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1. psychology, Freudian the most central part of the mind, which mediates with one's surroundings

2. the self, especially with a sense of self-importance

3. The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.

4. In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality.

5. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.

6. Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.

7. (Psychoanalysis) that one of the three parts of a person's psychic apparatus that mediates consciously between the drives of the id and the realities of the external physical and social environment, by integrating perceptions of the external world and organizing the reactions to it. Contrasted with the id and superego.

8. self-esteem.

9. egotism.

10. The conscious and permanent subject of all psychical experiences, whether held to be directly known or the product of reflective thought; the subject consciously considered as “I” by a person; -- opposed to non-ego.

11. (psychoanalysis) the conscious mind

12. your consciousness of your own identity

13. The “I”; that which feels, acts, and thinks; any person's “self,” considered as essentially the same in all persons. This use of the word was introduced by Descartes, and has long been current in general literature.


1. He really only wants to satisfy his massive ego.

2. There needs to be no big egos.

3. Your ego is larger than your intellect.

4. You are having a bit of an ego trip.

5. Who has the biggest ego out of the dancers?

6. But new safety measures will ensure bruised egos are the worst injuries the stars will suffer!

7. His business cards play on this alter ego.

8. Or does my ego need larger pastures in which to graze?

9. We all know he has a massive ego.

10. Their sense of ego is now intertwined with the student.

11. You must put your ego to one side.

12. Voices is about people playing mind games and who go on ego trips.

13. There were no big egos in our side.

14. Large egos were encouraged by management under the premise that the best would rise to the top.

15. Six months is too long for two massive egos like these not to collide.

16. This apparent lack of ego is one of his finer points.

17. Perhaps flirting boosts your ego and allows you to feel in control of the game.

18. This supposedly altruistic venture has taken the look of an ego trip.

19. The city was at the forefront of new movements and big egos.

20. My ego is bruised right now!

21. It is time to focus not on the vanity and egos of individuals but the good of the club as a whole.

22. This is art history's id defeating its ego.

23. As the ego and its sense of inadequacy retreats, we can find lasting happiness there.

24. Her critics say she is both ego and id, unrestrained.

25. You are nursing a bruised ego but it's a shame to throw away a good marriage.

26. My alter ego was born.

27. Team sports tend to require, but in vastly differing degrees, some element of individual ego.

28. ‘If I do get all of that done and sorted out properly my meetings tend to go very well, and that's a big big boost to my ego.’

29. ‘Your natural reactions to circumstances encourage success and the healthy growth of your ego and self-esteem.’

30. ‘It is very flattering and a big boost to the ego to receive compliments from someone like Stacey Jones.’

31. ‘She has called to ask me out to dinner: big boost to my male ego.’

32. ‘If a teacher starts in on a child about religion or other such things or starts to shun a child, it is very damaging to the ego and to the self esteem.’

33. ‘After having dominated a sport for some time, that would have been a huge knock to her ego, to her self-esteem as a player and a person.’

34. ‘This completely shattered my pride and punctured my ego and self-respect.’

35. ‘And I've heard whispers that another girl I work with has her eyes on me, which is helping to boost my ego a little…’

36. ‘It's no surprise he can't cope with sudden huge wealth, press intrusion and hoards of ‘yes men’ boosting his ego.’

37. ‘Some weeks, your ego gets a little boost when someone sends you an e-mail about something you wrote or approaches you in person.’

38. ‘My ego is nicely boosted now, more so because I didn't expect it to happen.’

39. ‘Being in a relationship is a boost to the ego, and being dumped is devastating to it - at least if you're me.’

40. ‘But shhh, you have to pretend otherwise, or you'll bruise their fragile egos.’

41. ‘A couple of bruised male egos later I and about 11 other guys made the team.’

42. ‘He argues that the male ego is increasingly fragile, with sexual performance at the root of it.’

43. ‘And if others notice you, it might polish your bruised ego a little.’

44. ‘You can no longer rely on his ineptitude to prop up your fragile ego.’

45. ‘A car, psychologists tell us, is an extension of man's ego.’

46. ‘I mean, that's got to hurt a guy's ego.’

47. ‘Jung also found that in practice both anima and animus act in dreams and in the imagination as mediators of the unconscious to the ego, so providing a means for inner as well as outer adaptation.’

48. ‘The effects of a shift in identity from the ego to the inner self are dramatic and remarkable.’

49. ‘Letting go of the ego, the persona, the rational mind is a central experience in mystical traditions.’

50. ‘So what if perception is warped by our egos and reality is warped by perception?’

51. ‘It talked about relaxing the grip of your ego and emptying your mind.’

52. ‘In this being the empirical ego has its origin, and through ethical conduct it returns to its source.’

53. ‘According to Heidegger, a tendency to suicide is the ontological essence of human ego.’

54. ‘This diacritically marked subject experiences splitting of the ego.’

55. ‘Indeed in the citation above Mulvey characterizes the formation of the ego as a kind of ‘phantasmization’ of the subject.’

56. ‘The subject is not referable to questions of the ego, to notions of the self.’

57. he has a huge ego and thinks only of himself

Other users have misspelling ego as:

1. igo 7.49%

2. ijoo 6.71%

3. igu 4.06%

4. ega 2.65%

5. Other 79.09%

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