Definition of 'disappointed'


Word Frequency
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1. Defeated of expectation or hope; let down.

2. Thwarted in hope, desire, or expectation.

3. obsolete Unprepared; unequipped.

4. Defeated of expectation or hope; balked.

5. Simple past tense and past participle of disappoint.

6. Not appointed or prepared; unprepared or ill-prepared.

7. Baffled; balked; thwarted; frustrated: as, a disappointed man; disappointed hopes.


1. I was angry, disappointed and upset about it.

2. He said:'I am very disappointed and angry.

3. She said:'I feel disappointed there are still people in this world who think like this.

4. Am I right to feel disappointed that he's not keen?

5. I imagine he's feeling embarrassed and disappointed in himself - and he has only himself to blame.

6. That is a recipe for disappointed expectations.

7. We feel very disappointed because we deserved more.

8. Thousands of music fans were left disappointed.

9. We go away from here bitterly disappointed because we should have taken something from it.

10. This is the language of a bitterly disappointed man.

11. Many will feel disappointed on his behalf.

12. The only downside to his job is the anger vented by disappointed fans.

13. No one is more humourless than a disappointed sports fan.

14. The result is that the first man is happy and contented while the other is sad and disappointed.

15. Some fans will be angry but those who have a better understanding of soccer will just feel very disappointed.

16. The players are angry and disappointed.

17. disappointed expectations lead to unwarranted cynicism.

18. But he died a disappointed man.

19. The results left me confused and rather disappointed, though.

20. They will be very angry, disappointed with themselves.

21. We are so sad and disappointed for them because we know what they're going through.

22. He died deeply disappointed, bitterly aware that he had squandered his great gifts.

23. But then not be disappointed or angry or come crying to me if they don't.

24. The busiest time for us is Monday morning because of disappointed expectations at the weekend.

25. But some now feel bitterly disappointed at the lack of support they have received from the West.

26. Yet for all his political brilliance, he leaves office a disappointed man.

27. My expectations were disappointed, which is a good thing.

28. I know they are disappointed and angry.

29. I felt sad and disappointed that he'd gone.

30. The title disappointed, selling less than 40,000 copies.

31. But as Richmond whispered "Jackson's coming" and waited expectantly for his lightning attack to flash, there was something ominous in Ewell's choice of the word "disappointed."

32. But to dismiss the entire corpus of horror, fantasy and spirituality because one prime time show disappointed is just lazy criticism.

33. However, who else they disappointed is of no consequence if the expectations were unrealistic to begin with.

34. In 1992, Carl was again disappointed when his application for membership at the prestigious National Academy of Sciences was denied.

35. Chance of my grandmother being once again disappointed in her Yankees: higher.

36. They've now sent their fans home disappointed from a postseason game 10 straight times.

37. ‘But I am bitterly disappointed not just with the result but our overall performance.’

38. ‘I smiled at him, an in return got a slightly disappointed look from him.’

39. ‘I looked to see him standing in the doorway with an extremely disappointed look on his face.’

40. ‘'I wish she could go though' thought Damion with a somewhat disappointed look on his face.’

41. ‘Ricky gives a somewhat disappointed sigh and I can just hear the frown on his lips.’

42. ‘However, the way it was handled left me extremely disappointed.’

43. ‘Mel had been surprised to find herself extremely disappointed when it was time to go home.’

44. ‘In an angry and slightly disappointed tone, Richard replied, "You know, you're absolutely right, Jess."’

45. ‘On the handful of occasions I have eaten it, it's left me terribly disappointed.’

46. ‘Tessa replies, and I am surprised to find myself genuinely disappointed as she stands.’

47. ‘I was also very disappointed that Cork could not take their defeat like men.’

48. ‘Brooke could hear Walker's disappointed sigh, but she just couldn't do it.’

49. ‘I cannot however see what impact this has on the disappointed beneficiary's remedy.’

50. ‘The beneficiary electing against an instrument is required to do no more than to compensate the disappointed beneficiaries.’

51. ‘I got four emails from disappointed fans letting me know it was gone.’

52. ‘With disappointed fans flooding out of the stadium, the game fizzled to a tame conclusion.’

53. ‘There was a disappointed frown on her brow as the swirling symphony of notes surrounded us.’

54. ‘His mouth was twisting into a deep, disappointed frown.’

55. ‘There was a disappointed groan from the audience, and I grinned at them.’

56. ‘The young woman shook her head with a disappointed frown.’

57. ‘Most political defections have a story behind them, one of disappointed hopes or betrayal.’

58. ‘Mr. Forsyth was, I think, lucky to have obtained so large an award for his disappointed expectations.’

59. ‘The exhilaration of the unpredictable surge and our disappointed expectations left us with mixed feelings.’

60. disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions

Other users have misspelling disappointed as:

1. dissapointed 26.67%

2. disapointed 20.37%

3. dissappointed 4.81%

4. dispointed 3.7%

5. desapointed 2.96%

6. disappointe 1.67%

7. disspointed 1.48%

8. dissaponted 1.48%

9. disaponted 1.3%

10. Other 35.56%

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