Definition of 'granddaughter'


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1. The daughter of someone's child.

2. A daughter of one's child.

3. The daughter of one's son or daughter.

4. a female grandchild

5. The daughter of one's son or daughter: correlative to grandfather and grandmother.


1. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.

2. The identity of her daughter and granddaughter are also protected.

3. We lost a son and a granddaughter.

4. The dad denied his family were scroungers and vowed to support his daughter and new granddaughter.

5. We also have a grandson and granddaughter.

6. We recently visited the primary school of our youngest granddaughter to see an art exhibition.

7. They leave a son and four granddaughters.

8. Her grandmother is very worried that her youngest granddaughter has had no medical care throughout her tough young life.

9. They're both married and have given me two beautiful granddaughters.

10. Don't be bullied out of staying in contact with your other son and your granddaughter.

11. The footage shows the Colonel playing with one of his granddaughters.

12. I have members in the media harassing my daughter and granddaughters.

13. THEY could be proud relatives filming their young niece or granddaughter in the park.

14. She wanted to be at home with her daughters and precious granddaughters around her, in the warmth of those she loved.

15. MY two granddaughters both have eczema.

16. We do have a son, but no grandsons, only granddaughters.

17. He said: 'My mother can return home and take care of her daughters and granddaughter.

18. This bag is built to last a lifetime, or longer, should its owner pass it on to a daughter or granddaughter.

19. I asked if I could see my granddaughter but my daughter told me to go away and turned her back.

20. ‘I was blessed with three daughters, two granddaughters and a grandson.’

21. ‘Charles and Victoria went on to have one daughter, three granddaughters and nine great-grandchildren, through the reign of four monarchs.’

22. ‘A widow since 1978, she has one daughter and two granddaughters and a wide range of interests to keep her busy.’

23. ‘My daughter drops off my granddaughter on a regular basis and is now very late getting to work due to the traffic jams in this area.’

24. ‘Billy is married to Florence and has a son, two grandsons, a granddaughter and two great grandchildren.’

25. ‘Forty years on, Benson is happily married with two daughters and a granddaughter.’

26. ‘It is mine and it always will be until such time as it is handed down to my daughter and my granddaughter.’

27. ‘His wife, four daughters and three granddaughters accompanied him.’

28. ‘For ages, grandmothers educated granddaughters and mothers taught daughters, usually orally.’

29. ‘With that said I think I'll stop right here and take in lunch and a movie with my daughter and granddaughters.’

30. ‘Cheney's got a brand new grandson and three little granddaughters who are just beautiful.’

31. ‘I have 11 grandsons and five granddaughters and now I have my first great-granddaughter.’

32. ‘We can pass our gifts on to our granddaughters and great granddaughters.’

33. ‘She loved her grandchildren and spent many hours with her granddaughters when they were growing up.’

34. ‘Ann said: ‘I am looking to pass the skills I pick up to my granddaughters.’’

35. ‘He is also looking forward to spending more time with his two granddaughters, twins Leona and Ciara, who are three-and-a-half years old.’

36. ‘Katie, one of my granddaughters, has a doll's house.’

37. ‘Mrs Parry said she sees her retirement as a new chapter, when she hopes to do some travelling and, above all devote more time to her granddaughters, Hannah and Rebecca.’

38. ‘I've made several trips to San Diego… the most recent of which was to meet my brand-new granddaughter!’

39. ‘Two Picasso paintings worth a total of €50m have been stolen from the Paris home of the artist's granddaughter, it emerged yesterday.’

40. she visited her granddaughter

Other users have misspelling granddaughter as:

1. grand-daughter 39.37%

2. grandaughter 24.41%

3. grandaugther 2.36%

4. granddauther 2.36%

5. grandorter 2.36%

6. granddarter 1.57%

7. granddughter 1.57%

8. Other 26%

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