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Other users have misspelling mediocre as:

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  1. midiocer 4.17%
  2. Other 95.83%

Definitions of mediocre


  1. moderate to inferior in quality
  2. lacking exceptional quality or ability
  3. poor to middling in quality

Examples of mediocre

  1. Red cabbage's fresh, raw crunch is a great addition to salads (see today's recipe), though I quite understand that some of you may have been put off by its appearance in mediocre coleslaws dressed in gloopy, cheap mayonnaise, its pigment seeping into the dressing to create a rather unappealing mess.
  2. Any normal, mediocre woman would have (a) sworn, (b) looked under the bed again, or ( c ) shouted at me.
  3. I realized how our leadership brings forth mediocre organizations and dispirited people.

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