Definition of 'bicycle'


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1. The best possible hand in lowball.

2. A traveling block used on a cable in skidding logs.

3. A vehicle that has two wheels, one behind the other, a steering handle, and a saddle seat or seats and is usually propelled by the action of a rider’s feet upon pedals.

4. An exercise bicycle.

5. A vehicle consisting of a light frame mounted on two wire-spoked wheels one behind the other and having a seat, handlebars for steering, brakes, and two pedals or a small motor by which it is driven.

6. A light vehicle having two wheels one behind the other. It has a saddle seat and is propelled by the rider's feet acting on cranks or levers.

7. A modification of the two-wheeled velocipede (which see).

8. A traveling block used on a cable in steam-skidding.

9. To travel or exercise using a bicycle.

10. Torideonabicycle.

11. To ride on a bicycle.

12. To ride or travel on a bicycle.


1. Remove the wheel from the bicycle frame.

2. Their ceremony turned out to be on the same day as a bicycle ride through central London.

3. This leather bicycle is the wheel deal - if you have a spare couple of grand.

4. His bicycle wheel mounted on a stool is also here.

5. Most residents use bicycles to get around.

6. You buy a bicycle after great deliberation.

7. We had met on a bicycle ride.

8. The bicycle is one of the most fantastic and beautifully simple inventions of our civilisation.

9. The striker also delivered a spectacular bicycle kick but fired wide.

10. And riding a bicycle with tiny wheels and very narrow handlebars.

11. Does anyone want to buy a bicycle?

12. And maybe talking about bicycles for one minute before going back to business as usual?

13. Combine these in the right way and you can unlock skills like bicycle kicks.

14. My husband is suddenly inspired to buy me a bicycle that he promised to give me two years ago for my birthday.

15. This works rather like a bicycle pump: as the air gets squeezed it warms up.

16. We can all use a bicycle instead, or a bus.

17. Make a nick in the skin at the neck, and insert a bicycle pump.

18. They're going from a bicycle with one wheel to a bicycle with three wheels.

19. They don't encourage people to use bicycles.

20. A team of Chilean inventors has invented a lock formed from the frame of the bicycle.

21. Think about how you learned to walk, ride a bicycle or drive a car, or acquire any other new skill.

22. ‘One difference is that a bus has many wheels whereas a bicycle has only two wheels.’

23. ‘I would be only too pleased to have bicycles passing my front door rather than noisy, speeding vehicles.’

24. ‘An 11 year old boy fell off his bicycle and sustained a handlebar injury to his upper abdomen.’

25. ‘With technology came motor-powered vehicles and cycles and bicycles are being driven off the road.’

26. ‘They'd found two old bicycles behind Ralph's house in fair condition on their second day in Polperro.’

27. ‘As she slid it open there was man dressed in a blue uniform and his bicycle parked behind him.’

28. ‘Often the corner grocer provided this, sending a boy with a huge basket on the front of his bicycle.’

29. ‘It is very difficult to pedal a bicycle in long skirts and petticoats.’

30. ‘The police are now looking for the man who placed the bicycle in front of the hairdressing salon.’

31. ‘The woman walked past the sailing club and onto the disused railway line, where she saw a man on a bicycle in front of her.’

32. ‘He had been to Hammersmith to meet his wife, and in returning wheeled his bicycle across the kerb.’

33. ‘Have a white light on the front of your bicycle and a red light and red reflector at the rear.’

34. ‘She had a shopping basket on the front of the bicycle and seemed to be wearing a blue anorak with a hood.’

35. ‘Their possessions and equipment will be carried on a trailer that can be attached to a bicycle and pulled along as they cycle.’

36. ‘Today, over one billion people in the world use bicycles and the bicycle is the principal means of transportation in many parts of the world.’

37. ‘In their garage are six bicycles and one tricycle but not one car.’

38. ‘A car, which was trying to overtake another vehicle, allegedly collided with their bicycles.’

39. ‘Cyclists are also reminded of the importance of having front and rear lights on bicycles.’

40. ‘At 16, having saved his pocket money, he bought his first bicycle and took up the triathlon.’

41. ‘Friends found her abandoned bicycle lying in the deserted road, its wheels still spinning.’

42. ‘All of these articles have one main point in common; don't let back pain keep you from bicycling.’

43. ‘They are not only functional for bicycling, but for any activity where you are going to work up a sweat.’

44. ‘The best moment is when he is bicycling around his airy grounds on an old-fashioned push-bike, his knees bobbing up and down as he pedals, and then has to brake to answer a call on his mobile phone.’

45. ‘‘As a kid I bicycled all the time, but I left bicycling for many years,’ says the 61-year-old Congressman.’

46. ‘We'll savor bright autumn colors while bicycling through the high forest islands atop America's Redrock Wilderness.’

47. ‘You can also cover a lot of ground by bicycling through different parts of the island.’

48. ‘Even something simple like Gabriel bicycling around while singing ‘Solsbury Hill’ came across as silly rather than playful.’

49. ‘Restrictions on dune driving, an end to water pollution and the promotion of walking and bicycling as means of transport are other issues put forward by many of the respondents.’

50. ‘During the summer, more children are out and about - walking, bicycling, rollerblading, playing and perhaps darting out into the road.’

51. ‘Appalled, he started a two-week investigation, bicycling along the entire length of the river within the city jurisdiction.’

52. ‘When we do exercises that elevate the heart rate, such as bicycling, walking or aerobic dance, the body will draw upon its fat stores for energy.’

53. ‘At breakfast, she described her dream vacation: bicycling in Italy, eating and drinking well every night.’

54. ‘Get involved in activities such as brisk walking, jogging, bicycling or cross-country skiing.’

55. ‘It's not as strenuous as mountain climbing, or bicycling around the world, or trekking through a jungle.’

56. ‘Our health depends on creating neighborhoods that are conducive to walking, jogging and bicycling.’

57. ‘I don't know how she got home, but it wasn't by bicycling along that road.’

58. ‘She and a group of five other young women are bicycling across Canada to raise awareness about air pollution and global warming.’

59. ‘He was active till the age of 85, bicycling all over Bandra, going to the bank and doing the family shopping.’

60. ‘Carl started an amazing trip, bicycling around the world 26 months ago.’

61. ‘Now we see you and Amir bicycling around the world with this message of peace.’

62. he rode a bicycle to work everyday

Other users have misspelling bicycle as:

1. bycicle 11.41%

2. bicicle 2.68%

3. bycycle 2.46%

4. Other 83.45%

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