Definition of 'savvy'


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1. Practical understanding or shrewdness.

2. Slang, U. S. Comprehension; knowledge of affairs; mental grasp; also, practical know-how; common sense.

3. General cleverness; knowledge of the world: as, he has lots of savvy.

4. informal Shrewd, well-informed and perceptive.

5. Knowledgeable or proficient. Often used in combination.

6. Well informed and perceptive; shrewd.

7. informal to understand

8. Slang, U. S. To understand; to comprehend; know.

9. get the meaning of something

10. Topossessknowledge.

11. informal Do you understand?


1. Then there is the boffin inventor entrepreneur with imagination but no business savvy.

2. The savvy shopper knows the best things also give a glow to the maker.

3. You just need to get savvy and know where to hunt for the bargains.

4. This generation are savvy musical consumers who contribute to the chart.

5. IT'S not just adults who need to be financially savvy.

6. But they come back and are a lot more savvy.

7. But savvy investors take time to do their homework before investing.

8. The best are business savvy and can help with your staffing issues immensely.

9. Governments around the world are getting more savvy about excluding journalists from war zones.

10. Most modern consumers are savvy enough to see through their rhetoric.

11. Some people have the political savvy to gain and hold on to power.

12. And making yourself financially savvy will stop you from focusing on your salary for happiness.

13. Bad times can be good for savvy investors.

14. She will have to be more savvy politically to ensure that the necessary reform of schools is enacted safely.

15. It means some savvy shoppers snapping up lots of gifts are often able to use the difference to fund the trip.

16. They are a lot more savvy.

17. The poems were politically savvy, but what got me was that voice.

18. European Cup as if it is not terribly significant is not so much to betray a lack of soul, but a lack of commercial savvy.

19. ‘Without a college degree, this son of a single parent built a real estate empire with tremendous fortitude, business and political savvy, and a healthy dose of kismet.’

20. ‘Jackson's political clout and business savvy made the deal happen.’

21. ‘It takes business acumen, marketing savvy, graphic-arts talent, and a clear understanding of what the customer sees from the other side of the screen.’

22. ‘It also requires business savvy, a subject that isn't covered in most professional schools.’

23. ‘Along with their technical skills, these researchers possess unusual business and media savvy, say their peers.’

24. ‘But with 8,000 partners, identifying those with the necessary business savvy and relationship-building skills isn't easy.’

25. ‘Alongside good looks and maybe talent, a little business savvy never hurt anyone trying to get somewhere in the music industry.’

26. ‘But since the politics surrounding lay-offs are complex, it takes solid business training and legal savvy to advise managers well, according to those involved.’

27. ‘At only 17, he has amassed a private fortune with his business savvy, founded, like Uma's success, on his linguistic flexibility.’

28. ‘He says those failures occur because many independent labels are artist driven and therefore don't bring much business savvy to their partnerships.’

29. ‘You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality.’

30. ‘His business savvy meant he took risks in the technology, telecoms, internet, hotels and construction, retail and automobile sector.’

31. ‘No one should underestimate Malone's drive or business savvy.’

32. ‘She began showing her business savvy in the seventh grade.’

33. ‘Some question whether government entities have the technological or business savvy to move quickly into the Internet Age.’

34. ‘Key to the success of this young firm has been the technical and business savvy of the four partners.’

35. ‘After taking on this user interface project, I'm a lot more insightful about design issues and, well, rather humbled by the amount of design savvy I have yet to gain.’

36. ‘In this way you can combine the academic experience you gained in your degree with the street savvy you gain on the job and, hopefully, your confidence will grow.’

37. ‘The perioperative environment is becoming more complex, and its leaders need to possess some business savvy and be clinically astute.’

38. ‘This examination can develop children's aesthetic awareness and media savvy and help them become more careful and literate readers of media.’

39. ‘I've had this question asked of me more than any other over the past couple of years - interestingly enough, mostly by industry veterans and savvy players who know the ropes.’

40. ‘Many of our informants, from novice Internet users to tech savvy veterans, emphasized how important it is to have an easily navigable Web site.’

41. ‘I had tried to be the woman I thought you wanted - a savvy street lawyer who fought tooth and nail for our clients - and still you rejected me.’

42. ‘Critical to that strategy is our development as savvy consumers and smart investors.’

43. ‘Behind every brilliant best-selling author is usually a perceptive, savvy publisher.’

44. ‘They talked about how media savvy he was and how devoted he was to young people.’

45. ‘Her first three albums were surprisingly enjoyable, largely due to savvy producers who surrounded her lightweight voice with killer beats and memorable hooks.’

46. ‘It was the endgame that I wasn't savvy enough to win.’

47. ‘These days savvy operators are using creative appetizers, innovative drink menus and electronic entertainment to draw patrons during hours when business is traditionally slow.’

48. ‘We are all so media savvy these days that there won't be anybody reading this who isn't familiar with the rags-to-riches-and-back-again story.’

49. ‘It's clear now that savvy foreign investors won't be tempted by such headache-prone deals.’

50. ‘Faced with such arrogance is it any wonder that savvy consumers are switching to screw caps?’

51. ‘I couldn't believe the guy, all he talked about was how rich, successful, smart and savvy he was.’

52. ‘Technology today offers savvy business executives increasingly intelligent ways of cutting costs and automating business processes.’

53. ‘The first tier consists of councils in large cities, such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, which she said are IT savvy and have used the funding they received well.’

54. ‘I mean, I don't agree with a lot of what they say, but they usually are media savvy.’

55. ‘Frank, if you are so savvy yourself, why not read the Bible?’

56. ‘Also, the more technically savvy a participating business is, the easier it is to continue to keep up-to-date with technologies.’

57. ‘Most are very knowledgeable and savvy about business and know how to cut a deal.’

58. ‘But Camilla wasn't always this business savvy.’

59. do you savvy the meaning of this letter?

Other users have misspelling savvy as:

1. savy 45.78%

2. savvey 7.23%

3. sayfy 4.82%

4. zavvi 2.41%

5. Other 39.76%

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