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Other users have misspelling truly as:

pie chart
  1. truely 33.84%
  2. trully 13.61%
  3. truelly 6.23%
  4. truley 4.45%
  5. troly 2.16%
  6. turly 1.78%
  7. Other 37.93%

Definitions of truly


  1. with sincerity; without pretense
  2. in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)
  3. in accordance with truth or fact or reality
  4. by right

Examples of truly

  1. A heart will not be hurt for pursuing a dream, when you truly want something, all the universe conspires to help you complete the.
  2. While poor excommunicated Miss Tox, who, if she were a fawner and toad – eater, was at least an honest and a constant one, and had ever borne a faithful friendship towards her impeacher and had been truly absorbed and swallowed up in devotion to the magnificence of Mr
  3. So I think of Beckett as not being religious in the usual sense but at least being alive, being truly alive, and horror-struck by it.

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