Definition of 'adventurous'


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1. Full of hazard; attended with risk; exposing to danger; requiring courage; rash.

2. of a person Inclined to adventure; willing to incur risks; prone to embark in hazardous enterprise; rashly daring.

3. Inclined to undertake new and daring enterprises.

4. Requiring or characterized by boldness or daring; hazardous; risky.

5. Full of hazard; attended with risk; exposing to danger; requiring courage; rash; -- applied to acts.

6. Inclined to adventure; willing to incur hazard; prone to embark in hazardous enterprise; rashly daring; -- applied to persons.

7. willing to undertake or seeking out new and daring enterprises

8. Inclined or willing to incur hazard or engage in adventures; bold to encounter danger; daring; venturesome; courageous; enterprising.

9. Full of hazard; attended with risk; exposing to danger; requiring courage; hazardous: as, an adventurous undertaking.

10. Synonyms Adventurous, Enterprising, Rash, Reckless, Foolhardy, venturesome, venturous. The adventurous man incurs risks from love of the novel, the arduous, and the bold, trusting to escape through the use of his bodily and mental powers; he would measure himself against difficult things. When this spirit does not go so far as to deserve the name of rashness or foolhardiness, it is considered a manly trait. The enterprising man is alert to undertake new and large things, not necessarily involving risk; he is constantly breaking out of routine. The rash man hastens to do a thing with little thought of the consequences, and generally in the heat of feeling. With the foolhardy man the risks are so great and the absence of thought is so entire that he seems to have the hardihood of the fool. The reckless man has the impetuosity of the rash man, but he is more careless of consequences. The rash man is too precipitate; the reckless man shows temerity; the foolhardy man is careless or defiant even when he undertakes the impossible.


1. She wanted to get away from here and she wasn't very adventurous.

2. Isobel sometimes wore elaborate earrings at school when she was feeling adventurous.

3. I think your definition of "adventurous" is pretty generous, Anon. 2: 41 PM, June 29, 2007

4. CINCINNATI - July 18th 2008 - Fear of the unknown prevents many people from learning new skills or participating in adventurous activities.

5. The British Government and the Governments of the Dominions are furnishing dollar for dollar-or the British Government more-towards putting British migrants into Empire territories instead of having them dispersed all over foreign nations in adventurous fields of investment and settlement.

6. But what about those occasions when adventurous is exactly what you’re looking for?

7. That can be profitable publishing, to be sure, but I would hardly call it adventurous.

8. I'm Ben, otherwise known as the adventurous, crazy, energetic one.

9. He was described as adventurous and had a knack for exploring.

10. He was known as adventurous, and he had a knack for exploring.

11. Castle, that it began to be called the adventurous (or hazardous) Castle of Douglas: Whereupon Sir John Walton being in suit of an English lady, she wrote to him that when he had kept the adventurous Castle of Douglas seven years, then, he might think himself worthy to be a suitor to her.

12. I hear that Badly Drawn Boy's usual style is more experimental and adventurous, which is what you'd expect.

13. ‘If you feel adventurous, like new experiences, and have a fairly grounded personality, go for it.’

14. ‘Residents of the former East Germany are making up for the years of enforced immobility by becoming the world's most adventurous travellers.’

15. ‘For the adventurous traveller, there is no end to the things that he/she can do in the land of sun-kissed beaches and idyllic backwaters.’

16. ‘The company has launched a new and improved membership product for adventurous travellers on a budget.’

17. ‘Good travellers are usually adventurous when it comes to food.’

18. ‘Jo is also one of those adventurous travelers that not only wants to explore a new city, she wants to taste it, too.’

19. ‘At a mere 37 miles from top to toe, it makes an ideal destination for the moderately adventurous traveller.’

20. ‘After John's death in 1638, his son John took over the collection, proving an even more adventurous traveller than his father.’

21. ‘The more adventurous travelers hike their way into the Inca sanctuary, situated high on a mountain peak in the cloudy forest.’

22. ‘I don't have to experiment or be adventurous and choose something different every time I eat in an Indian restaurant.’

23. ‘I tried to convince myself to be spontaneous and adventurous and brave.’

24. ‘There must be some brave and adventurous types at Bloomsbury.’

25. ‘I miss feeling adventurous and having fun ideas that I want to try out with someone special.’

26. ‘For the adventurous urbanite, how about experiencing a taste of farm life by visiting a working farm or ranch?’

27. ‘You now feel a little more adventurous and are willing to take on a little more risk.’

28. ‘There are many treasures from ages past just waiting for a brave and adventurous soul such as you to come and claim them.’

29. ‘Our outings attract like-minded, adventurous travelers with cooperative spirits.’

30. ‘When she began work as a journalist, she said, she was always adventurous and very brave.’

31. ‘However, the more you play there the more confident and adventurous you become.’

32. ‘In the same vein as the successful restaurants gaining acclaim in Fossgate and Walmgate, it offers adventurous meals which sound mouth-watering.’

33. ‘The influence of sociology also encouraged experimentation with a variety of more adventurous and imaginative research methods and new sources of data.’

34. ‘While the dynamics of the market are currently pioneering and adventurous, these costs will only grow as the infrastructure enlarges.’

35. ‘His work has been lauded as innovative and adventurous, not restricted by the limitations of adopting a particular style.’

36. ‘Parliament planners have, however, ruled out some of the more adventurous advances in toilet technology which are now available.’

37. ‘This is not a rant against modern or adventurous architecture.’

38. ‘A stylish bar/restaurant where the mood is casual sophistication and the drinks and food are modern and adventurous.’

39. ‘But its recovery is near completion and the enlightened and adventurous regeneration is attracting record numbers of visitors.’

40. ‘Four years in the making, his new album was a much more adventurous and imaginative record.’

41. ‘On the other hand, that would still leave nearly two hours of vital, adventurous music.’

42. ‘You are ready for fresh personal experiences and adventurous work projects.’

43. ‘The experimental branch is where adventurous new features are made available in a somewhat official location.’

44. ‘My friends managed it - suddenly they stopped eating takeaway chips and began to experiment with ever more adventurous pasta sauces.’

45. ‘If anything, his work is getting less interesting and adventurous, reworking old ideas for a speculative market.’

46. ‘It was both stylistically adventurous and powerfully moving.’

47. ‘Despite an adventurous menu and attractive decor, the place was never busy on a clear, bright summer's Friday night.’

48. ‘The restaurant was pleasantly full: and the menu nothing if not adventurous.’

49. ‘Stirling is a lively and adventurous arts and cultural centre which stages a rich programme of events.’

50. ‘The film may not be stylistically adventurous, with long scenes and conventional editing, but the content bites.’

51. ‘In the following year he is said to have been a pupil of Frans Hals in Haarlem, for which there is no further evidence other than an adventurous and lively technique.’

52. ‘She continued, wringing her hands in excitement to finish her adventurous story.’

53. ‘At the end of the line, all they may have is a head full of adventurous mishaps to tell their grandchildren about.’

54. ‘They embarked on a life that was both romantically adventurous and cozily domestic.’

55. ‘These are excellent accessories that could add up to your Jeep's sporty and adventurous qualities.’

56. ‘Explain that if you release it, it could grow to full size and lead a relatively long and adventurous life.’

57. ‘They were both twenty, full of energy at times and seeking some adventurous diversion.’

58. ‘Kathryn had many mind-opening and adventurous experiences on her travels.’

59. ‘Experience the world of adventurous outdoor sports and travel with National Geographic Adventure.’

60. ‘Its zig-zag course and the steep cliffs on either side make a two-hour raft trip down the river an adventurous experience.’

61. ‘Relating to that audience, if it's a Buddies audience, can be an adventurous experience.’

62. ‘She considers her time in Bulgaria to have been an adventurous experience.’

63. ‘Once considered an adventurous shopping experience, these price slashers are now in easy proximity to the suburban jungle.’

64. ‘Secondly, we are all aware that we should try kit out in shallow water before gradually building up our depth and experience and undertaking more adventurous dives.’

65. ‘A month-long chase is more than just an interesting and adventurous journalistic experience.’

66. ‘These are supposed to be the most adventurous years of your life, packed with experiences.’

67. ‘The second of our thrillers is an adventurous modern love story, firmly located in London but with universal themes.’

68. ‘Brendan the Navigator had popped in on his adventurous travels.’

69. adventurous pioneers

Other users have misspelling adventurous as:

1. adventourous 6.67%

2. adventerous 6.67%

3. adventorous 5.33%

4. Other 81.33%

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