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1. Obsolete spelling of bee.

2. sports The position of a person or team in a tournament or competition who draws no opponent in a particular round so advances to the next round unopposed, or is awarded points for a win in a league table; also the phantom opponent of such a person or team.

3. obsolete A dwelling.

4. cricket An extra scored when the batsmen take runs after the ball has passed the striker without hitting either the bat or the batsman.

5. Sports The position of one who draws no opponent for a round in a tournament and so advances to the next round.

6. A secondary matter; a side issue.

7. (Cricket) A run made upon a missed ball.

8. A dwelling.

9. Obs. except in the phrase by the bye. A thing not directly aimed at; something which is a secondary object of regard; an object by the way, etc.; as in on or upon the bye, i. e., in passing; indirectly; by implication.

10. In various sports in which the contestants are drawn in pairs, the position or turn of one left with no opponent in consequence of an odd number being engaged.

11. In certain games, a station or place of an individual player.

12. (Golf) The hole or holes of a stipulated course remaining unplayed at the end of a match.

13. in passing; by way of digression; apropos to the matter in hand.

14. you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent

15. Seeby.

16. See by.

17. An obsolete spelling of buy.

18. Obsolete spelling of by.

19. colloquial Goodbye.

20. (bye/by) By the way; incidentally.


1. She was given a bye last week as she was too ill to perform.

2. The top two in each get a bye to the second round.

3. He will play one friendly to say bye bye.

4. She has been given a bye through to next week.

5. The fastest man in the world gets a bye from the preliminary round this morning.

6. So they invented a leg bye.

7. Britain gets a bye into the final because it is one of five countries that gives most cash to organise the contest.

8. Good bye, we are not going to do anything.

9. Will Mum come back to say bye?

10. Let's next time say bye at the door.

11. bye Say goodbye to designer shoes and handbags.

12. A leg bye is duly scampered.

13. I won't get to say bye to my parents.

14. If Pakistan ran a leg bye, the other half of the crowd roared.

15. Good bye for now.

16. ♫♫ Let the circle be unbroken, by & by Lord, bye& bye ♫♫

17. In Marshallese, the language of Bikini Atoll, hello and bye alike are conveyed in the word kwe, which also means love.i In English, the expression bye was once similarly fulsome: God be with you.

18. During the first hour I felt pain, but during the rest of the evening pride kindly came to my assistance and from that moment instead of feeling myself little, I grew to a most noble and patagonian [3] nature, from which I could scarcely reduce myself for many days after; and which enabled me at the moment to turn a deaf ear to the contended merits of Demosthenes and Cicero, the Borhavians in medicine, and the &c &c &c &c — and to set and compose verses 'to my Old Oak table', which by the bye is a far better companion to me, as I will make appear, than Dr. A and his son put together.

19. February 11th, 2010 at 6: 42 pm tombaker says: mr. bye bye is ruled by fear. what a shame.

20. An acceptance to an anthology and a personal good-bye from a person who moved away instead of just an invite to the going away party.

21. One was essentially an obituary, a fond and sympathetic good-bye from a fellow writer who admired his talent and thought of him as a friend.

22. Saying good bye is really really really really really really hard but its a little bit easier the more hugs you give and if you know you will see them again … Soon Durnit!

23. • Maybe a playoff bye is like key lime pie: looks great, but not necessarily good for you.

24. ‘All 16 seeded players received byes into the second round.’

25. ‘Where's the justice in eliminating more non-league teams in the qualifying rounds than is necessary, only for league clubs to be given byes in the first round proper of the competition?’

26. ‘Again, there would be a two-day playoff, but without byes.’

27. ‘But nothing says that only one team must skip the first round - you could also give 3 byes in the first round, which will leave you with 13 teams in the second round, or 5 byes or any other odd number.’

28. ‘If the Scots do not win the regular season championship, finishing second is critical, as the top two seeds receive first round byes and semi-final home games.’

29. ‘And as usual, the main ‘race’ threw up a few appetisers, although the holders were one of the four first round byes.’

30. ‘All four teams have fresh legs, thanks to first-round byes followed by the pleasure of playing divisional playoff games at home.’

31. ‘The addition of two wild cards in each league would give the top two finishers first-round byes but make the tournament unwieldy.’

32. ‘As usual, the four teams who had byes played in the conference title games last year.’

33. ‘If a knock-out solution takes effect, nine teams would get byes through to the second round, where they would meet the winners of seven drawn ties to create a last 16.’

34. ‘Taking the money into account - as well as the prospect of eliminating byes altogether - a proposal to eventually put 16 teams into the playoffs is probably on the horizon.’

35. ‘If the league is going to add one team per conference, it might as well add two teams per conference and eliminate first-round byes altogether.’

36. ‘If the league had 16 playoff teams, byes would be eliminated, and that is very appealing to a cross-section of owners who believe byes give teams unfair advantages.’

37. ‘In my mind, the road team with the best chance to win is Green Bay, but historically, the week of rest has been a major advantage for teams with byes.’

38. ‘Some argue it would take away the huge advantage the top four seeds have from byes and home-field advantage.’

39. ‘Nevertheless, each rebounded to win their division and secure first-round byes.’

40. ‘In the absence of leading seeds with first-round byes, lesser contenders took center stage on opening day.’

41. ‘The top six teams in the field were given byes into the quarter-finals while the bottom four teams must play seeding matches to move on.’

42. ‘The increase to 16 means the end of first-round byes.’

43. ‘With that, college hockey was finally rid of its 12-team format, which awarded byes to the top four teams and a tremendous advantage.’

44. ‘Cricket, with its googlies, boseys, chinamen, silly legs, byes, sundries - the whole argot - was incomprehensible without deep explanation.’

45. ‘Some balls bounced three times before getting to the batsman; others went clean over the wicketkeeper for four byes.’

46. ‘His first ball was a no-ball, his second a full-toss, and his third ripped out of the rough for two byes.’

47. ‘Clark made two stumpings and did not concede many byes, so he may have had a slight grievance.’

48. ‘Jones had earlier had a disastrous morning, as he conceded 13 byes before he got down low enough to take the winning catch.’

49. ‘I have decided that I have run out of adjectives or maybe never had any in the first place so bye for now.’

50. ‘Well, my mom's calling me because we're going to the hospital to visit my grandma, so bye for now, and pray I don't upset her.’

51. ‘But anyway, you've probably got better things to do than listen to me rant, so bye for now.’

52. ‘That's all the screen time I'm allowed, okay, bye!’

53. ‘When I send email, I always wish it on its way with the little phrase, ‘Wheee, bye!’’

54. ‘Yeah… it's kind of late, I'm just going to go to bed now, please don't tell my parents, bye!’

55. ‘Jerry just kinda stood there, and said, ‘Yeah… well, glad to see everything's good, bye!’’

56. ‘She flew up the stairs and stopped at the door, ‘Nice to meet - thanks for - have a nice evening, bye!’’

57. ‘She smacked my shoulder and I smiled, turned, grabbed my bag and said, ‘Well I gotta be off, bye!’’

58. ‘I've just finished recording it in America and can't wait for you to hear it - it won't be long now… bye!’

59. ‘Dad, you have to be safe, but come back home and have a good time and I'll be taking care of mom and the and I just want to say bye.’

60. ‘You just say excuse me, president business, gotta run, bye.’

61. ‘But, well, I've just finished my exams, so I wanted to say hi, and, well bye.’

62. ‘After he said bye, the news lady and I just absolutely lost it.’

63. ‘He came to spend the weekend with us and we had a nice time; lots of drinks and dinosaurs (of the model variety) and a chance to say bye.’

64. ‘The people I did get on with have all phoned to say bye, including my one senior ally who thought I should never have been made to do those dreaded phone calls.’

65. ‘We would leave each other and say, see you later or catch up with you later, but it was never bye.’

66. ‘Your dad left an hour ago but he told me to tell you bye.’

67. ‘‘Yeah, bye, Dan,’ he said as he followed Jenny out the door.’

68. ‘‘Alright, bye,’ Nathaniel's grandson said, then leaving the room.’

69. he had a bye in the first round

Other users have misspelling bye as:

1. bie 10.67%

2. byee 10.11%

3. bya 8.99%

4. byeee 6.74%

5. bouya 4.49%

6. byi 2.25%

7. Other 56.75%

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