Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling abbreviation as:

pie chart
  1. abbrevation 12.2%
  2. abreviation 9.76%
  3. abbrivation 7.32%
  4. abrevation 4.88%
  5. abbriviation 4.88%
  6. abreveason 4.88%
  7. abbrveation 4.88%
  8. briviation 2.44%
  9. bbreveation 2.44%
  10. abbreciation 2.44%
  11. Other 43.88%

Definitions of abbreviation


  1. shortening something by omitting parts of it
  2. a shortened form of a word or phrase

Examples of abbreviation

  1. Acronyms or abbreviations can confuse a client who is looking for the business in a resource listing.
  2. Electronic records also contained significantly more words, abbreviations, and symbols.
  3. Nevertheless, abbreviation pays off in having everything fit into a tight volume.

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