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1. A commissioned officer in the army, air force, or marine corps. In U.S. military, it ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general.

2. An honorary nonmilitary title awarded by some states of the United States.

3. A commissioned rank in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant colonel and below brigadier general.

4. (Mil.) The chief officer of a regiment; an officer ranking next above a lieutenant colonel and next below a brigadier general.

5. a commissioned military officer in the United States Army or Air Force or Marines who ranks above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general

6. In angling, the name of an artificial salmon-fly

7. The chief commander of a regiment of troops, whether infantry or cavalry, next in rank below that of a general officer—in the United States army, of a brigadier-general.

8. To act as colonel; play the colonel.


1. Will the retired army colonel put in an appearance today?

2. My father was a colonel in the air force.

3. In two years he rose from lieutenant colonel to major general.

4. He rose as high as a lieutenant colonel.

5. He ended the war as a lieutenant colonel and went on to be a distinguished diplomat.

6. It is written by a retired artillery colonel who is a fervent defender of his old arm of the service.

7. Now the colonel's regular forces have turned on him across the east of the country.

8. How should a lieutenant colonel in the Marines address a captain in the navy?

9. The customs officer was a colonel in the Royal Artillery.

10. He is the second retired British colonel to be killed in Kenya in the past two weeks.

11. But a retired colonel said: 'On operational tours dress code is irrelevant.

12. Its builder, a lieutenant colonel, had a string of railways to his name.

13. Five Americans were also killed in the last week, one a lieutenant colonel.

14. The men, in uniforms of a major and lieutenant colonel, got past security into a compound.

15. I saw the lieutenant colonel.

16. William Jackson was reportedly a professor at the University of Georgia; the nature of his military service and the source of the title colonel is unknown.

17. He was given the title colonel to impress Titusville residents.

18. I'm guessing the colonel is a fan of Sergio Leone films.

19. A retired French army colonel is aiming to take a stratospheric leap into the record books by completing a 1000mph (1,600km/h) skydive from the edge of space in Canada next month.

20. ‘Some of these officers are now lieutenant colonels and colonels in the Army Reserve.’

21. ‘As a result, lieutenant colonels, colonels, and general officers must operate in a more complex task environment than during the Cold War.’

22. ‘In the past year I have met midshipmen, Air Force cadets, colonels at the Army War College, officers in the Pentagon, air and naval crews at sea, reserve and retired officers, and a variety of civilian defense analysts.’

23. ‘As a general rule, however, military intellectuals tend to face mandatory retirement as lieutenant colonels or colonels, just as they are achieving full intellectual maturity.’

24. ‘Many lieutenant colonels and colonels express frustration at being labeled as poor mentors, and portrayed as contributing to the attrition of captains.’

25. ‘The Defense Department announced on Friday that the President has formally nominated three colonels for promotion to Brigadier General.’

26. ‘The admiral was said to be interested in inviting upper middle grade officers, army colonels and navy captains, to observe US military exercises as a way to establish contact with the next generation of Chinese military leaders.’

27. ‘After 12 years of teaching ethics at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, I have learned a few lessons from the lieutenant colonels and colonels I've taught.’

28. ‘Henry, an outstanding officer and one of the youngest colonels in the Army Air Corps, pinned the eagles on his shirt collar at the age of 28.’

29. ‘The Pentagon did not identify the other panel members, but said they were three colonels and a lieutenant colonel.’

30. ‘The problem is that many military generals and colonels and lieutenant-colonels do their own thing.’

31. ‘There are many officers in the embassy who are equivalent to general officers and colonels.’

32. ‘The senior officers - generals, brigadiers, colonels - were all at a loss about what to do.’

33. ‘He retired from the Army as a colonel in 1988 and was appointed deputy commander, IGR.’

34. ‘There are a thousand colonels in the army who'd give their eye teeth for this chance.’

35. ‘There are several interesting issues here, such as the much-vaunted discovery that Army colonels increasingly self-identify as Republicans.’

36. ‘Normally, a colonel would command a brigade, but TRISSOC is an elite service, and only brigadier generals are allowed to command brigades, with colonels as second-in-commands.’

37. ‘When the Civil War began Grant returned to the Army and received the rank of colonel.’

38. ‘There are five woman colonels [air force and army] or captains [navy] qualified for promotion to general positions.’

39. ‘Ted rose to the rank of colonel at the war's end serving as the 26th Infantry Regiment Commander.’

40. the colonel ordered the soldiers

Other users have misspelling colonel as:

1. colanely 58.91%

2. kolonel 2.97%

3. colenel 1.98%

4. colnel 1.49%

5. colonnel 1.49%

6. Other 33.16%

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