Definition of 'brilliant'


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In Top 1000 words


1. A kind of cotton goods, figured on the weaving.

2. printing A small size of type.

3. A finely cut gemstone, especially a diamond, having many facets.

4. A precious gem, especially a diamond, finely cut in any of various forms with numerous facets.

5. A diamond or other gem of the finest cut, formed into faces and facets, so as to reflect and refract the light, by which it is rendered more brilliant. It has at the middle, or top, a principal face, called the table, which is surrounded by a number of sloping facets forming a bizet; below, it has a small face or collet, parallel to the table, connected with the girdle by a pavilion of elongated facets. It is thus distinguished from the rose diamond, which is entirely covered with facets on the surface, and is flat below.

6. (Print.) The smallest size of type used in England printing.

7. A cotton fabric with a raised pattern figured in the loom, and with or without a design in colors.

8. In the manège, a brisk, high-spirited horse, with stately action.

9. The smallest regular size of printing-type, about 20 lines to the inch, very rarely used.

10. [Cf. F. brillant, a diamond.] The form in which the diamond and other precious stones are cut when intended to be used as ornaments, whenever the shape and cleavage of the uncut stone allow this to be done without too much loss of material.

11. This line is set in brilliant.

12. A bright light used in fireworks.

13. Shining brightly.

14. of a colour Both bright and saturated.

15. Magnificent or wonderful.

16. Highly intelligent.

17. of a voice or sound having a sharp, clear tone

18. Of surpassing excellence.

19. Relating to or being a hue that has a combination of high lightness and strong saturation.

20. Sharp and clear in tone.

21. Superb; wonderful.

22. Full of light; shining. synonym: bright.

23. Having or showing unusual and impressive intelligence: synonym: intelligent.

24. Glorious; magnificent.

25. Distinguished by qualities which excite admiration; splendid; shining.

26. Exceedingly intelligent, or of distinguished accomplishment in a field; -- .

27. Sparkling with luster; glittering; very bright.

28. clear and sharp and ringing

29. having or marked by unusual and impressive intelligence

30. full of light; shining intensely

31. Illustrious,notable.

32. Figuratively, distinguished by admirable qualities; splendid; shining: as, a brilliant wit; a brilliant achievement.

33. Sparkling with light or luster; glittering; bright: as, a brilliant gem; a brilliant dress.

34. Illustrious, notable.

35. Synonyms Lustrous, radiant, effulgent, resplendent, showy, conspicuous.


1. The quietest member of your family has a truly brilliant idea.

2. But it shows in the brilliant and stylish changes you make at home.

3. He seems unaware the leadership challenge could be anything but brilliant for his career.

4. He was the blindingly brilliant light in a performance of many shadows.

5. It would make a brilliant scene in a courtroom drama.

6. This brilliant holiday is two top trips in one and without any of the hassle of flying.

7. All the actors were brilliant and each one fitted their part.

8. England were good but not brilliant.

9. He is respected around the world for his brilliant mind, incisive advocacy and direct approach.

10. He's been doing a brilliant job of that all by himself.

11. What a brilliant idea for a series this is.

12. They stay soft green through summer then take on brilliant leaf colour in the autumn.

13. You go from very good to brilliant.

14. The speech was spectacularly offensive and a brilliant success.

15. His choreography was brilliant enough to light up the show.

16. This brilliant adaptation makes mosquitoes the most deadly animals in the world for humankind.

17. There are no two doing particularly brilliant.

18. He did such a brilliant job on me that you can hardly see the scars anymore.

19. They are brilliant at taking something old and discarded and giving it new life.

20. These are followed by brilliant sections on identities and war.

21. When you get these brilliant minds working together the result is going to be good.

22. Luck links you to a quiet friend who has brilliant ideas.

23. It has a brilliant verdant colour and keeps for a day or two in the fridge.

24. In the meantime, for more great getaways read our brilliant pullout.

25. It's a bleak and brilliant performance at the heart of a beautifully made film.

26. Not brilliant, but good fun.

27. She is better than good at what she does; the word brilliant comes to mind.

28. ‘That is what I call brilliant execution,’ she said.

29. “I refused a proposal of marriage last week—what they call a brilliant one.

30. This year, the word "brilliant" and the color yellow were selected.

31. ‘Overhead the sun shone brightly, illuminating the garden with a brilliant ray of light.’

32. ‘He slowly opened his eyes and bright rays of brilliant light flashed into his eyes.’

33. ‘Something happened then, it was as if a brilliant ray of light shone down upon him.’

34. ‘The golden arches continue to shine their brilliant light, and there were the occasional soldiers, but all was at peace.’

35. ‘It shone under the brilliant lights of the city as it was held in a transparent cover.’

36. ‘A light sun shone in the distance, beaming brilliant light onto the Seattle skyline.’

37. ‘The light was alone, shining its brilliant rays into the nothingness.’

38. ‘Sparks flew as brilliant lights flared in the distance.’

39. ‘The doors slammed open at the opposite end of the lab and a brilliant light poured in, almost blinding him.’

40. ‘One is also soothed and warmed by the brilliant sunshine that illuminates the painting.’

41. ‘Emma raised her hand, admiring the enormous ring as it sparkled under the brilliant sunlight, flashing radiantly.’

42. ‘Then, in the midst of this brilliant light, another light brighter than any light in the natural realm split the sky.’

43. ‘The brilliant lights of the buildings outside shone in through the skylight, casting a bright square of light on the floor.’

44. ‘Though small and unnoticed at first, the brilliant light grew rapidly, until it completely enveloped the raging battle.’

45. ‘Photo-flashes spat brilliant light at them when they left the theatre.’

46. ‘Within it, there are a few brilliant, crystal particles.’

47. ‘The nurse nodded, flashing one of her trademark brilliant smiles.’

48. ‘The same brilliant smile I've come to recognize, but with a hidden twist to it.’

49. ‘Galina opened it to see two brilliant diamond earrings sparkling back.’

50. ‘Their horns burned white-hot, brilliant in the darkness.’

51. ‘The young Lord Burlington was brilliant and precocious.’

52. ‘He was a wealthy young man, a brilliant battle commander, intelligent and witty.’

53. ‘We'll also be able to take advantage of some of Gotham's most brilliant magazine talent.’

54. ‘He's articulate, he's talented, he's brilliant in the music world.’

55. ‘Nevertheless, talented and brilliant men such as Miró started a downward spiral that ended in artistic anarchy.’

56. ‘He is the most lauded living American film-maker - a beacon of integrity as well as a brilliant talent.’

57. ‘There will just be some special scholarships for the very disadvantaged or the exceptionally brilliant.’

58. ‘We are returning home weighed down with awards thanks to brilliant talent and skills both on and off screen.’

59. ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

60. ‘They are clever, even brilliant planners, who are now executing the first blatantly overt phase of their attack.’

61. ‘Kimberly, the ingenious lawyer and brilliant mathematician could not figure it out, could not understand it.’

62. ‘Its autumn programme, now well under way, includes rising stars, but also some brilliant talent from abroad.’

63. ‘He was a brilliant navigator, a talented cartographer and a relatively humane captain by the standards of his time.’

64. ‘Unless he was exceptionally brilliant how could he have completed a four-year course in one?’

65. ‘Such an act is less acting than impersonation unless the writing is inspired and the performer brilliant.’

66. ‘Two brilliant, mature male artists in a tug of war over a half-naked, beautiful young woman.’

67. ‘He was just being mindful of his stature as an respectable and esteemed brilliant scientifically oriented mind.’

68. ‘Ty's creating our creature and he's just brilliant.’

69. ‘Steiner was brilliant at painting images with music.’

70. ‘He could not be called one of those brilliant minds.’

71. ‘Franklin's career was brilliant from the very beginning.’

72. ‘His brief but brilliant career is resurfacing too.’

73. ‘We'll definitely keep an eye on your brilliant career!’

74. ‘But although this untimely death cut short a brilliant career, he still left his mark, both as a soldier and musician.’

75. ‘She's had such a brilliant and long-lasting career.’

76. ‘So after such a brilliant academic career, you returned to India, and worked in a firm and with your father.’

77. ‘It was a tough call, so Norman did what he had learned to do on all tough calls throughout his brilliant legal career.’

78. ‘College friends thought he could have had a brilliant legal career but for his eccentricities.’

79. ‘These brilliant, emotive tracks make this collection worthwhile.’

80. ‘Meanwhile the character design is of course top and the animation brilliant.’

81. ‘This was a shame, because the show had a fine cast and scripts that occasionally verged on the brilliant.’

82. ‘The essay is complex and enthralling, the writing brilliant, the characters utterly fascinating.’

83. ‘Despite the coarse nature of the fabric, the pieces are delicate, soft to touch and look brilliant.’

84. ‘If only all bars in the world were this brilliant.’

85. ‘I shook my head, finding his suggestion brilliant.’

86. ‘But she's got all these great ideas and brilliant scenes and clever lines all mapped out in her head.’

87. ‘I was hoping that he would have made a brilliant breakthrough in inventing clever rhymes and stories.’

88. ‘Then a brilliant idea was formed: an art contest.’

89. ‘He churns out consistently brilliant ideas at amazing speed and clarity.’

90. ‘However, a friend had the brilliant idea to prepare soft shell crabs, which he did for us one evening.’

91. ‘You're just so brilliant and you're one of the coolest people ever.’

92. ‘He has a wonderful wife, a fantastic job and two brilliant children.’

93. ‘You are brilliant, a wonderful photographer, beautiful, and funny.’

94. ‘The cast are brilliant; the set fantastic, the sound unbelievable and the lighting and costumes are very much on par.’

95. ‘It is rock music played by rock fans bearing wicked smiles and it makes me feel brilliant.’

96. ‘Our artist expands it into a bracelet and fastens it with a forget-me-not in turquoises and brilliants.’

97. ‘The headdress was an heirloom that mingled pearls with a few choice brilliants.’

98. ‘The following are all modified brilliants: marquise, heart, oval and pear shape.’

99. ‘When the Prince was presented at court, it was noticed that he wore the portrait of the Empress and that it was ‘set round with brilliants.’’

100. a brilliant mind

Other users have misspelling brilliant as:

1. brillent 19.79%

2. brillant 14.06%

3. brillante 12.76%

4. briliant 5.99%

5. brilliants 3.39%

6. brillian 2.34%

7. brillants 1.56%

8. brillement 1.3%

9. Other 38.81%

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