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Other users have misspelling undefeated as:

pie chart
  1. undeviated 9.52%
  2. undevoted 9.52%
  3. onldefeated 4.76%
  4. Other 76.2%

Definitions of undefeated


  1. victorious

Examples of undefeated

  1. Yes, No. 7 Auburn and No. 9 LSU remain undefeated, and Alabama, now ranked eighth, could climb the ladder still.
  2. While undefeated five-division world champion Mayweather has been installed as an odds-on favorite by bookmakers for their fight in Las Vegas on Saturday, Ortiz firmly believes he can deliver a victory against a challenger who is 10 years older and has not fought in 16 months.
  3. But then the organisers came in with a whammy that left the undefeated team and its supporters scratching their heads!

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