Definition of 'buffet'


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1. A counter or sideboard from which food and drinks are served or may be bought.

2. Food laid out in this way, to which diners serve themselves.

3. A low stool; a hassock.

4. A blow or cuff with or as if with the hand, or by any other solid object or the wind.

5. A small stool; a stool for a buffet or counter.

6. A meal set out on a buffet[2], arranged so that guests may serve themselves and choose those items that they desire. Diners usually take a plate provided and move in a line past the items on the buffet[2], placing those items they desire on the plate, to be eaten at some convenient place.

7. A counter for food or refreshments.

8. A blow from any source, or that which affects like a blow, as the violence of winds or waves; a stroke; an adverse action; an affliction; a trial; adversity.

9. A blow with the hand; a slap on the face; a cuff.

10. A cupboard or set of shelves, either movable or fixed at one side of a room, for the display of plate, china, etc., a sideboard.

11. A restaurant containing such a counter, as at a railroad station, or place of public gathering.

12. a meal set out on a buffet at which guests help themselves

13. That part of the cabinet-work of an organ which incloses the pipes.

14. The space set apart for refreshments in public places.

15. A blast of wind.

16. A cupboard, sideboard, or closet, designed to hold china, crystal, plate, and other like articles.

17. A blow with the fist; a box; a cuff; a slap; hence, hard usage of any kind suggestive of blows; a violent shock or concussion: as, “fortune's buffets,”

18. Same as buffet-stool. Wright, Prov. Dict.

19. transitive To strike or blow with a buffet or buffets.

20. strike, beat repeatedly

21. To strike with the hand or fist; box; beat.

22. To exercise at boxing; box; contend with blows of the fists; hence, to force one's way by buffeting.

23. To beat in contention; contend against as if with blows: as, to buffet the billows.

24. To make one's way by blows or struggling.

25. To exercise or play at boxing; to strike; to smite; to strive; to contend.

26. To deaden the sound of (bells) by muffling the clapper.

27. To strike with the hand or fist; to box; to beat; to cuff; to slap.

28. To affect as with blows; to strike repeatedly; to strive with or contend against.


1. Nato is being buffeted by destabilising forces from within and without.

2. We sat down and were at once buffeted with food and drink.

3. The country is buffeted by oligarchs and their nets of businesses.

4. Three vegetarian buffet meals a day are included.

5. We met in a crowded and very noisy room at a buffet lunch.

6. Once he bought us both a bacon sandwich in the buffet car.

7. The buffet table at this grand old hotel groans under the weight of local specialities.

8. And there were days when there was no food in the buffet car.

9. Many people are in acute difficulty who have worked hard yet find themselves buffeted by financial forces outside their control.

10. Bet the buffet car was busy.

11. In the hotel buffet, a woman sat with a hairy chin propped in her palm.

12. The 24-hour all you can eat buffet offered comedians almost as much scope as the passengers.

13. In one you hit something hard, as a boat is buffeted at sea.

14. The restaurant serves three buffet meals a day and you can go all-inclusive.

15. Lunch was a buffet affair, with players coming and going.

16. I followed the lights to the buffet carriage.

17. And how poignant to reflect on Bell enduring a complex and messy time at the hotel buffet these past weeks.

18. The buffet is now open!

19. Arthur Ashe Stadium is deluged by rain and buffeted by gale force winds.

20. Yet if you're not like that, you just get buffeted around.

21. Lunch from the on-board snack bar (I'm not sure it's quite worthy of the term buffet) was quite a decent ham, cheese and salad sandwich for me, and sausage rolls for the kids, as we watched the countryside pass by.

22. Between the hours of 11: 00 and 4: 30, the buffet is the only meal served in the restaurants.

23. One of the cool things about the buffet is they put a few sweets out for you to enjoy as part of the $10.95 all you can eat.

24. Dine-in and delivery of the lunch buffet is $6.95.

25. Next door the veggie buffet is super and I like the internet place right there.

26. ‘Local residents enjoyed a champagne reception on arrival, a lavish buffet of hot and cold dishes all served with live piano music.’

27. ‘This buffet meal of cold and hot hors d' oeuvres often includes various forms of herring, meats, cheeses, and vegetables.’

28. ‘Adding to the authenticity of the occasion will be a buffet dinner to serve as the wedding reception.’

29. ‘If you bring your children, let them participate in an egg hunt in the hotel garden while you enjoy your buffet.’

30. ‘The restaurant had many Afghan, Indian and local dishes in their buffet range.’

31. ‘This country style sideboard gives you just the space you need space to store extra dishes, plates and platters, plus room to layout a sumptuous buffet.’

32. ‘Tickets cost 20 Euro and the buffet will be served at 9.30 sharp.’

33. ‘A buffet supper will be served and full bar facilities will be available.’

34. ‘The evening buffet features the particular dishes from the selected province, plus fare from other areas.’

35. ‘Following the concert, guests moved into the dining room for a bountiful buffet of superb Norwegian specialties.’

36. ‘All students, parents and guests enjoyed a buffet in the School Library to finish off the evening's celebrations.’

37. ‘It was artistic and effective, and the more than 900 guests enjoyed the bountiful buffets of superb food set up everywhere.’

38. ‘At the end of your round a buffet lunch will be served in the club's temporary clubhouse.’

39. ‘Guests were treated to a buffet style lunch to sample some of the cuisine with efficient and friendly service to match.’

40. ‘Guests were treated to a magnificent buffet lunch, most lavishly set up in a huge white air-conditioned tent.’

41. ‘That is always assuming that they can fit it all in after having been served up a full buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and home-made cakes and canapés.’

42. ‘The Prime Minister and his wife were also taken on conducted tour of the hall, and a buffet lunch was served for the guests.’

43. ‘The best meal of the day was, without doubt, breakfast, which is served as a buffet, but is essentially a feast of 20 or so heaving tables offering more dishes than anyone could sample in a week.’

44. ‘We didn't have the typical wedding with bridesmaids, 200 guests and a mile-long buffet with an ice sculpture.’

45. ‘After the show, guests enjoyed the buffet of Egyptian food which always tastes as good as it looks.’

46. ‘There's no dining car, which adds a bit of adventure - you have to judge your stops and make dashes for the station buffet.’

47. ‘He's an average man - not too bright, not over-ambitious - but is delighted to have a beautiful wife, May, who runs the station buffet.’

48. ‘The buffet on the station was icy cold, with a failed heating system.’

49. ‘It tasted as if it had sat on a railway-station buffet for weeks.’

50. ‘The railway has six superbly restored gas-lit stations, a fleet of steam locomotives and historic carriages, a Museum of Rail Travel at Ingrow, buffets at Keighley and Oxenhope - and even a CAMRA real ale bar on many trains.’

51. ‘Now the steam train's award-winning buffet car, which boasts a host of real ales including York Brewery's masterful Stonewall, is to run every day during the summer.’

52. ‘After queueing for 27 minutes in a line of just 10 people it soon became obvious the concept of speed was pretty alien to the woman in the buffet car, too.’

53. ‘There will be a buffet car and a licensed bar on board.’

54. ‘All the toilets but two were either blocked, or had broken locks on the doors, and the buffet car was smoky and unpleasant.’

55. ‘Red Kangaroo Service also includes a diner, buffet car and lounge.’

56. ‘The buffet car will be out this weekend when 100 special guests will arrive to celebrate the opening of the Bahamas Museum, at Ingrow - a museum featuring Bahamas-type railstock.’

57. ‘The appellant had worked in a buffet car on the railways, as a waitress in a restaurant on South Molle Island, in a nightclub for two periods, and at a tavern as a function manager at the Gold Coast.’

58. ‘The others are a Pulman buffet car which dates from the 1930s and an art deco Railcar from 1935 one of 28 built.’

59. ‘Ten days later the fires had burned out and I shared a railway buffet car with dozens of Cree and Swampy Cree travelling north from Thomson to Hudson Bay.’

60. ‘Such a huge number of passengers and not a single buffet car or a usable bathroom on the whole train.’

61. ‘The famous award-winning real ale buffet car is also available on the train.’

62. ‘The TGV also passes that all-important coffee test - it glides along the tracks so smoothly that there's no danger of you spilling a single drop as you wander back from the buffet car cradling your latest steaming liquid caffeine fix.’

63. ‘The Duke of York emerges from a restored buffet car at Leeming Bar station on the Wensleydale Railway to be met by schoolchildren.’

64. ‘All ten trains will be fitted with a new buffet car and kitchen, the coaches will be re-carpeted and all seats refurbished and finished in scratch-resistant coatings.’

65. ‘Despite a broken collarbone and foot, she freed herself from debris and cared for passengers, first in the buffet car and then outside the train.’

66. ‘There will be a buffet car, a chilled wine trolley and a bar serving real ale from the Riverhead Brewery at Marsden, near Huddersfield.’

67. ‘The trains on Saturday included a third-class carriage and a 1937 buffet car, which was the first to be restored to its original condition.’

68. ‘Also, the award-winning buffet car on the train will be serving hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and real ales.’

69. ‘The publisher had sent us first class tickets, but there was no first class compartment nor indeed a buffet because of some mysterious problem.’

70. ‘The spokesman said the redesign would give passengers two inches of extra leg room and more comfortable seats while buffets and new toilet compartments would be among other improvements.’

71. ‘We rope the house to trees along the shore to prevent it from drifting away when we are buffeted by strong winds during the area's frequent tempests.’

72. ‘The international order is like a mighty river and our region is but a small boat buffeted by angry waves.’

73. ‘The world has been buffeted by waves of terror that have traumatised Eastern as well as Western societies.’

74. ‘If the pound's mid-Atlantic pattern continues - being buffeted by waves from Europe and North America but not moving much - there will be little to worry about.’

75. ‘The two figures stumbled across the dunes, buffeted by the wind and sand.’

76. ‘The frail craft, though buffeted by violent winds and sudden air pockets, stayed aloft.’

77. ‘Amazingly you don't get buffeted by the wind even when you drive fast.’

78. ‘He wants to learn how the peregrine does it, how a bird can fly hundreds of miles a day, feeding sporadically and buffeted by uncooperative winds.’

79. ‘Fifty years ago on October 26 black clouds swirled over the mouth of the Firth of Tay as the east coast of Scotland was buffeted by fierce winds.’

80. ‘Strong gusts of wind buffeted the Messerschmitt and the captain missed his target.’

81. ‘But it would take a powerful insect, or a very brave bird, to pollinate the plants that cling to exposed slopes, consistently buffeted by thirty-mile-an-hour winds.’

82. ‘I walked from the valley below to both of the fog-free summits, buffeted by ocean winds.’

83. ‘We were expecting to step outside at the end of the evening and be buffeted by high winds and soaked by torrential rain.’

84. ‘In winter the island is buffeted by arctic winds, and in early summer the north coast is battered by icebergs floating down from Greenland.’

85. ‘Storm whips up from the Antarctic and joggers pound along a waterfront buffeted by wind.’

86. ‘It was so dark they could not see each other as their tree was buffeted by strong winds caused by Cyclone Debbie.’

87. ‘Veterans from across the United States returned to find Bastogne covered in snow and buffeted by biting winds - just as it was during that bitterly cold December of 1944.’

88. ‘It's beautiful in summer, he says, but not quite so today, the back of the house buffeted by howling winds and Biblical rains coming in across the river.’

89. ‘The ferry was traveling from Puerto Galera to Batangas City on Luzon Island when it was buffeted by large waves and strong winds around 7 a.m.’

90. ‘As you might expect, the path is exposed to the elements; sometimes it is blessed by sun and clear skies while the rest of the peninsula is in rain, and at other times it is buffeted by strong winds and rain coming in from the sea.’

91. ‘Debris pelted down from the rolled edges of the fireball like meteors, buffeting those who had been lucky enough to avoid the initial explosion, slamming them to the ground.’

92. ‘But she was again buffeted away, as helpless as a dandelion seed.’

93. ‘Jumped on the 8:36 to Cannon Street, got buffeted and barged by all the commuters and knocked off balance by the big backpack on me.’

94. ‘The sidewalk is narrow and the pedestrian is buffeted on one side by traffic, on the other by the proximity of the plunge and the meagre hip-height railing.’

95. ‘When the ball did reach him, he was constantly buffeted by the Faroes' burly rearguard and struggled to make it stick.’

96. ‘Tears were ripped from her eyes as she was buffeted by the blast.’

97. ‘In the winter of 1972 while staying in the Circuit House at Saharsa I happened to see the then Chief Minister being buffeted and abused by an angry crowd of legislators and politicians.’

98. ‘The Seminole shook as she was buffeted by the two explosions and alarms announced more hull breaches and damage.’

99. ‘White feathered wings buffeted him aside, the silver-white dragon looking down on him with a slightly distant expression.’

100. ‘He took plenty of hard knocks and got up to give plenty of hard knocks, took a good pack mark, buffeted Richardson out of position in marking duels, punched the ball clear and is a stylish left foot kick.’

101. ‘Noise pollution is insidious says actor Randy Hughson, who brings his portrayal of Doyle, a man buffeted by incessant noise, to the Magnetic North Festival.’

102. ‘Or they were tormented souls, buffeted by external dilemmas and prior vulnerabilities.’

103. ‘There's something about her on-screen bearing that invites tragedy, her characters are relentlessly buffeted by ill-fortune.’

104. ‘But didn't Greene really mean this thriller/romance to be yet another of his expositions on the emotional frailty of men buffeted by love and betrayal?’

105. ‘An immigrant buffeted by war and with little formal education, he learnt his trade as an intern before marching out on his own as a photojournalist.’

106. ‘Brazil has also been buffeted by the huge social and economic crisis in neighbouring Argentina - a crisis that led to last December's uprising there.’

107. ‘Perhaps bond yields are signaling an economic slowdown, but it appears more like they are being buffeted by financial instability.’

108. ‘In September 1897, buffeted by personal and professional difficulties, as well as conflicts with leading German feminists, she entered a mental hospital.’

109. ‘Without firm, deep foundations, faith is likely to topple over whenever it is challenged by the difficulties that life buffets us with.’

110. ‘The understudies start by reading from books, but by the magic of theatre these are soon dropped, and the play takes over, its passage buffeted by the mayhem going on all around it.’

111. ‘The garbage situation reflects the never-ending mess that buffets the country's two-and-a-half year administration.’

112. ‘Over the last few weeks, Gilbert has been buffeted from all sides by furious investors, politicians, analysts, the media, other fund managers and industry regulators.’

113. ‘Wherever we might go, many of the forces buffeting people's lives are similar.’

114. ‘Their personal relationship is buffeted by the external and public events of the play - identity, community, multiculturalism and the hold of a community over its members.’

115. ‘Between the two, we are buffeted by profit, partisanship and passions.’

116. ‘Soothly, as he followed after me, I had a mind to turn about and deal him a buffet on the face, to see if I could but draw one angry word from him.’

117. ‘Edgar struck him a buffet on the face which sent him reeling backwards.’

118. ‘But this blow was but a buffet with the hand, compared with the thunderbolt that fate was preparing to launch against my bosom.’

119. ‘What is even more violent is that in order to escape further pain and buffets, Cheryl found herself clinging for salvation in this instant to the very same social yardstick used to measure her a non-person.’

120. ‘Why count the possible buffets and ignore the rewards of fortune?’

121. ‘To experience the enervating, exasperating and humbling feeling that comes from trying to plumb the depths of this most amazing subject we call mathematics, is to transcend the limits of human capability and fortify oneself against the buffets of life.’

122. ‘As an old fighter-pilot, I don't like buffet because sometimes it signals a pre-stall condition.’

123. ‘All of a sudden, I sensed the uneasy feeling of the aircraft going into stall buffet.’

124. ‘This unit had to be carefully installed to ensure a tight fit, but it also virtually eliminated the tail buffet.’

125. ‘Even at a high rate of plummet there is very good control at 150 kph accompanied by a lot of wind around the windscreen and a lot of air-frame buffet.’

126. ‘Stalls are typical and predictable with power on or off and sufficient warning buffet to prevent surprises.’

127. We enjoyed the buffet

Other users have misspelling buffet as:

1. bufete 15.69%

2. buffey 2.94%

3. bouffet 2.94%

4. buft 2.94%

5. Other 75.49%

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