Definition of 'bylaws'


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1. Plural form of bylaw.


1. The method used is governed by the church's charter or bylaws.

2. She claimed not to have seen signs warning visitors that picking is illegal and that local bylaws prohibit taking anything from the woods.

3. The Government is to introduce new laws in April which will allow local bylaws to tackle to problem.

4. Incredibly, while householders can be fined for not sorting out recycled rubbish, there are no bylaws banning garden bonfires.

5. Doctors called yesterday for the nationwide adoption of bylaws banning people from drinking in the streets, as new statistics highlighted the damage to health caused by alcohol.

6. She has served her time for that, but a BOA bylaw automatically bans doping offenders for life.

7. And they’ve given assurances — e.g. in bylaws — about how the rights will be used.

8. The NCAA and NAIA have rules called "bylaws" that every current and prospective student-athlete must adhere to in order to be eligible.

9. Discussion was closed, the bylaws were approved without amendment.

10. During all these years our cadres, militants and candidate members became aware that the bylaws are the fundamental law in party life.

11. He called the bylaws regarding the new student-contact stipulation "extremely confusing and difficult to follow."

12. the bylaws of the company were too harsh and many employees left

Other users have misspelling bylaws as:

1. by-laws 96.92%

2. bylawys 0.32%

3. bylaways 0.16%

4. Other 2.6%

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