Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling lenient as:

pie chart
  1. leneant 4.76%
  2. leanniant 4.76%
  3. lenent 2.38%
  4. Other 88.1%

Definitions of lenient


  1. not strict
  2. characterized by tolerance and mercy
  3. tolerant or lenient

Examples of lenient

  1. The offender was dealt with leniently as he had confessed his crime.
  2. KOBE: We arrived at Kobe on the evening of April 10th, and fell at once into the grasp of the custom-house authorities, who proved, however, very lenient.
  3. Handing down the legal equivalent of a rap on the knuckles, Judge Teare said the public might see his compassion as "impossibly lenient", but explained he had been swung by the moral standing of those arraigned before him, as set out by counsel of the defence in mitigation.

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