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Other users have misspelling question as:

pie chart
  1. questo 16.6%
  2. questi 10.36%
  3. questio 9.54%
  4. questione 2.55%
  5. queston 2.23%
  6. qustion 1.84%
  7. quesiton 1.38%
  8. Other 55.5%
  9. answer 0%

Definitions of question


  1. an instance of questioning
  2. uncertainty about the truth or factuality or existence of something
  3. the subject matter at issue
  4. an informal reference to a marriage proposal
  5. a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply
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  1. conduct an interview in television, newspaper, and radio reporting
  2. place in doubt or express doubtful speculation
  3. challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of
  4. pose a series of questions to
  5. pose a question

Examples of question

  1. Consumers get incredibly upset when dieticians and researchers backtrack on previous findings, proclaiming that products once deemed healthy are now in question.
  2. The question, which has been eating at Matthews for several years, is gnawing on him a couple of hours later as he decompresses at a party at Spago in Beverly Hills.
  3. Canadians were unhappy with so-called intrusive questions, the aggravation of filling it out and even a few were convinced the census was part of a government plot, according to

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