Definition of 'anonymous'


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1. comparable Lacking individuality.

2. not comparable Lacking a name; not named and determined, as an animal not assigned to any species.

3. not comparable Without any name acknowledged of a person responsible, as that of author, contributor, or the like.

4. not comparable Of unknown name; whose name is withheld

5. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency.

6. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name.

7. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor.

8. Nameless; of unknown name; also, of unknown or unavowed authorship

9. having no known name or identity or known source

10. not known or lacking marked individuality

11. Often abbreviated to anon.

12. Without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: as, an anonymous pamphlet; an anonymous subscription.

13. Of unknown name; whose name is withheld: as, an anonymous author.

14. Wanting a name; not named and determined, as an animal not assigned to any species.


1. She remains anonymous because the accountant in question has made her sign a confidentiality agreement.

2. Do you want to remain anonymous to the charities you are supporting?

3. As profiles can remain anonymous there was no naming and shaming.

4. The mother, who conceived naturally, wished to remain anonymous.

5. One man, who asked to remain anonymous, said two of his brothers had been arrested but he did not know what had happened to them.

6. That he was largely anonymous for the rest of the game will be of little concern.

7. The second part of the name honours an anonymous benefactor of the research team.

8. The owner can stay anonymous and name an agent to avoid the risk of theft.

9. We are not going to get into a commentary on claims from anonymous sources.

10. The church helpers asked to remain anonymous.

11. The officers claimed they had received an anonymous phone call.

12. The most unpleasant aspect of this vetting is the secret file that contains the anonymous letters.

13. They held him for more than five months until an anonymous donor paid his ransom.

14. The auction was won by an anonymous telephone bidder.

15. But the striker was largely anonymous last night.

16. An anonymous benefactor has pledged to match all funds raised.

17. anonymous sources told gossip websites that the relationship is serious.

18. The alert followed an anonymous phone call.

19. Should we consider known or anonymous donors?

20. It was bought by an anonymous bidder.

21. Police were alerted by an anonymous call.

22. There were only two conditions: the owner wishes to stay anonymous.

23. They're away from home and it remains anonymous.

24. anonymous benefactor offers 20,000 reward for information.

25. It is also difficult to track individuals, so people can stay anonymous if they want to.

26. She wishes to remain anonymous because the said salesman is her brother-in-law.

27. It was an _anonymous_ Collection; and, as being anonymous, seemed to have no claim upon Christians.

28. The man, who wants to remain anonymous, is believed to have picked up the disease when he lived in Indonesia.

29. One Democratic fundraiser, who wishes to remain anonymous, is convinced that the answer is no.

30. He did not give any further explanation about why he set up the company and kept his name anonymous initially.

31. Taken in its classic definition, the term anonymous might refer to that without characteristic something so devoid of distinction that it refuses its own identity.

32. Commissioner Fivaz described opposition from what he called anonymous police officials and certain police unions to the impending shake-up in the South African Police Service, as disappointing.

33. When I would make speeches I would refer always to what I called the anonymous greats.

34. And a bunch of other bad things I'd rather not reveal even if you're keeping my name anonymous.

35. Throughout his life, Sori Yanagi was inspired by what he called "anonymous design" - he cited the Jeep and a baseball glove as two examples - and he in turn inspired younger designers, like Naoto Fukasawa, Tom Dixon and Jasper Morrison.

36. ‘One anonymous student raises the concern that women are overly sexualized in society.’

37. ‘Certainly the purpose of these tests is that they are anonymous and the identity of the riders does not come out in public.’

38. ‘People are not anonymous in cyberspace, as they construct identities that they use there.’

39. ‘The classic is called Everyman, it's from 1485, by an anonymous author.’

40. ‘My only clue was a reference, buried in the article, to a book title by this anonymous author.’

41. ‘There were calls from two anonymous people that may prove very useful, but I need them both to ring back and I really urge them to do so.’

42. ‘Then a letter arrives, on pink notepaper, from an anonymous woman who claims to have known Don 20 years previously.’

43. ‘They were almost impossible to censor and their authors were anonymous, so that retaliation against them was not possible.’

44. ‘It's an invaluable source of movie info, but like any site with anonymous user reviews, it's easily abused.’

45. ‘Thanks to the anonymous reader who tipped me off to the food trend piece.’

46. ‘Next to this biography, Phillips describes his own therapeutic dialogue with an anonymous patient.’

47. ‘The shop was analysed by an anonymous customer who judged them on things such as customer service and quality of shop layout.’

48. ‘The twelve-month-old cat was rescued from the moors by an anonymous walker and delivered to Moggies Cat Rescue two weeks ago.’

49. ‘I am staggered by the insensitivity of this anonymous writer in raising this issue in a public forum where it was read by Tara's parents.’

50. ‘As the anonymous reporter once said ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’.’

51. ‘At the same time, an anonymous couple have offered financial help.’

52. ‘Without disclosure of the security files, these individuals would remain anonymous.’

53. ‘We explained that the individual doctors would be anonymous.’

54. ‘In that, they are far from unusual, claims one Scottish manager who prefers to remain anonymous.’

55. ‘Individual benefactors, who wish to remain anonymous, have given generously.’

56. ‘In the past both have been fitful performers, outstanding one day anonymous the next.’

57. ‘We are not mechanical pieces of a political machine, individuals in an anonymous society.’

58. ‘And the seven women in black were anonymous because their robes made them so.’

59. ‘She stole a glance at the four in black, who remained anonymous, stoic, neutral.’

60. ‘Windowless, featureless, anonymous, it could only be a power station.’

61. ‘If I had an old cooker I can take it in my anonymous car to the tip for recycling.’

62. ‘I phoned Chris, my best friend when I was ten and now a Dublin journalist, and we staggered into an anonymous grey building.’

63. ‘At first it seems like any other grey, anonymous street but the further down you go, the more it feels like a gateway to another world.’

64. ‘The fact is, this is a distinctive vehicle in a very bland, anonymous and nondescript market.’

65. ‘They grew tall and anonymous, faceless obsidian columns studding the curved horizon.’

66. ‘Nobody wants or wishes to perish in an anonymous, faceless, globally uniform civilisation.’

67. ‘Their loyalty is to the Black Watch - not to some anonymous organisation.’

68. ‘I took my time in the shower, sang a few lines from some anonymous song, and painted my nails black.’

69. ‘Here it was; an anonymous glass door, swirls of coloured glass within a metal frame.’

70. ‘What had seemed an anonymous mob suddenly sprang into variety and colour.’

71. ‘The usual suspects were there along with an anonymous crowd of unknowns.’

72. ‘Scott McLean, an anonymous figure for most of the match, met Andy Roddie's low cross and prodded the ball home from close range.’

73. ‘He said we should never think we are unknown to Jesus, as if we were just a number in an anonymous crowd, but that each one of us is precious to him.’

74. ‘The lobby is inhabited by several anonymous figures in white jumpsuits and hoods wearing surgical masks.’

75. ‘Hardly anyone was aware of his gifts, he was totally anonymous, to many he was just that quiet guy in Accounts who never got laid.’

76. an anonymous gift

Other users have misspelling anonymous as:

1. anonimous 4.95%

2. anonymouse 2.79%

3. anonymus 2.17%

4. anonymise 1.86%

5. Other 81.41%

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