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1. The body or class of people who frequent an establishment or purchase a service, especially when considered as forming a more-or-less homogeneous group of clients in terms of values or habits.

2. The clients of a professional person or practice considered as a group.

3. A body of customers or patrons.

4. The persons who make habitual use of the services of another person; one's clients, collectively

5. The clients or dependents of a nobleman of patron.

6. obsolete, obsolete The condition or position of a client; clientship.

7. Interests of a client; patronage.

8. Clients collectively.

9. The condition or relation of a client.


1. There would have been a mutiny if the clientele had been younger.

2. This place knows its clientele and knows why they're here.

3. In its heyday, its clientele included celebrities and royalty.

4. The trunk shows stood him in good stead, enabling him to build a loyal clientele.

5. The energy industry's treatment of its loyal clientele is shabby.

6. No wonder there's a loyal local clientele of hipsters keeping the atmosphere lively.

7. I attend a very friendly gym with a mixed clientele.

8. And I imagine the clientele are loyal and regular.

9. The 28-year-old says the salon's clientele is very mixed.

10. The clientele includes well-off families, thirtysomething couples and older couples.

11. If it's for a younger clientele, it has to be affordable.

12. The editor directed me to a small-town practice whose clientele included a number of the magazine's staff members.

13. Unite, the student accommodation provider, says that it is adapting to changing demand from its young clientele.

14. The brands who do make their money from clothes tend to be smaller and have a loyal, long-term clientele.

15. To which I can only think that he must have been giving away an awful lot of free hats to his celebrity clientele.

16. Looks like her clientele is already A-list: Lopez, Stefani and Ellen Pompeo attended her launch party at Barneys last month. $295-$1,100 at Intermixonline. com

17. Like I said, the clientele is almost completely complementary.

18. This town historically specializing in trailer parkall-you-can-eat buffet fricasees for its foreign clientele is coming of age.

19. Now you might think her main clientele would be white Goths perhaps?

20. Servers are dishing out food to a mostly Spanish-speaking clientele from the heating trays along the wall on the other side of the counter.

21. ‘Pierson is unapologetic that Winter Harvest tends to serve a more upscale clientele.’

22. ‘La Scala goes for a very specific ambience: fine dining and an upscale clientele.’

23. ‘Mrs Shah, who is from Salisbury, said the main clientele would be business people and golfers but they also hope to attract families.’

24. ‘The main thrust of the bylaw is to force businesses with underage clientele to place a ban on smoking.’

25. ‘He argued that such decisions should be left to business owners and their clientele.’

26. ‘Time, ostensibly an upscale eatery, seems to be pretty positive about clientele dancing off their dinners.’

27. ‘The clientele is the cream of Indonesia's political and business elite, who place a premium on privacy.’

28. ‘The Casa Alberto clearly has a select clientele of well-known regulars.’

29. ‘She also oversees a small, select barn of clientele in her training stable.’

30. ‘Topline Tutorials is the only private company running revision courses in Glasgow and says their clientele is mixed.’

31. ‘This astrologer's rich clientele is a trade secret which he refuses to divulge.’

32. ‘She received all her clients via the phone and had a regular clientele.’

33. ‘Mr Carrabs was referring to Aboriginal customers, who make up about half of his clientele.’

34. ‘He also points out the tendency of drug dealers to create populist political movements and to play the role of traditional patrons with local clienteles.’

35. ‘In Hollywood, food is not the most important factor: the hot spots enjoy a brisk trade in A-list clientele.’

36. ‘There is a steady clientele who come out frequently for personal flying.’

37. ‘The same is true of the large clienteles who gathered at the doors of Roman nobles during customary morning salutations.’

38. ‘We are all not quite in competition because we all had our own clientele.’

39. ‘She offered him a premier position with an assistant, regular hours and a wealthy clientele.’

40. ‘We thought about moving out of the city but a lot of our clientele will travel in by public transport so we need to be easily accessible.’

41. ‘As these shops have a regular clientele they are not affected by the parking problem.’

42. ‘Hunting seasons come and go and competitive shooters are only a small part of most gun shops' clientele.’

43. ‘Although the audience was made up of a select clientele, there was a reasonable crowd by the time the Silva Surfer hit the stage.’

44. ‘Clearly this bar does not care about repeat customers, or building up a regular clientele.’

45. ‘The clientele is mixed and, unless some dignitaries are in attendance, the atmosphere is noisy and informal.’

46. ‘Officers go into a pub, order a few drinks and mix with the clientele while keeping their eyes open for those breaking the law.’

47. ‘At NailBarOne, York's new express manicure outlet in Swinegate, men are becoming part of the regular clientele.’

48. ‘Susan will be performing many of her popular numbers from over the years for the regular Friday night clientele at this venue.’

49. ‘In a survey of its regular clientele, the Deep Blues Club asked: which performer at the club was your favourite?’

50. ‘A facility such as this needs to build up a consistent and regular paying clientele, while tapping into a good catchment area.’

51. ‘The clientele comprises regulars who buy flowers daily for household poojas and temple priests.’

52. ‘He jumped in feet first and booked all the top names, drawing in a regular clientele which formed queues a mile long along Leigh Road.’

53. ‘The Falcon is a traditional pub with a regular middle-aged clientele and a maximum capacity of 100.’

54. ‘And there's a few features to cater for the clientele expected to frequent the Wizard Inns bar.’

55. ‘Mr Doyle, whose clientele is mainly made up of the more mature customer, said the atmosphere in his pub was a bit different.’

56. ‘Shopping complexes should reserve basement parking for their clientele.’

57. ‘He said the pub's existing customers did not create problems, but a different clientele might be attracted if it opened late.’

58. ‘Each coffee house had its own regular clientele - be it literary, clerical, aristocratic, or commercial.’

59. ‘They all confessed, saying that they sold their wares at local entertainment venues and had a large number of clientele.’

60. ‘Their clientele drops as rain soaks up the pleasures of pavement shopping.’

61. they have an upper class clientele

Other users have misspelling clientele as:

1. cliental 9.86%

2. clientel 3.29%

3. clientela 2.19%

4. clientul 1.37%

5. Other 83.29%

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