Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling oops as:

pie chart
  1. opps 33.33%
  2. oopss 3.09%
  3. ooopsss 3.09%
  4. opp’s 1.85%
  5. oups 1.85%
  6. oopps 1.85%
  7. Other 54.94%

Definitions of oops

  1. Used sarcastically to acknowledge a major mistake.

Examples of oops

  1. They could have been classed as ship-rigged sloops-of-war and were built by Thomas Fishburn in 1770 at Whitby.
  2. I ` d like to see it minus bodywork to see if it ` s got smaller wheels than the big old hoops normal for the period, cos i reckon even tho the bodywork is quite wide, full lock would find large dia. wheels causing a few problems.
  3. On the ranges of Fort Devens, the troops were put through their paces on US weapons, from the stock-in-trade M16 assault rifle to the frighteningly-effective M249 SAW light machine gun.

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