Definition of 'bored'


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1. uninterested, without attention

2. suffering from boredom

3. perforated by a hole or holes (through bioerosion or other)

4. uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence. Opposite of interested.

5. tired of the world; bored with life.

6. uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence

7. Simple past tense and past participle of bore. A bored woman selling souvenirs in Moscow.

8. Simple past tense and past participle of bore. A bored woman selling souvenirs in Moscow.


1. Or a bored, rich housewife thing?

2. Another study questioned hundreds of people about how prone to feeling bored they were, and how much meaning they found in life.

3. He said:'This happens because people are lonely and bored.

4. How else is the bored housewife supposed to exercise those tricky sets of muscles?

5. Is he bored of his wife?

6. My friend was lonely and bored.

7. You're unlikely to feel bored with it if he does.

8. My diagnosis is bored, lonely and unemployed.

9. She's today's bored trophy wife who married an unpleasant banker.

10. And there is more misery to come when his bored wife and daughter go in search of romance, forcing him to change his errant ways.

11. As we have seen, it can be very difficult to distinguish between a gifted student who is genuinely bored with the pace of the regular curriculum and an underachiever who uses the term bored to describe her inner state of anxiety and emptiness.

12. The word "bored" is listed in Webster's dictionary as an adjective meaning weary and restless through lack of interest.

13. Roweena returned her attention to her parchment, her expression bored.

14. He was careful to keep his legs casually thrown out in front of him, his expression bored.

15. ‘The disc jockey himself looked bored stiff and completely disgusted by the music blasting from the two speakers beside his table.’

16. ‘But if you're bored stiff with your job and you feel you're just drifting along because it's easier that way, then think again.’

17. ‘Finally she gave up trying to read and sat at the table bored stiff, the book swinging idly in her fingers.’

18. ‘But, with so many avenues for entertainment today to enliven the bored and the weary mind, is reading becoming a hobby of the past?’

19. ‘Moltar was barely paying attention to his cameras, already bored of the lack of action so far.’

20. ‘His letters have actually been written by two nasty, bored teenagers.’

21. ‘The scheme, which has been welcomed by councillors, residents and the police, aims to tackle the problem of gangs of bored teenagers often gathering and intimidating people.’

22. ‘After a while Cane began to get bored and impatient.’

23. ‘Neil no longer looked bored or impatient; he look dumbfounded.’

24. ‘The second question asked the interviewer to evaluate if the respondent appeared bored or impatient during the interview and was scored as a dichotomy.’

25. ‘Education provision, with its labyrinthine structure of exams and assessments, has moved on but the core issues of funding, favoured schools and bored teenagers have not.’

26. ‘The solution in the end was even more fantastic; It was a bored teenager in his own back garden, letting fly at all the neighbouring houses.’

27. ‘Today's fair is a magnet for children, teenagers and bored parents.’

28. ‘The resort also has an hotel and apartments to cater for families and couples and there are plenty of activities for those who get bored lying on the beach.’

29. ‘And if you find yourself getting bored lying by the pool, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.’

30. ‘Long queues of bored, dejected people stretched from the various desks.’

31. ‘They all took a shaky breath then started chanting some sort of incomprehensible song with the bored, rushed tones of someone who has performed said song many times before.’

32. ‘That's because they're bored silly with this whole ‘book tour’ thing, isn't it?’

33. ‘As long as unemployment stays low, bored employees will be apt to bolt.’

34. ‘I think we need more help for bored young people and more things for them to do so they don't get their fun this way.’

35. bored with life

Other users have misspelling bored as:

1. bord 36.94%

2. borade 1.59%

3. borred 1.59%

4. Other 59.88%

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