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1. Plural form of employee.


1. Would firms having these employees upgrade their terms of employment to keep them there for longer?

2. Training and certification delivers tangible returns while showing employees they are valued.

3. The two leaders will announce a new double taxation agreement to help businesses and employees in both countries.

4. He says the Indian employees have mixed feelings.

5. Nearly a quarter of companies admitted that some employees worked more than 80 hours of overtime each month.

6. As a result, some firms are allowing employees an extra hour for their lunch tomorrow so they have time to shop.

7. This requires the firm to have a culture it is proud of and for each employee to feel equally valued, regardless of gender or background.

8. There are calls for the numbers of firms and employees to be curbed.

9. The employee must return any excess reimbursement or allowance within a reasonable period of time.

10. She is just the kind of employee the government hopes will stay in the saddle.

11. employees feel increasingly beleaguered and burnt out.

12. The company declined to say whether other employees were involved in the investigation.

13. The majority of people who work for an organization may still be employees of the organization.

14. Famous couple stop former employee talking about their lives and family.

15. He has also written to business leaders after some firms banned employees from wearing poppies with pins.

16. Most employees should return to their former jobs.

17. Another specialist recommends that employers follow up on returning employees.

18. And so ensuring that all employees feel included and encouraged to be themselves is paramount.

19. The bank is still vulnerable to civil litigation and potential criminal cases brought against current and former employees.

20. This time round we have been seeing a genuine collaboration between businesses and their employees in finding alternatives to redundancy.

21. You must carry out a risk assessment on the employee's work.

22. Secondly, we need to be encouraging more small businesses to hire employees by cutting red tape.

23. They target mainly defence industry executives and government employees, the report said.

24. While this is more difficult if you are an employee, some firms will defer payments.

25. employees praise the business as a positive, nurturing environment.

26. You say the employee is a good worker, so in the end you may need to draw a balance.

27. Human resource planners are concerned with trends of employees leaving the organization, sometimes called wastage or turnover; but also with trends of internal employee movements.

28. Up to four years ago, Wrigleys, a paternalistic company who does not use the term employees instead associates, paid 100\% of health insurance costs.

29. If you are an employer, and you find out that one of your employees is a stalking victim by someone with violent propensities, do you have a duty to fire the stalking victim?

30. What we've felt would be the best for our employees is a Health Savings Plan and seeking doctors who accept "cash" payments.

31. The sudden closing of Redirack, a manufacturer in light steel, last Saturday, without any warning to their employees is a clear indication that indeed unions have not outlived their usefulness.

32. The relationship between the Canadian National Railways management and the employees is another major responsibility of my job.

33. Biden said during an outsourcing speech in New Hampshire, employing the accent while imitating what he referred to as employees of "call centers rushed overseas."

34. She prefers lice-removal technician, which is what she calls her employees who pick out nits the pinhead-size white eggs that lice lay twice a day, four to five at a time and the critters that hatch from them at Gordon's LKY Salon - Lice Knowing You, natch - near Seattle.

35. (I thing that's what he calls his employees, correct?) 15 posted on 09/24/2009 10: 26: 07 PM PDT

36. the employees went on strike demanding better wages

Other users have misspelling employees as:

1. employess 14.79%

2. emplyees 5.57%

3. empolyees 3.43%

4. enployees 3.22%

5. employyes 2.47%

6. emploees 2.47%

7. emplois 2.14%

8. Other 65.91%

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