Definition of 'tomorrow'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. The day after the present day.

2. The future.

3. The day following today.

4. The day after the present; the morrow.

5. the near future

6. the day after today

7. [To-morrow, whether as adverb or , is often used with a following, also adverbial: as, to-morrow morning.

8. The morrow; the day after the present day.

9. On the day after the present day.

10. On or for the day following today.

11. On the day after the present day; on the next day; on the morrow.

12. the next day, the day after, following the present day


1. Ministers expect the ruling a week tomorrow.

2. The government is expected to announce a national day of mourning tomorrow.

3. The jury will return tomorrow for closing speeches.

4. The winner receives all four tickets and will also be contacted tomorrow.

5. Now he feels pain and we will see tomorrow.

6. Products and whole businesses can become obsolete as tomorrow leaves them behind.

7. An announcement is likely today or tomorrow.

8. The statistics suggest that tomorrow's match should be one for the purist.

9. tomorrow afternoon Pep will face one of his finest students.

10. It's a quiet one as we've got another big day tomorrow.

11. tomorrow will also be the first time they have faced each other since the incident.

12. The owner will decide once we have seen what happens tomorrow.

13. Our apprentices today become managers tomorrow and want to stay.

14. And forget about the bank holiday tomorrow.

15. By the day after tomorrow little more will be heard of it.

16. You only have today and tomorrow to book yours so make sure you go online.

17. More web price cuts expected tomorrow will also spur spending.

18. Steel prayed that tomorrow would not see two more lovers touched by tragedy.

19. He can rest only when tomorrow has become yesterday.

20. Why plan for tomorrow when today is so exciting?

21. Go online the day after tomorrow and you will find the same three letters occurring again and again and again.

22. tomorrow you will deal with tomorrow's work.

23. To complete writing an outline of my sermon by two o'clock tomorrow afternoon is a goal.

24. She has her proper birthday tomorrow and her official birthday in June.

25. The ex-England boss will hold crunch talks about his future when he returns from holiday tomorrow.

26. He was instantly disqualified and now has an anxious wait to see if he is selected when the team is named a week tomorrow.

27. He will be joined by other pals a week tomorrow, also running the marathon for the forces charity.

28. Then fill in the form we will print tomorrow, or download it at the same website next week.

29. Mother's Day tomorrow is a great day for a fabulous family tea.

30. England play Pakistan in their second and final warm-up match tomorrow.

31. And they are bursting with confidence for tomorrow's home match with Wigan.

32. Europe will be a flashpoint at the party conference in Birmingham, which begins a week tomorrow.

33. ‘The coroner will be opening an inquest either today or tomorrow.’

34. ‘One of the biggest sales of the year takes place today and tomorrow with 8,500 sheep going under the hammer.’

35. ‘The Met Office is predicting ice and snow today and tomorrow, and motorists are being warned to take extra care.’

36. ‘Prospects of racing resuming tomorrow looked more promising.’

37. ‘It didn't happen today, but tomorrow we should be exchanging contracts for our new house.’

38. ‘My off duty was changed this week and I had to work today instead of tomorrow.’

39. ‘The winners should all receive letters confirming their prize today or tomorrow.’

40. ‘Thousands of travellers are still expected to hit the roads today and tomorrow.’

41. ‘Entry is free today and tomorrow and the house re-opens to the paying public on Tuesday.’

42. ‘Royal Mail have assured me that papers received today will be delivered tomorrow.’

43. ‘One of his horses runs today, another tomorrow, and his final nag will run on Saturday.’

44. ‘It may be necessary for the Court to sit late or commence early today or tomorrow.’

45. ‘A planning meeting is to be held tomorrow to consider the future of the club.’

46. ‘MEPs will vote on the amendments and the future of the directive tomorrow.’

47. ‘The three-year-old will need to acquit himself well tomorrow if he is to justify his lofty future options.’

48. ‘The new companies are expected to make a formal announcement about the future at a press conference tomorrow.’

49. ‘Residents will have a second chance to air their views on the future of the former town hall tomorrow.’

50. ‘Many of them are meeting tomorrow in London to debate the future of the United Nations.’

51. ‘Frankly it hurt so much that if it isn't black and blue tomorrow I shall be positively disappointed.’

52. ‘I shall have to call to postpone my dental appointment tomorrow and that is a great disappointment.’

53. ‘It is easier to worry about bird flu today than global warming tomorrow.’

54. ‘Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed, feared today and forgotten tomorrow.’

55. ‘Like all ideas that involve huge spending today to save money tomorrow, it has been spent to nil effect.’

56. ‘The driver, crew chief or sponsor who is here today could very well be gone tomorrow.’

57. ‘You gotta love yourself because he might be gone tomorrow.’

58. ‘The good that you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.’

59. ‘Artists who are in headlines today will be forgotten tomorrow.’

60. ‘If I am lost tomorrow I will be happy with what I've done and who I am.’

61. ‘From tomorrow, they will no longer sell any tobacco items including lighters.’

62. ‘From tomorrow, however, there is likely to be at least a temporary end to the sizzling spell.’

63. ‘A few more hours cooking and then leave it at room temperature for a day and that is tomorrow's supper sorted.’

64. ‘After tomorrow, when's the next time Will will have a hot meal, not army rations?’

65. ‘After tomorrow, they would begin their journey towards the light, towards spring.’

66. ‘Nervous teenagers are not the only ones concerned about tomorrow's results.’

67. ‘Although forecasters said that today and tomorrow should be dry and fair, Sunday could see a repeat of the storms.’

68. ‘According to weather experts, around two inches of rain will fall in Scotland between today and tomorrow.’

69. ‘I have today and tomorrow off and have done nothing but read, nap, drink coffee and stay inside the house.’

70. ‘Today and tomorrow have become one, I seem to have lost all sense of time.’

71. ‘The players will have today and tomorrow off and then come in to learn their fate on Tuesday.’

72. ‘And it looks like the good weather will stick around the rest of today and most of tomorrow.’

73. ‘Members of the public are invited to attend tomorrow's opening and to enjoy refreshments.’

74. ‘tomorrow's meeting at Salisbury was called off yesterday.’

75. ‘Brown, who turns 93 at the end of this month, is unable to attend tomorrow's game.’

76. ‘What makes you think they'll ever win tomorrow's game?’

77. ‘Australia will now play the winner of tomorrow's second semi-final between Scotland and Bangladesh.’

78. ‘If I wasn't in Moscow very soon, I would miss tomorrow's train.’

79. ‘The exhibition opens to the public from tomorrow until Saturday.’

80. ‘Now we're awaiting tomorrow's total lunar eclipse when the Earth's shadow falls on the moon.’

81. ‘In Australia as elsewhere in the world, Chardonnay is seen as the grape of today and of tomorrow.’

82. ‘The Fringe likes to think of itself as the festival where you see the stars of tomorrow today.’

83. ‘Lastly, I would like to add that young Namibians are the leaders of a near tomorrow.’

84. ‘It is time to work together for a better future and a brighter tomorrow.’

85. ‘They all lack real hope in the future, see no point in looking for tomorrow, and believe that they are worthless.’

86. ‘Will thirty people ruin our futures and kill our hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow?’

87. ‘No matter how tomorrow may look, the future will always work itself out.’

88. ‘These stories could easily become reference items for our world of today and tomorrow.’

89. ‘You may be out of the loop today, but tomorrow could find you back in the center of things.’

90. ‘We can work together to make today and tomorrow's world a better place.’

91. ‘It is on today's investment that tomorrow's new plant and jobs are built.’

92. ‘We cannot keep spending tomorrow's money today without paying a high price.’

93. ‘Today's innovation may be overtaken by tomorrow's new technology or new market demands.’

94. ‘The primary responsibility is to today's shareholders, rather than tomorrow's.’

95. ‘How many of today's writers and thinkers will take their places in tomorrow's canon?’

96. ‘It is today's flows of capital that determine tomorrow's growing industries and economies.’

97. ‘It doesn't just lend money, it helps developing countries become tomorrow's markets.’

98. ‘For as Machiavelli recognized, today's friend can quickly become tomorrow's enemy.’

99. ‘Today's young people will need a level of scientific literacy in tomorrow's world.’

100. ‘The lesson of this book is that today's sacred intellectual cows are tomorrow's dead meat.’

101. what are our tasks for tomorrow?

Other users have misspelling tomorrow as:

1. tomorow 13.12%

2. tommorow 12.76%

3. tomoro 8.12%

4. tommorrow 7.72%

5. tomarrow 4.6%

6. tomorro 4.52%

7. tomarow 3.35%

8. tomorr 2.99%

9. Other 42.82%

10. yesterday 0%

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