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Other users have misspelling equation as:

pie chart
  1. ication 6.09%
  2. equati 4.06%
  3. eqution 3.05%
  4. eqation 2.03%
  5. equaiton 2.03%
  6. Other 82.74%

Definitions of equation


  1. a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced
  2. a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
  3. the act of regarding as equal

Examples of equation

  1. The normal equation of linear regression is used to calculate the effects of high frequency components on the determination of secular trend of relative sea level(RSL).
  2. The authors of the second paper admit that “other variables … influence the binding avidity (preference), such as type of SA (sialic acid of the receptor site) and glycosylation and sialylation of the hemagglutinin close to the receptor binding site. ” These factors all vary obviously and there are other variables in the equation as well including the status of specific areas of the immune system.
  3. Once all that is figured out, the most confusing factor in the equation must be pondered: playing time.

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