Definition of 'momma'


Word Frequency
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1. slang voluptuous woman

2. slang wife or girlfriend

3. US, colloquial mother


1. "It's more than your momma had, or mine," she reminded him.

2. Gone was the momma I had always loved and adored, replaced by the stranger from my nightmare.

3. "I never thought I'd be standing in your momma 's backyard with my arms around you," Howie said.

4. She was supposed to go over her momma 's house this morning.

5. Your momma is so fat NASA shot a rocket into her ass looking for water. (@tbias)

6. They all hide in vegetation invisibly and scent free when they are young while momma is elsewhere.

7. A writer writes … always. (throw momma from the train).

8. I read the article and shivered … Very sad indeed … twin momma says:

9. | Reply yo momma is so fat dat i went to go get a shirt and it was her under ware poopie

10. I am certain momma Khadr will welcome your help … after she spits on you of course … infidel!

11. I understand that baby momma is poor and all, but I can't get over why she dated a slug with FOUR previous convictions.

12. Baby momma may be poor, but that doesn't mean baby momma is an idiot with no regard to her child's safety.

13. Your momma is so fat, when she backs up it goes “beep beep beep”.

14. ‘If the party won't even stand up for our mommas, who'll stand up for the party?’

15. ‘They told me it had to be tame and I thought, well, these are definitely not things my momma would want to hear, so I guess I can't pass it off as tame.’

16. ‘I want to thank my momma for never teaching me selflessness, and I really wanna thank my college coach for never benching me for missing class.’

17. ‘His momma knows him as Haywood but you know him as Dwayne from what may have been the best show in the 70s.’

18. ‘You always know what to expect from an Elvis movie, and this one settles comfortably into its well established formula like a baby kangaroo in its momma's pouch.’

19. ‘Your momma never told you, there'd be days like this.’

20. ‘But I feel compelled to be a bit more polite about it, because… my momma raised me that way.’

21. ‘Their momma is in control of that, and she hasn't allowed me to see them in years.’

22. ‘I want to say to my babies that your momma loves you so much, and your daddy, this whole family loves you so much.’

23. ‘When my momma got paid on a Friday she'd leave and I watched her walk across the yard.’

24. ‘Field reporters interviewed soldiers who would smile broadly at the camera and sheepishly adjust their helmets as they asked if they could say ‘Hi’ to their mommas.’

25. ‘Andrew lit up, and threw his arms around his momma.’

26. ‘Terri hoped she'd find her momma there but she didn't.’

27. ‘‘I guess I'd ought to get home, my momma will be surely looking for me,’ she said softly.’

28. ‘She followed Helena everywhere, but always kept glancing back to check on her momma, as though she were the worried parent.’

29. ‘I have written the last few chapters on my momma's computer.’

30. ‘Twelve was the year my daddy died and my momma got sick.’

31. ‘You can certainly tell Sammy got her looks from her momma.’

32. ‘When I look at him, I can see all your momma's drive and ambition.’

33. ‘My momma didn't fill me in on how this is done.’

34. I love my momma

Other users have misspelling momma as:

1. moma 29.41%

2. mommar 8.82%

3. momma 5.88%

4. mommoh 2.94%

5. Other 35.31%

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