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1. An enclosed compartment in a church which provides seating for a group of people, often a prominent family.

2. One of the long benches in a church, seating several persons, usually fixed to the floor and facing the chancel.

3. One of the long, fixed, backed benches that are arranged in rows for the seating of a congregation in church.

4. An enclosed compartment in a church that provides seating for a number of people, such as a family.

5. obsolete Any structure shaped like a church pew, as a stall, formerly used by money lenders, etc.; a box in theater; a pen; a sheepfold.

6. One of the compartments in a church which are separated by low partitions, and have long seats upon which several persons may sit; -- sometimes called slip. Pews were originally made square, but are now usually long and narrow.

7. [Eng.] an usher in a church.

8. long bench with backs; used in church by the congregation

9. A sharp-pointed, one-pronged, straight or hooked iron instrument with a wooden handle, used in handling fish, blubber, etc., on wharves or in boats.

10. A more or less elevated inclosure, used by lawyers, money-lenders, cashiers, etc.; an inclosed seat or bench of any sort, especially such as were used by persons having a stand for business in a public or otherwise open and exposed place.

11. plural The occupants of the pews in a church; the congregation.

12. A thin stream of air or smoke; a fine thin stream of breath escaping through lips almost closed.

13. A box in a theater or opera-house.

14. An inclosed seat or open bench in a church, designed to accommodate several people; also, an inclosure containing several seats.

15. To furnish with pews.

16. Tofurnishwithpews.

17. Toputorshutinapew.

18. Seepue.

19. rare To furnish with pews.

20. An expression of disgust in response to an unpleasant odor.

21. Representative of the sound made by the firing of a machine gun.


1. What we do see is the crowd of people sitting in the pews.

2. No wonder the church pews are emptying out all across the country.

3. And the end of these things is a death to all confidence between pulpit and pew.

4. Couple that with a style that could have been designed to empty the pews and the church has a problem.

5. This would serve as his first costume as he walked proudly into the wooden pews facing each other on either side.

6. Music Sunday hymns in the family pew.

7. It has no dock, merely wooden pews for councillors.

8. He comes in for the services, sits in the front pew and leaves at the end.

9. For us, its most memorable feature was the naive wooden pew ends carved into the shapes of supernatural beasts.

10. Some girl was on her way to Jerusalem to see where Jesus grew up and hang out with some friends but got the 3rd degree (like burns!) from Israel border security, who ultimately decided the only way in was with three Mac. * pew pew pew* goes border security!

11. In short, you hold by purchase, and may sell the right to, the undisturbed possession of that little space within the church edifice which you call your pew during the hours of divine service.

12. "He wanted power," says Alonzo of Watts, a former politician and longtime church leader, whom she calls the "devil in pew number seven."

13. Now I find it unlikely that the BNPs theorists are unaware of the enormous gulf in ideology which separates the average Joe in the pew from the Bishops and other leaders who speak for them.

14. The stately black matron beside her on the pew was a stranger, but this was Mississippi.

15. The family will probably not sit in the presidential pew, which is pew 54.

16. Prayerlessness in the pew is a serious hindrance to the running of the Word of the Lord.

17. ‘The congregation replaced stationary pews with ‘Danish modern’ wooden chairs that could be positioned in any arrangement.’

18. ‘They spent six months restoring the pulpit, wall panelling, lecterns, pews, tables and wall plaques to their former glory.’

19. ‘There was only a handful of people in the congregation, sitting on pews toward the front of the nave.’

20. ‘From the pews the congregation looked on with mild affection, perhaps half hearing the weighty words about trust and steadfastness.’

21. ‘He chose a pew near the altar and said the Lord's Prayer over and over again until he stopped shaking.’

22. ‘And, they add, it would recognise that the Church is gravitating away from the ailing parishes and empty pews of Europe to focus on vibrant congregations to the south.’

23. ‘Just like every other church, they have pews, pulpits and rooms.’

24. ‘Canon Sue Whitehouse has been under fire over proposals by her and the church council to remove pews, raise part of the nave floor, install a nave altar and introduce a grand piano at St Andrew's Church in Aysgarth.’

25. ‘The nave's interior is warmed by wood pews and window seats and red-oak ceilings.’

26. ‘There's something about the Christmas season that defies even the most secular of societies and brings out the people to fill up church pews in normally unheard of numbers.’

27. ‘There was nothing unusual about groups of elegantly clad gentleman scuffling unceremoniously in order to place themselves at the head of a procession or to bag the best pews for a church service.’

28. ‘When they arrived at the church the pews were filled.’

29. ‘Eritrean Orthodox Churches do not have pews or chairs; most churchgoers stand for the entire period unless they are elderly or sick.’

30. ‘Some traditional churches have no pews and there is never an organ because of the Orthodox belief that only the human voice is permitted in the worship of God.’

31. ‘I remember seeing Mrs. Zito praying in the back pews of our church on Sunday afternoons when I served as an acolyte at benediction.’

32. ‘Hall, who speaks in soft, measured tones, spent most of his life sitting in wooden church pews, hearing about the goodness of God.’

33. ‘I miss the days of putting on Christmas plays and pageants for the masses who would huddle in gymnasiums or church pews just to see frightened little kids put on a show.’

34. ‘She sat in the church pews waiting for the service to begin.’

35. ‘She talked various relatives into donating land, helping with the construction of the church, and making pews, doors and roof struts.’

36. ‘It is a cold, gray church with hard wooden pews, a miserable place and after briefly walking through it Sonia wants to leave.’

37. ‘The director was to sit in an enclosed pew at the rear of the church.’

38. ‘Soon after being seated, down the main aisle to his pew walked Mark Twain, 24 with his big head of bushy hair.’

39. ‘Due to the pews being boxed, and most of them privately owned, by 1860 there was not enough room for the non-pew-owners to come for worship.’

40. ‘If you want to observe each and every angle of the view offered without so much as moving your feet, take a pew at the revolving café and sip a coffee while enjoying the view bit by bit.’

41. ‘Be my guest, relax and take a pew: we've a lot to talk about!’

42. they sat on the pew in the church

Other users have misspelling pew as:

1. epw 5.81%

2. Other 94.19%

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