggle to grow a moustache.’

11. ‘Then they accuse me of not being able to grow a real moustache.’

12. ‘I, for one, would never consider voting for anyone who couldn't grow a moustache, at the very least.’

13. ‘I was in Germany for over a month, long enough to learn to appreciate the white beer, not long enough to grow a moustache.’

14. ‘One month I actually grew a moustache, just so I could say that I'd done something.’

15. ‘Since he grew a long moustache for a role in the West End, people have stopped calling him Nigel in the street.’

16. ‘The man police want to question is described as being in his forties, 5ft 10 in tall, medium build, with olive skin and short black hair and a thick moustache.’

17. ‘She said: ‘He looked like a robust muscular man with white hair and a moustache.’’

18. ‘He looked about 60, had really long grey hair and a long moustache, and thin, long, really white legs, proper old man's legs.’

19. ‘One had a black moustache and had his hair tied up.’

20. ‘He's described as 5'11 in height and of medium build with tightly cropped hair and a ginger moustache.’

21. ‘He was swarthy and well-built, with dark hair and a moustache.’

22. ‘He is of a medium build and has short grey receding hair and a moustache.’

23. ‘She told police at the time that he had long hair and a moustache and was travelling alone in a white pick-up truck, with only his dog.’

24. ‘The Clay-colored can be distinguished from the Chipping by a brown, rather than gray, rump, a darker face pattern, and the absence of a moustache.’

25. ‘The Nurse Shark has a small mouth with what looks like a moustache to help it find food.’

26. ‘Izzy is described as a green parakeet with an orangey-red ring around his neck, a big, red beak with a black moustache and 28-inch tail feathers.’

27. ‘The cattle dog's harsh tousled coat (except on the head where it is shorter and flat), its moustache and little beard all give it a forbidding appearance.’

28. ‘I waddled jovially around the apartment in my Santa suit, laughing through the beard's tiny mouth hole like a walrus blowing through its moustache.’

29. he looked younger after he shaved off his mustache

Other users have misspelling mustache as:

1. mustash 8%

2. mustuche 6%

3. mouthstache 4%

4. Other 82%

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