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Other users have misspelling circumference as:

pie chart
  1. circunference 10.53%
  2. circunferencia 10.53%
  3. circumferenceage 7.89%
  4. circomfrens 7.89%
  5. cimcumference 5.26%
  6. cicumference 5.26%
  7. circumfrance 5.26%
  8. circomefrens 5.26%
  9. cercomference 5.26%
  10. circumferance 2.63%
  11. Other 34.23%

Definitions of circumference


  1. the length of the closed curve of a circle
  2. the boundary line encompassing an area or object
  3. the size of something as given by the distance around it

Examples of circumference

  1. This means the circumference is about 1000 meters, so v is 1000 meters per minute, which yields a simulated gravity about 1/6 of Earth's -- the same as the moon (though the people inside move as though the gravity is Earth-normal).
  2. But with vast quantities of developable land in the expanding suburbs (as the circumference of the circle enlarges), regional home price indices post only small gains.
  3. The sumpitan is a piece of hard wood, from six to eight feet in length and in circumference slightly larger than the handle of a broom.

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