Definition of 'scenery'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. View, natural features, landscape.

2. Stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene.

3. A view or views of natural features, especially in open country.

4. Backdrops, hangings, furnishings, and other accessories on a stage that represent the location of a scene.

5. Sum of scenes or views; general aspect, as regards variety and beauty or the reverse, in a landscape; combination of natural views, as woods, hills, etc.

6. Assemblage of scenes; the paintings and hangings representing the scenes of a play; the disposition and arrangement of the scenes in which the action of a play, poem, etc., is laid; representation of place of action or occurence.

7. the appearance of a place

8. the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale

9. The representation of the place in which an action is performed; the painted slides, hangings, and other devices used on a stage to represent the place in which the action of a play is supposed to take place. See scene, n., 4.

10. The general appearance of a place, regarded from a picturesque or pictorial point of view; the aggregate of features or objects that give character to a landscape.

11. The disposition and succession of the scenes of a play.


1. It is about the joy of fresh air and beautiful scenery.

2. The scenery is breathtaking and the brilliant score adds to the beauty of the film.

3. The village is surrounded by scenery of outstanding natural beauty.

4. Head for the hills for a breath of air in spectacular scenery before the peak season begins.

5. My journey south would take me through the best scenery this country had to offer.

6. We got to see some different scenery.

7. Key to his plans was a change of scenery.

8. The scenery of the island features prominently as hospital staff get out and about to visit patients.

9. Video projections are being deployed instead of physical scenery on stage.

10. Delicious grub and beautiful scenery make for perfect viewing as the dark nights are drawing in.

11. But the breathtaking scenery should more than make up for the blisters.

12. The wardrobe is one of the few pieces of scenery to be seen.

13. And the whole trip is through majestic island scenery.

14. The landscape and scenery are phenomenal.

15. The scenery is very good, and the mechanism of the stage deserves praise.

16. But there is wonder and awe to be had in some of the natural scenery, too.

17. It's a change of scenery and about togetherness and being a tight unit.

18. The weather in Kent was good, the scenery beautiful and it was a joy to walk through wild flower meadows and ancient woodland.

19. Now then, I think that a change in scenery is necessary.

20. My brother lives there and the scenery is awesome.

21. ‘It was a very long day, but we passed through some of the country's most beautiful scenery and landscapes.’

22. ‘The last is the best of the three in terms of skiing and scenery.’

23. ‘Tourists flock there most of the year to savour its picturesque position among magnificent scenery.’

24. ‘At the end of the train was an open caboose where we were able to view the mountain scenery more clearly.’

25. ‘One of the best parts of the meal is enjoying it outside on the balcony, with a view of the mountain scenery.’

26. ‘From Cerdanya, it is an hour-long drive through glorious mountain scenery to Ribes de Freser.’

27. ‘Following many old mountain tracks the walk will take in some brilliant scenery.’

28. ‘The primary concern in his pictures is not with scenery but with the bone-aching toil of the agrarian poor.’

29. ‘For a couple of silent minutes, he watched the picturesque scenery flash before him.’

30. ‘The route chosen includes some of the most impressive cliff scenery and seascapes in the country.’

31. ‘It is a place of wild beauty, a new vista of delightful scenery unfolding at almost every turn of the road.’

32. ‘This addition to the lake will add much to the area and will attract more people to view its lovely scenery.’

33. ‘Like me, many of the hotel guests simply wanted to unwind, chill out and view the glorious changing scenery.’

34. ‘In any case, we are soon captivated by the beauty of the coastal scenery.’

35. ‘It boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoilt scenery in the country.’

36. ‘The scenery on the plateau changes to panoramic views of enormous valleys and lofty mountains.’

37. ‘There's no denying the beauty and charm of a nation famed for its scenery, culture and food.’

38. ‘The trek took us through breathtaking mountain scenery along ancient trails, streams, brooks, and rivers.’

39. ‘Roaring fires, home-cooked food and breathtaking scenery are only part of a romantic weekend getaway.’

40. ‘She told the driver the address and found herself start to cry as all the familiar scenery surrounded her.’

41. ‘The music was recorded, and the dances were given in costume but without scenery.’

42. ‘It looked lovely on television but up-close it was just so much gauze and stage scenery.’

43. ‘There may also have been some influence from painted scenery used in the theatre.’

44. ‘As an artist, Dunn is very involved in the sculpting of the visual scenery of the stage.’

45. ‘At the south-west end of the studio floor is the concrete scene dock for storing scenery and properties.’

46. ‘Tosca gives the audience a rapturous evening of gorgeous music and fantastic scenery.’

47. ‘Shakespeare's magical comedy will be played out against a simple backdrop of parkland scenery, he said.’

48. ‘The graphics are a little disappointing, and the backdrops and general scenery are quite poor.’

49. ‘The story is told by Shankar himself, against a bewitching backdrop of Indian scenery.’

50. ‘It now has top of the range scenery and costumes with a cast that is huge for an amateur group.’

51. ‘He writes, directs, photographs, edits and probably paints the scenery and makes the chow as well.’

52. ‘A period drama using wide screen scenery is not likely to be too effective on the web.’

53. ‘Underneath the stage, there is a workshop for making scenery and a home for all the props.’

54. ‘Theatre and opera were bounded by the physical limitations of scenery and props.’

55. ‘Among the innovations of the period were movable scenery and the use of actresses.’

56. ‘All this is presented against Baroque scenery, with the musicians dressed in rich period costumes.’

57. ‘His scenery is the most evocative of any filmic account of the Holocaust, convincing beyond criticism.’

58. ‘The use of props and scenery is very inventive, there are nice little touches and stunning visual effects.’

59. ‘That rock 'n' roll scenery may be familiar, but its not often it's rendered as beautifully as this.’

60. ‘From what I saw, it was difficult to get a feel for the final vision of the production in terms of costumes and scenery.’

61. they worked all night painting the scenery

Other users have misspelling scenery as:

1. senery 13.54%

2. scenary 10.42%

3. seceneary 3.13%

4. sernery 3.13%

5. Other 69.78%

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