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1. A waiting list or other means of organizing people or objects into a first-come-first-served order.

2. A line of waiting people or vehicles.

3. A data structure from which the first item that can be retrieved is the one stored earliest.

4. A sequence of stored data or programs awaiting processing.

5. A long braid of hair worn hanging down the back of the neck; a pigtail.

6. A line of persons waiting anywhere.

7. A tail-like appendage of hair; a pigtail.

8. a line of people or vehicles waiting for something

9. (information processing) an ordered list of tasks to be performed or messages to be transmitted

10. a braid of hair at the back of the head

11. A tail; in heraldry, the tail of a beast.

12. The tail-piece of a violin or similar instrument.

13. A tail or pendent braid of hair; a pigtail: originally part of the wig, but afterward, and toward the close of the eighteenth century, when it was in common use, formed of the hair of the head. See cue,1.

14. Same as cue, 2.

15. In musical notation, the stem or tail of a note.

16. UK To arrange themselves into a physical waiting queue.

17. To fasten the hair into a queue.

18. UK To put oneself or itself at the end of a waiting line.

19. computing To add to a queue data structure.

20. form a queue, form a line, stand in line

21. To place in a sequence.

22. To braid or twist (hair) into a queue.

23. To get in line.

24. To fasten, as hair, in a queue.


1. America must be at the front of that queue.

2. People are queueing to get in from one in the morning.

3. All of a sudden a woman muscled her way to the front of the queue.

4. The chain apologised after the problem led to long queues and angry scenes at checkouts across the country.

5. The pair are said to have joined a car queue then left with takeaways while still in the saddle.

6. This is an opportunity for those that really want the upgrade to get to the front of the queue.

7. There were scenes of chaos as hundreds queued to take buses to other destinations in France.

8. Thousands of people queued to pay tribute at the opera house in Donetsk where his body was displayed.

9. Thousands more will join the dole queues within a year or so.

10. There was chaos at airports as queues formed after the introduction of restrictions on hand luggage.

11. They want to meet the people in the queue.

12. The walkout led to lengthy queues for buses and cramped conditions on vehicles.

13. Why not have food run by a national food service and distributed with rationing by queue?

14. My new friend rushed me to the head of one queue.

15. Do they jump the queue at the job centre?

16. When she reached the front of the queue the doctor spoke a different language.

17. Behind him was a long queue of angry motorists pushing him forwards.

18. Instead they will have to join the long queue of unsecured creditors.

19. Long queues formed again outside many branches.

20. Over the past week people have queued for hours to withdraw cash.

21. Teams are teaching commuters to form queues at bus stops.

22. New research shows millions are deeply resentful because they think new arrivals jump the queue for housing.

23. But if the space on the roads is not priced it will be rationed by queues instead.

24. An electronic voice announced to a queue of one that cashier number three was now free.

25. The line of people queuing to have blood tests snakes out of the waiting room and round the corner.

26. At the head of the queue is a woman carrying a baby in her arms.

27. Next project in the queue is a Harry Potter scarf.

28. Mayende also argues that illegal occupations could not be rewarded by providing access to housing on a preferential basis - which he refers to as queue-jumping.

29. These tickets will be called "Cattle Class", and passengers will be treated the same as existing customers but importantly, will not have the put up with standing in queue with the plebs in the standard "Pleb Class" that already exists.

30. I also had a chance to taste Morten's 2007 Meritage blend which was in queue for the bottling line.

31. And I know I'll be in queue to see it twice. shelton p lindsay

32. ‘Upon the group's return a queue of vehicles had lined up to go across the river.’

33. ‘As queues of people lined up in a typical British orderly fashion, traffic on the North Circular began to build up, with punters travelling from as far as Birmingham to get their hands on a cheap deal.’

34. ‘Vehicles previously stuck in queues past the A2 junction suddenly speed up and try to get the best position as three lanes expand to eight for the toll booths.’

35. ‘The publication of each new volume prompts fevered speculation on the story line and late-night queues of children outside bookshops.’

36. ‘This is the time of year when motorists, going about their lawful business, are likely to find themselves at the back of huge queues of vehicles.’

37. ‘Yet we have already seen long queues of vehicles outside York petrol stations as people wait to fill up the tank.’

38. ‘The queue of asylum-seekers awaiting decisions on their applications is twice as long as previously claimed, it was revealed yesterday.’

39. ‘The young woman, a child clinging to each hand, urged those in the momentous queue lining the River Thames to pay her respects to the late Queen Mother on her behalf.’

40. ‘In its final throes the decaying rock is whittled down into curious rounded shapes standing in a line, like a queue of shrouded figures.’

41. ‘When there are deadlines, we tend to wait until the last moment, after which we line up in endless queues, swearing, as if someone has forced us to wait to the last day.’

42. ‘A team of around 30 health board personnel were on site offering the treatment and there were long queues as people awaited treatment.’

43. ‘No queues of mourners lined the halls to say a final farewell to the man hailed as the workers' hero as his body lay in state at the House of Parliament yesterday.’

44. ‘So every morning people had to line up in a queue for their turn.’

45. ‘They are at present in a long queue awaiting full examination.’

46. ‘Given its location there should be a queue of developers awaiting the chance to purchase this valuable site.’

47. ‘At the American supermarket I learnt that we must join the line, not the queue.’

48. ‘Our first encounter with the festival was the enormous queue of people who lined up to enter.’

49. ‘The long queues outside principals' offices in many township schools made it difficult for the schools to concentrate on teaching as the teachers had to attend to the queues.’

50. ‘At the height of the season all you are likely to see will be the slow moving queue awaiting entrance to the museum.’

51. ‘By the time we reached Roman Road, only half a mile as the crow flies from our starting point, the bus was jam-packed full and sailing past the waiting queues.’

52. ‘A bitmap indicates which queues are not empty, and the individual queues are FIFO lists.’

53. ‘If there are no independent commands in the queue at all, the FPU unit will be idling for 5 clocks.’

54. ‘When packets are dropped this way, a new entry is stored in a special queue of unresolved addresses.’

55. ‘As soon as the BSY bit is cleared, the host can issue another queued command to the drive, allowing a queue of commands to be built in the drive.’

56. ‘Queuing only optimizes command re-ordering if a queue of requests is built up in the drive.’

57. ‘Real-time FIFOs are queues that can be read from and written to by Linux processes.’

58. ‘The scripts, which control the call flow, will queue the call to a list of queues at the same time.’

59. ‘The wait queue is a list of processes blocking on the semaphore.’

60. ‘The Replay queue unloading controller releases the commands for both queues hoping that they will be executed successfully.’

61. ‘As long as you are connected to the Internet, Click-N-Run downloads packages until your queue is empty again.’

62. ‘It simply means the Ethernet driver had free descriptors in its queue and has accepted our data for transmission.’

63. ‘However, from time to time in the short term, the aggregate queues can become congested, as traffic and QoS are shuffled within the network.’

64. ‘Instead, it services the I / O request at the head of the FIFO queue, plus a couple extra for good measure.’

65. ‘To remedy the situation, I wrote a web script which bypasses the email queue and places greetings from Readers directly into my Inbox.’

66. ‘In addition to solving this problem, Linux 2.4 queues will be more robust and scale better to multiple processors.’

67. ‘Once the depth of the queue is reached, the storage of each new address in the queue causes a previously stored address to be output from the queue.’

68. ‘The at and batch commands put jobs into the at queue.’

69. ‘The Call Presentation section in the skillset configuration dialog allows you to specify the order in which calls are serviced in the queue.’

70. ‘One or more application tasks then read messages from the queue to consume the delivered data.’

71. ‘Database logs and indexes are huge I / O bottlenecks, as are mail server queues.’

72. ‘Chinese men were forced to braid their long hair into a queue or ‘pigtail’.’

73. ‘For tonight, he had tied back his hair in a tidy queue, and his eyes seemed especially bright from his sapphire-colored tunic.’

74. ‘His long, shoulder length hair tied in a queue, he walked toward the small stable where his horse was waiting.’

75. ‘His long, braided queue of glossy black hair bobbed lazily back and forth from shoulder to shoulder.’

76. ‘The woman had a hard-nosed look to her, sporting a warrior's queue of green hair.’

77. ‘Now TV stations around the world are queuing up to buy the series.’

78. ‘Academics, meanwhile, have been queuing up to back fiscal autonomy.’

79. ‘We need more skilled craftsmen, and yet there are young people queuing up for apprenticeships who simply cannot get them.’

80. ‘Shoppers in Manchester are queuing up for anti-ageing treatment being offered in pioneer trial by Boots.’

81. ‘It would seem that they are queuing up to buy into the Premiership.’

82. ‘Now residents who once wanted to leave the estate are queuing up to buy their newly-renovated council homes.’

83. ‘And let's not pretend these fans are queuing up to see a classic boxing match.’

84. ‘Pupils of Melksham schools and their parents have been queuing up for extra lessons on Saturday mornings.’

85. ‘At the same time, credit card companies and hire purchase outfits are queuing up to let us spend money we don't have yet.’

86. ‘Prisoners are queuing up to get a place on the course, not least because it means they can spend a whole day with their partner.’

87. ‘He is convinced Esso won't have to wait long before potential recruits are queuing up for an interview.’

88. ‘Sutton residents are queuing up in their hundreds for affordable homes, according to new figures.’

89. ‘Still volunteers are queuing up for hours to help, but unless they have expertise their help is now not needed.’

90. ‘Developers are already queuing up to buy sites, although it is several years before a start can be made here.’

91. ‘Sponsors, so we were assured, would be queuing up for a piece of the action.’

92. ‘Counsellors and trauma experts are queuing up to offer assistance to the Russian town of Beslan.’

93. ‘It will be a venue of legends and the big names are queuing up to appear.’

94. ‘Pupils are now queuing up try out the two sets of safety glasses, more commonly used in science lessons.’

95. ‘Residents of Kendal are queuing up for a glimpse of a giant reticulated python.’

96. ‘Literary agents are queuing up to sign on young writers from such courses, she says.’

97. ‘All write operations are queued to the secondary device, or the journal device, which may be disk or tape.’

98. ‘When data is ready, that thread/dæmon wakes up and queues the received data for use by the consuming application threads or processes.’

99. ‘Once turned on, programs are queued up for commercial scanning after the end of the show.’

100. ‘A key contributor to the stability and the speed of postfix is the intelligent way in which it queues mail.’

101. ‘Once you create the worker thread, you can queue work in a fashion similar to how work is queued with the default worker thread.’

102. ‘Two clicks on Magnatune queues a never-ending selection of our music in the genre of your choice.’

103. ‘This is used when a script which is controlling the call has finished executing and has not yet queued the call for any skillsets.’

104. ‘Once the type of sales function has been determined, the call will be queued to the appropriate skillsets.’

105. ‘The call blocks until events are ready and then returns all available events once any event is queued.’

106. ‘All up, most of the time you'll queue some actions and leave the movement to the AI.’

107. ‘The inability to queue units and the lack of unit formations are inexcusable omissions.’

108. ‘The service routine looks up the protocol type inside the received frame and queues it appropriately for later processing.’

109. ‘LP is telling you that LPD is not running on the local server, which it must connect to in order to queue the request for the remote printer.’

110. ‘When a command is given to the hard drive, the device needs to determine if this command is to be queued or processed right away.’

111. ‘If not, it will be queued in the computer to which the printer is attached.’

112. ‘Bulk uploads that can be submitted will be queued for processing and once this issue has been resolved, will resume flowing through the system.’

113. ‘The chip includes hyperthreading, which allows a processor to queue up one software thread while processing a different one.’

114. ‘Before combat, several actions can be queued for each character, to be carried out when activated.’

115. ‘A print server can rip, store and queue hundreds of megabytes of print jobs without slowing down the network.’

116. we stood in the queue four hours to get the tickets

Other users have misspelling queue as:

1. quie 0.56%

2. quee 0.48%

3. Other 98.96%

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