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1. Any regulation requiring people to be off the streets and in their homes by a certain time.

2. A fireplace accessory designed to bank a fire by completely covering the embers.

3. A signal indicating this time.

4. The evening bell, which continued to be rung in many towns after the regulation itself became obsolete.

5. historical A regulation in feudal Europe by which fires had to be covered up or put out at a certain fixed time in the evening, marked by the ringing of an evening bell.

6. The time when such restriction begins.

7. The signal, such as a bell, ancing the beginning of this restriction.

8. The signal, such as a bell, an cing the beginning of this restriction.

9. The time at which such a restriction begins or is in effect.

10. A regulation or rule requiring certain or all people to leave the streets or be at home at a prescribed hour.

11. The ringing of an evening bell, originally a signal to the inhabitants to cover fires, extinguish lights, and retire to rest, -- instituted by William the Conqueror; also, the bell itself.

12. obsolete A utensil for covering the fire.

13. the time that the curfew signal is sounded

14. a signal (usually a bell) ancing the start of curfew restrictions

15. a signal (usually a bell) an cing the start of curfew restrictions

16. an order that after a specific time certain activities (as being outside on the streets) are prohibited

17. A cover, ornamented or plain, for a fire; a fire-plate; a blower.

18. The ringing of a bell at an early hour (originally 8 o'clock) in the evening, as a signal to the inhabitants of a town or village to extinguish their fires and lights; the time of ringing the bell; the bell so rung, or its sound.


1. Will they be in by curfew time?

2. He was also given a suspended jail sentence and night curfew.

3. The next day the curfew crumbled and we ventured on to the streets.

4. But civil liberties campaigners last night insisted the curfew was a step too far.

5. He is free to come and go during the day but has to observe a curfew at night.

6. The crowd begins slowly to disperse under the impatient eyes of police officers imposing a city curfew and people reluctantly shuffle home.

7. They were given night-time curfews and will face court again next month.

8. The biggest issue isn't who washes up or curfew times.

9. Military personnel were already under a night-time curfew.

10. So far this time, no curfews or media restrictions have been imposed.

11. All are supposed to be under a strict night-time curfew.

12. The Liverpool star admits his mother used to give him curfews at night.

13. The Asbo puts him under a night curfew.

14. He was yesterday handed a 12-week night curfew.

15. KR stars were under curfew at the time.

16. Martial law and curfew imposed.

17. The night-time curfew has been relaxed.

18. Cops were already upset after the court removed an electronic tag this month - despite him breaching a curfew nine days in a row.

19. We wrote down what we would and wouldn't do, and set a curfew.

20. Further afield, modern quieter aeroplanes and the potential to extend the night-time curfew should offset the increased traffic.

21. He was electronically tagged, but breached his curfew FOUR times.

22. Insurers want ministers to impose a night-time curfew on young drivers, as well as restrictions on the number of young passengers they can carry.

23. ‘The lists of candidates, their names and manifestos, were all but invisible and a strict curfew was imposed.’

24. ‘All exits from the city were totally blocked from the morning and an indefinite curfew was imposed from 6pm.’

25. ‘As with many parks around the city, a midnight curfew is imposed.’

26. ‘We saw them lifting an overnight curfew that had been in place also since April when the old regime fell.’

27. ‘Police are also patrolling the city and have slapped a night-time curfew on the city.’

28. ‘He was given a conditional sentence, which avoids jail time, but enforces daily curfews in his home.’

29. ‘Youth justices put him under a three-month nightly curfew and on a nine-month supervision order aimed at tackling his alcoholism.’

30. ‘Police introduced an overnight curfew on Thursday in Colombo and have tightened security measures throughout city.’

31. ‘Today it is still heavily guarded, with numerous checkpoints and a nighttime curfew.’

32. ‘He took full 24 hours before doing so and clamping curfew in some areas.’

33. ‘He was posted in the marketplace area of the city, enforcing the curfew.’

34. ‘He enforced strict rules: a nightly curfew and a mandate to earn top grades in high school.’

35. ‘Together they agree to break the curfew to show me how people are coping.’

36. ‘Ever since I broke curfew, I showed no promise of learning my lesson.’

37. ‘There was an overnight curfew and a requirement to report twice a day to the authorities.’

38. ‘All she needed was a midnight curfew and glass slippers and she would be set.’

39. ‘The standoff ceased with the advent of the midnight curfew.’

40. ‘They arrested something like 300 people last night for curfew violations.’

41. ‘He gets half way across town before the cop patrolling his neighborhood pulls him over for curfew violation.’

42. ‘There is normally a 7pm - 7am curfew and prisoners are monitored with an electronic tagging device.’

43. ‘The camp compensated by making a later curfew for those on time off.’

44. ‘He walks further until one o'clock in the morning (past the curfew for apprentices) and ends up in the graveyard in Copp's Hill.’

45. ‘My curfew was usually midnight, but not for dates.’

46. ‘When Mom and Dad are home, our curfew is midnight.’

47. ‘Your curfew is at midnight unless otherwise noted.’

48. ‘Her parents had given her a curfew of midnight, so she had heaps of time.’

49. ‘It was past my curfew and I could tell that I looked panicked because of the face Jake was making.’

50. ‘You remember the feeling: You had a midnight curfew, but your friends were free to roam wild until dawn.’

51. ‘By that time, the male was already at his home, having managed to cook up an excuse for breaking the midnight curfew.’

52. ‘Do you remember how mad they were when we were an hour past curfew last year?’

53. ‘The neighbours, he recalls, allowed him to play until a daily curfew of 10 pm.’

54. ‘And even if I returned past the curfew, my parents didn't mind too much.’

55. ‘‘Yes,’ he said softly, nuzzling the back of her neck as the final bell rang in the distance, marking curfew.’

56. ‘He had regained her trust the night before, after telling her of numerous time that she had let him back into the boarding house when he had returned after curfew.’

57. ‘It wasn't long until the curfew bang sounded and we were shuffled out once again.’

58. ‘The execution was to take place at the ringing of the evening curfew bell.’

59. they had to be back home before curfew

Other users have misspelling curfew as:

1. curefew 6.45%

2. crfa 6.45%

3. Other 87.1%

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