Definition of 'question'


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1. A proposition brought up for consideration by an assembly.

2. A sentence, phrase, or gesture that seeks information through a reply.

3. Uncertainty; doubt.

4. The act of bringing a proposal to vote.

5. A matter of concern or difficulty; a problem.

6. Law An issue in dispute for the resolution of a court.

7. A subject or point that is under discussion or open to controversy.

8. The act of asking; interrogation; inquiry.

9. Discussion; debate; hence, objection; dispute; doubt

10. That which is asked; an inquiry; a query; the expression of a desire to know something indicated more or less definitely. ;

11. In logic, a proposition, or that which is to be established as a conclusion, stated by way of interrogation.

12. The subject or matter of examination or investigation; the theme of inquiry; a matter discussed or made the subject of disquisition.

13. In parliamentary usage: The point under discussion by the house; the measure to be voted on: as, to speak to the question.

14. The putting of the matter discussed to a vote: as, are you ready for the question?

15. Doubt; controversy; dispute: as, the story is true beyond all question.

16. The act of interrogation; the putting of inquiries: as, to examine by question and answer.

17. 4 and Proposition, motion, topic, point.

18. plural The smaller catechism. Also called question-book.

19. To subject to judicial interrogation.

20. Inquiry; disquisition; discussion.

21. Examination by torture, or the application of torture to prisoners under criminal accusation in order to extort confession.

22. Conversation; speech; talk.

23. Dispute or subject of debate; a point of doubt or difficulty.

24. Judicial trial or inquiry; trial; examination.

25. Todispute;doubt.

26. Totalk;converse.

27. To interrogate (a suspect, for example). synonym: ask.

28. To ask a question or questions of (someone).

29. To express doubt about; dispute.

30. To pose a question or questions regarding (something); analyze or examine.

31. obsolete To argue; to converse; to dispute.

32. To ask questions; to inquire.

33. To inquire of by asking questions; to examine by interrogatories.

34. To doubt of; to be uncertain of; to query.

35. To raise a question about; to call in question; to make objection to.

36. To talk to; to converse with.

37. (in question) Under consideration or discussion.

38. (out of the question) Not worth considering because of being too difficult or impossible.


1. It is encouraging anyone with questions about its operations to attend.

2. Too many scans and blood tests are carried out automatically rather than to answer a specific question.

3. When questioned by police he said that he was lost and could not remember what had happened.

4. You cannot question the ability of the manager.

5. You will also be asked a love question that surprises as much as it thrills you.

6. Officers confirmed that anyone in contact with the star hours before his death would have been questioned as a matter of routine.

7. This can take some time, which is doubtless the point of the question.

8. Going back to his early years, friends questioned why he had joined a dying industry.

9. The film raises questions about the number of assailants.

10. The answer to this question is not so simple.

11. Last night three men and a woman who were arrested were being questioned by police.

12. There have always been questions over his ability to deliver on highest stage.

13. The only point at question is what was there originally.

14. This is not the sort of question that doctors are used to asking.

15. We will continue to ask ministers the questions our audience want answered.

16. This existential question matters to million of people caught in the inheritance tax trap.

17. That family connection calls into question her ability to be impartial.

18. That is a question for next year.

19. We have to ask ourselves some questions.

20. The attack raised serious questions about who should decide where it is safe to fly.

21. She should have asked those questions about the initial police operation.

22. So why should we shield him from answering their questions or facing their justice?

23. Last night her parents were understood to be facing questioning by police.

24. She questioned her ability to serve on the board.

25. He deflected the question and pointed to the soldiers once again.

26. The first question your doctor will ask is where does it hurt.

27. Asked the question 'Do the benefits of electronic patient records outweigh the risks?

28. _They had heard all the arguments calling its existence in question_ which Lord Denman, Lord Cottenham, and Lord Campbell had heard; they were _in the daily and hourly administration of that branch of the law with reference to which the question arose_; they took ample time to consider the matter, and deliberately affirmed the existence of the rule, and the valid grounds on which it rested.

29. When, in pursuing the catechetical exercise, a question is asked from an announcement, there is first a call upon the attention, and an exercise of mind upon the _question_ asked, the words of which must be translated by the pupil into their proper ideas, which accordingly he must both perceive and understand.

30. * The question of duty is often a question*, not of principle, but * of fact*.

31. Uh, "more-or-less asked the question" isn't "asked the question" until you've *** asked the question*** why would someone answer the question you didn't (only almost) asked?

32. ‘Curiously, you might not actually perceive this as a question designed to elicit information.’

33. ‘She lets Chomsky answer these tough questions in his own words.’

34. ‘Organisers of both courses will be there on the evening to provide information and answer questions.’

35. ‘A doctor or nurse went on each visit to answer any questions and give health information.’

36. ‘Leaflets will be available giving up to date information and questions can be answered.’

37. ‘Ask questions to elicit answers that will show you if this is a person you want treating your growing teen.’

38. ‘The major challenge for the project group was to reach all staff members with information and answer their questions.’

39. ‘Your description can be a few words, a sentence, a question, or even just a single word.’

40. ‘I believe that only he would have the information to answer the questions that I would pose.’

41. ‘Certainly, a Minister cannot dodge a question by questioning the word of a member.’

42. ‘He now refuses to speak to Swedish journalists and he chooses his words carefully when answering questions.’

43. ‘They want all information relevant to their question so they can formulate an answer.’

44. ‘I must however add a few words regarding how the question is to be approached and answered.’

45. ‘It also implies that a computer can never be programmed to answer all mathematical questions.’

46. ‘Staff from the council offices will take questions and information will be available about council services.’

47. ‘Perhaps the best way to put this is simply to say it exactly as the question is worded.’

48. ‘Interested parents are invited to come along to the meeting this evening to ask questions and gather information.’

49. ‘Here is some background information that may help answer the questions.’

50. ‘They refuse to answer questions adequately; they refuse to provide detailed information.’

51. ‘The chapter ends by providing common questions and answers about computer consulting.’

52. ‘It was the seventh time Harrington had finished second that season and naturally his mind screamed with questions and doubts.’

53. ‘For some the confidence of adolescence is replaced with questions and doubt, marking the transition to adulthood.’

54. ‘There are also some questions over the validity of the Lancet study in the case of measuring casualties in Iraq.’

55. ‘He was always certain that when he met the right woman there would be no lingering doubts or questions.’

56. ‘It left Bradford coach Brian Noble fuming and many others raising questions about the validity of the player's actions.’

57. ‘If you have questions or doubts about the paint, have your local paint store check it for you.’

58. ‘However, the question of the validity of soft dollars was not a debatable matter until recently.’

59. ‘I will return to the question of scientific validity at the end of my reply.’

60. ‘No question of the validity of a law made by the Parliament arises in these proceedings.’

61. ‘She was not prepared to give even the benefit of the doubt over the question of the mob's fighting prowess.’

62. ‘Yet this must surely raise questions over the validity of the prize itself.’

63. ‘At that time we had a lot of questions as to the validity of that information.’

64. ‘Will his violation raise questions about the validity of his case for a spot in the Hall of Fame some day?’

65. ‘Two threads in the literature raise important questions about their validity.’

66. ‘This would raise even more questions about the validity of the use of an MLAT, and the Home Office's involvement in it.’

67. ‘It also raises questions about controls at the company's head office to enforce common standards across the group’

68. ‘It also raises questions about the justification for this omissions liability, and whether citizens have fair warning of it.’

69. ‘Throughout her career, her commitment was never in doubt and her courage beyond question.’

70. ‘The compilations always, without question, included his preamble to the track and his following comments.’

71. ‘The medical benefits of research on primates are beyond question.’

72. ‘While he always obeys an instruction without question, his only acknowledgement of the request comes in the form of a grunt or a nod.’

73. ‘Almost all of what is left of this wonderful railway is in deep cuttings and this will attract undesirables without question.’

74. ‘If Nelson had lost Britain would have been invaded, without question.’

75. ‘That we need a strong Army to maintain our national stability and sovereignty is also beyond question.’

76. ‘Much has been made of the fact that we must pass this bill quickly and without question to show our support for the troops.’

77. ‘But I also believe that that support should not be given without question in all circumstances.’

78. ‘It begins at the end and ends at the beginning and is, without question, entertaining and moving.’

79. ‘Let me assure all concerned that any rainbow trout the size of salmon in this country are, without question, farmed.’

80. ‘Hal Sutton's US team was simply never in the contest, as this DVD proves beyond question.’

81. ‘He is without question of that immortal company of artists who make all of our strivings less petty, more worth while.’

82. ‘That she has a great pair of lungs on her is beyond question, but perhaps you have had to live a little first to really mean what you sing about.’

83. ‘George Harrison will be remembered, beyond question, on his own terms, as a quiet man meeting a quiet end.’

84. ‘It looks like Ben is going to save the day, and everybody obeys his orders without question.’

85. ‘But we carry that burden and continue to serve to the best of our ability and go forth without question.’

86. ‘Their technical abilities have always been beyond question, but it takes more that pure skill to make a ballet company.’

87. ‘There is simply no Archimedean point on which we can stand and make statements that are beyond question.’

88. ‘If he told one of us to do something we did it without question.’

89. ‘That is why the political questions we are discussing today are so significant.’

90. ‘He asked for subsequent parish council meetings to discuss the question of lack of support from Bradford Council.’

91. ‘One of them was an article authored by Mahatma Gandhi, discussing the minority question.’

92. ‘Our discussion will consider questions of rights, individual freedom, harm, and conceptions of the good life.’

93. ‘The first of these, with Pico Iyer as moderator, discussed questions of national identity.’

94. ‘To bring in these wider questions requires them to dissent from the government line.’

95. ‘The film-makers were asked to work on the question of conflict and resolution between communities.’

96. ‘Still ahead here, is it a question of states' rights, or is it a violation of civil rights?’

97. ‘Meanwhile, key questions remain unanswered: How much pressure can Bangalore roads take?’

98. ‘But key questions remain unanswered following the case, about the legal protection available to those making claims of abuse.’

99. ‘Morgan resolved an important question relating to the interpretation of Title VII, the central federal anti-discrimination statute.’

100. ‘Such questions of moral validity, he continues, are best left in the domain of religion.’

101. ‘In question Time Mark Latham wanted to focus on the question of truth in government.’

102. ‘This raises a number of questions which no doubt The Register's beloved readers will be pleased to weigh in on.’

103. ‘This scenario no doubt raises questions as to whether it is morally right for a teacher to date a pupil.’

104. ‘The validity issue raises questions about whether we are measuring the appropriate things in the final examination.’

105. ‘There is no doubt the moral question of how to balance relative evils in this case is a very difficult one.’

106. ‘All songs have meaning to someone, it's more a question of subject matter.’

107. ‘Colin Davey, a member of the Bradford team, said it was a question of educating businesses about the tax system.’

108. ‘That has to be a question of opinion rather than fact, so it depends on what you make of the evidence.’

109. ‘He said the project was still on the cards as far as North Yorkshire Police were concerned, but it was a question of money.’

110. ‘It's not just a question of corporate control over the news, but rather how the news is made.’

111. ‘Was it a question of lost spontaneity, or was it a matter of simply not feeling everything connect like it could?’

112. ‘Identity is not a matter of physical or moral features, it is a question of space.’

113. ‘Epstein is quite right in insisting that this issue must be dealt with as a question of principle.’

114. ‘This is a question of practical importance and a subject of debate in tax literature.’

115. ‘There is a question of trust and it is a live issue and we have to deal with it.’

116. ‘In short, this study reminds us that power is not so much a matter of discourse as a question of turf.’

117. ‘Three months is not long in a new demanding job and perhaps it's more a question of how you and your girlfriend are handling these changes.’

118. ‘After that, it's just a question of deciding which restaurant to take your group to once the show is over and how you are going to get them there.’

119. ‘He points out that if you have already got tens of millions of willing users, it's just a question of working out what you can charge them for.’

120. ‘It was just a question of whether Scotland's vastly more experienced players could put out the young dragons' fire.’

121. ‘It is only a question of getting the farmers together and educating them.’

122. ‘A second issue which we have not discussed here is the question of the housing market.’

123. ‘A crucial meeting was due to take place today to discuss four vital questions on the future of the Metrolink.’

124. ‘Much of the discussion centers on the question of public broadcasting's bias.’

125. ‘At the end of this month's debate in Spain, discussion turned to the question of patronage.’

126. ‘Then they were stopping, searching and questioning people as they came through.’

127. ‘Although a number of people were questioned under caution, no-one was ever charged.’

128. ‘Hammer was arrested on Sunday night after six people were questioned at a house near the crime scene.’

129. ‘Police are also keen to question the soldiers at the nearby Fort George army barracks who were on duty on the night of the fatal shooting.’

130. ‘Officers in Finglas Station will question people who were at the scene to establish how the man was shot.’

131. ‘They followed up the raid by staking out the area over the bank holiday weekend to question people visiting the house.’

132. ‘At the last minute, Hain was told that his interrogators were in fact planning to question him about something else.’

133. ‘Detectives carefully planned the interview and how they were going to question him.’

134. ‘If a policeman questions a teenager, they must fill out a 40 question form.’

135. ‘Police have started questioning the driver and passengers after a coach overturned on a mountain road.’

136. ‘Police were today questioning a man whose arrest led to a series of anti-terrorist raids last night.’

137. ‘Police were yesterday questioning a man after a teenager was found stabbed to death in the street.’

138. ‘After questioning his wife, police said that he may have left for Pakistan earlier this month.’

139. ‘Police arrested one man in connection with the crime and were questioning him yesterday.’

140. ‘A policewoman told a jury how she ran after a driver who sped off as she was questioning him.’

141. ‘He was taken to Lucan where he was questioned and then charged with drugs offences.’

142. ‘When he was questioned he told officers that he carried the screwdriver as a weapon because he was a paranoid man.’

143. ‘When he was questioned he admitted taking the purse and the prescription pad and finding the other items.’

144. ‘He was questioned by police and released on bail pending further inquiries.’

145. ‘The detention plans were put forward after senior police officers argued they needed extra time to question suspects.’

146. ‘No matter what our build we always have doubts; we always question our desirability and self-worth.’

147. ‘If a battle did not succeed, its execution, not its objectives, were questioned.’

148. ‘If you question the cost; a local agency told us we should focus on the child and somehow raise the money.’

149. ‘It is your right as a member to question these actions, and request such modifications as you see fit.’

150. ‘However, in light of recent data many have started to question whether it will raise rates again so soon.’

151. ‘It has given some an excuse to question our cause and to cast doubt on our motives.’

152. ‘The final line of defence is to question the priorities of those who continue to raise Iraq, and dismiss the issue as a bore.’

153. ‘Mired in depression and doubt, he started to question his most fundamental beliefs.’

154. ‘I constantly question his love, which has led to him doubting our relationship.’

155. ‘At no time was an audience challenged to question a moral conundrum, or inspired to see the world through different eyes.’

156. ‘It questions the bland aphorisms of beauty and raises the difficult issues of purity and exclusivity.’

157. ‘He was raised a Methodist but began to question his faith after seeing so many die in the Korean war.’

158. ‘Now, it was not for me to question her purity, but I had certain doubts about her saintliness.’

159. ‘A series of public meetings have also been organised where people can question council officers about the plans.’

160. ‘The interviewer was aghast that I could question the prime minister's integrity.’

161. ‘But no one is seriously questioning its validity.’

162. ‘Scientists are constantly questioning their assumptions and challenging their own findings.’

163. ‘Some people are even questioning its viability as a company.’

164. ‘Nobody questions the wisdom behind the decision to set up the commission.’

165. ‘Some critics question the authenticity of the tablets.’

166. he asked a direct question

Other users have misspelling question as:

1. questo 16.6%

2. questi 10.36%

3. questio 9.54%

4. questione 2.55%

5. queston 2.23%

6. qustion 1.84%

7. quesiton 1.38%

8. Other 55.5%

9. answer 0%

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