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Other users have misspelling granddaughter as:

pie chart
  1. grand-daughter 39.37%
  2. grandaughter 24.41%
  3. grandaugther 2.36%
  4. granddauther 2.36%
  5. grandorter 2.36%
  6. granddarter 1.57%
  7. granddughter 1.57%
  8. Other 26%

Definitions of granddaughter


  1. a female grandchild

Examples of granddaughter

  1. A woman saved the life of her baby granddaughter only days after learning life-saving skills following a crash course in first aid at her local pub.
  2. There stood our granddaughter, and in her gray-green eyes and impudent grin I saw the reflection of our Christmas Boy.
  3. I have 11 grandsons and five granddaughters and now I have my first great-granddaughter.

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