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1. medicine A lenitive; an emollient.

2. (Med.) A lenitive; an emollient.

3. An emollient; a lenitive.

4. Lax; tolerant of deviation; permissive; not strict.

5. Inclined not to be harsh or strict; merciful or indulgent.

6. Not harsh or strict; merciful or generous.

7. Relaxing; emollient; softening; assuasive; -- sometimes followed by of.

8. Mild; clement; merciful; not rigorous or severe

9. characterized by tolerance and mercy

10. tolerant or lenient

11. not strict


1. As a result, the law now allows for the right to appeal lenient sentences.

2. WE'RE often shocked by sentences that are far too lenient.

3. Judges must decide if the sentence was unduly lenient.

4. The ombudsman takes a more lenient view.

5. Yet still a judge protects his privacy and gives him a lenient sentence.

6. Now the tax regime is far more lenient.

7. It is our view that this sentence was indeed unduly lenient.

8. The government has already offered savers lenient treatment if they volunteer information.

9. They say abusive partners are getting off with lenient sentences due to their location and case judges.

10. Being docked two points would be far too lenient for many.

11. In each case the sentence was unduly lenient and four years would be substituted.

12. By the standards of the times this treatment was exceptionally lenient.

13. There can be no lenient sentence for this offence.

14. As a family we felt the sentence was far too lenient in the first place.

15. The court concluded "a standard range sentence is too lenient under the facts and circumstances of this case.

16. Luckily Costa kept his cool under such provocation but the referee was far too lenient.

17. In a lot of European countries sentencing is far too lenient.

18. If he had been tried and got a lenient sentence, at least he would have been convicted.

19. Questions are being asked about this lenient treatment, not least because it could put him at risk from attack.

20. I hope that the legal process kicks in and that these lenient sentences are appealed and made much tougher.

21. A mere 100 fine is far too lenient.

22. He said: 'There appears to be a growing public perception that policing of demonstrations is unduly lenient.

23. Should I hand myself in, in the hope of a more lenient sentence?

24. Robert Mugabe's cabinet, arose from his criticism of what he called lenient sentences imposed by a High Court judge on three American missionaries for possession of arms.

25. And remember, sometimes that mistake is being too lenient from the beginning.

26. Court reviews 'lenient' sentence for rape court in East China's Zhejiang province will rehear a controversial trial that handed down what the public called a lenient sentence to two

27. He was severely reprimanded on more than one occasion for being too lenient - in other words, too gentlemanly - and finally my letters, received or written, which had been submitted to him for examination, were transferred to the detective Dennis, who, in order to seem vigilant in proportion to his former stolidity, returned me the simplest note, as being offensive to the canaille of the

28. With such individuals the proctor's sons were disposed to be lenient, which is certainly more than could be said if he himself had to deal with them.

29. And testing companies are businesses that compete with one another for contracts, so they know the benefits of providing favourable laboratory results and becoming known as the lenient lab, says Midler.

30. The sentences were shorter than the maximum penalty of two years, and were described as lenient by prosecutors.

31. The FACT is – we're partly in this whole mess because Congress (under Clinton) decided lendors should be pressed to use more "lenient" lending practices helping low-income people get into houses & mortgages they otherwise could not afford.

32. It's kind of hypocritical, considering how "lenient" they are with their own pedophile priests.

33. But the study found that achieving "lenient" control of fewer than 110 heart beats per minute was at least as effective in preventing death from cardiovascular causes, stroke and other life-threatening events.

34. ‘Lewis was banned from boxing after his act and for many, that punishment was too lenient.’

35. ‘He was always easygoing but not too lenient and he was always sweet but not sickeningly mushy.’

36. ‘There is no need for them to be lenient, nor are they expected to close their eyes to evil practices.’

37. ‘It is no wonder labor unions holding illegal protests expect the government to be lenient.’

38. ‘Therefore, I will not suspend you this time, but do not expect me to be so lenient with you next time.’

39. ‘When those convicted are let off with lenient sentences what do people expect?’

40. ‘If we forgive too easily or grow too lenient in our criminal justice system, we may ignore the genuine harm done.’

41. ‘Engineering sector lawmaker Raymond Ho said the punishment meted out was too lenient.’

42. ‘The punishment must fit the crime, yet we let magistrates get away with handing out lenient sentences.’

43. ‘Perhaps this is a poor assumption, but if you were ever to be caught, the authorities might be more lenient with you.’

44. ‘Dance companies are more lenient about tattoos than you might expect, and certainly more so than they once were.’

45. ‘A journalist in Melbourne wrote a column suggesting that a local magistrate was too lenient on criminals.’

46. ‘To make matters worse, the Criminal Code orders judges to give lenient sentences to Indian criminals.’

47. ‘The punishment for a woman is more lenient - she must stay in prison until she reverts, however long it takes.’

48. ‘However he has a heart problem which might cause the authorities to impose a much more lenient sentence, it reports.’

49. ‘Many thought this too lenient a punishment for a teenager who had created the world's most prolific computer worms.’

50. ‘Well, it seems Mr Adler's interpretation of that punishment was a little more lenient than the law would prefer.’

51. ‘Academic staff at overseas universities tend to be more lenient towards guest students from developing countries.’

52. ‘He suggested that leaders on both sides should be more lenient.’

53. ‘The 30-month sentence has been criticized by Australia and the United States as too lenient.’

54. lenient rules

Other users have misspelling lenient as:

1. leneant 4.76%

2. leanniant 4.76%

3. lenent 2.38%

4. Other 88.1%

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