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1. when not used in relation with something The temperature(1) of the immediate environment.

2. this sense?) (medicine) Body temperature noted as: cool, cold, warm, or hot as part of the skin signs assessment

3. obsolete The state or condition of being tempered or moderated.

4. A measure of cold or heat, often measurable with a thermometer.

5. An elevated body temperature, as present in fever and many illnesses.

6. archaic The balance of humours in the body, or one's character or outlook as considered determined from this; temperament.

7. A measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample of matter, expressed in terms of units or degrees designated on a standard scale.

8. The degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment.

9. The degree of heat in the body of a living organism, usually about 37.0°C (98.6°F) in humans.

10. An abnormally high condition of body heat caused by illness; a fever.

11. (Physics) See under Absolute.

12. Constitution; state; degree of any quality.

13. (Physiol. & Med.) The degree of heat of the body of a living being, esp. of the human body; also (Colloq.), loosely, the excess of this over the normal (of the human body 98°-99.5° F., in the mouth of an adult about 98.4°).

14. (Physiol.) the nearly constant temperature maintained in the bodies of warm-blooded (homoiothermal) animals during life. The ultimate source of the heat is to be found in the potential energy of the food and the oxygen which is absorbed from the air during respiration. See Homoiothermal.

15. (Physiol.) the faculty of perceiving cold and warmth, and so of perceiving differences of temperature in external objects.

16. obsolete Freedom from passion; moderation.

17. (Physics) Condition with respect to heat or cold, especially as indicated by the sensation produced, or by the thermometer or pyrometer; degree of heat or cold

18. obsolete Mixture; compound.

19. the somatic sensation of cold or heat

20. the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity)

21. Constitution; state; temperament.

22. Mixture, or that which is produced by mixture; a compound.

23. Specifically, the thermal element of weather or climate.

24. Temperateness; mildness.

25. In physiology and pathology, the degree of heat of a living body, especially of the human body. It is usually taken, clinically, in the axilla, under the tongue, or in the rectum.

26. Temper, as of metals.

27. The state of a substance with regard to sensible heat; the degree or intensity of the sensible heat of a body.

28. In phenology, the temperature below which the germination of the seed and the growth of the plant do not take place.

29. Moderation; freedom from passions or excesses.


1. The proteins will also stay intact for up to three years at room temperature.

2. It can also warn if temperatures rise drastically.

3. Low temperature works its way through the meat.

4. Hot temperatures were a cue for butterflies or their larvae to emerge too early and then be killed when cooler weather returns.

5. We also perceive flavours better when they're closer to our body temperature.

6. That should have her rivals quaking more than the sub-zero temperatures.

7. The warm spell will last for another three days before more normal winter temperatures arrive on Sunday.

8. As the temperature rises, the condensation dries up.

9. High temperatures are forecast for Sydney this week.

10. And yet the winter of 2005-06 had fairly average temperatures, although unusually dry.

11. The idea was it softened as it reached body temperature and formed a barrier against the cervix.

12. The global temperatures might have risen too high.

13. The emotional temperature in the room rose notch by notch.

14. The warnings follow a day where temperatures reached six degrees higher than expected.

15. Weather forecasters are again predicting milder than normal temperatures for the early part of this winter.

16. Small changes in average world temperatures have huge impacts.

17. Sudden increases in temperature can also occur after any exertion and they usually occur following food.

18. Lower winter temperatures enhance the colour intensity.

19. The revised method requires a woman to frequently measure her temperature and other body signs.

20. We have tested the best clothes for those temperatures in a cold chamber.

21. Th run this year was five successive days of record temperatures.

22. The body has to work incredibly hard to raise its temperature.

23. Research suggests that picturing a snowy environment can lower your body temperature.

24. Global temperature is rising but it is not rising as rapidly as was feared.

25. Stir in all but a few leaves of the basil and leave to cool to room temperature.

26. The virus is destroyed at normal cooking temperatures.

27. Find the average temperature by adding the three figures together and dividing by three.

28. We tested it last weekend in sub-zero temperatures and slept like a dream.

29. The endangered polar bear is struggling to survive in its shrinking Arctic landscape as temperatures rise.

30. They endure daytime temperatures in excess of 110 degrees while wearing body armour.

31. He stood on the touchline wearing just a suit as protection against the sub-zero temperatures.

32. As temperatures rose ten degrees, global warming ran riot.

33. It is still just possible to keep the global temperature rises below 2 degrees but a really big effort needs to be put in place.

34. The latter temperature (106) still stands as the highest official temperature* ever recorded for Washington, and without air conditioning at that!

35. The temperature to which a substance must be heated in order to burn and continue to burn is called the _kindling temperature_ of that substance.

36. If the conservatives truly read the available information and were honest they would see the HUGE swings in temperature is a sign of bad things to come.

37. Adaptation to shifts in temperature is not that difficult ...

38. If you claim Earth's increase in temperature is caused by humans then Mars increase in temperature is caused by humans.

39. ‘With the outside temperature touching 43 degrees Celsius, the extreme heat policy was in force.’

40. ‘Only in the study of quantum liquids at temperatures close to absolute zero does experimental accuracy approach Heisenberg's limit.’

41. ‘Meteorologists compare the two temperatures when calculating humidity and dewpoint.’

42. ‘The Victorians usually used the Fahrenheit scale to measure temperature.’

43. ‘For a machine to attain full efficiency, temperatures of absolute zero would have to be incorporated.’

44. ‘After checking the time, he took out the thermometer and studied the temperature.’

45. ‘Ideally you should use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature as you cook.’

46. ‘Show your child how to use a simple thermometer to take the temperature of the water.’

47. ‘These were based on the measurement of canopy temperature using infrared thermometers.’

48. ‘He would record the temperature, atmospheric pressure, the degree of cloud cover, whether there was rain or snow.’

49. ‘Refrigeration is the cooling of substances below ambient temperatures by extracting heat from them.’

50. ‘Heating a metal to temperatures below its melting point causes it to expand or increase in length.’

51. ‘As the temperature of a substance is increased, so is the kinetic energy of the molecules.’

52. ‘He studied seawater luminescence and ocean temperatures while charting the path of the Gulf Stream.’

53. ‘With the proper enzymes present, biological temperatures suffice to allow reactions to proceed.’

54. ‘The temperature at which a substance melts depends upon the external pressure on the solid.’

55. ‘The boiling point of a substance is the temperature at which the liquid boils.’

56. ‘The main challenges are swimming in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the high winds, he says.’

57. ‘Food should be kept in the fridge because mould cannot flourish at a temperature below five degree centigrade.’

58. ‘Man can't land on Venus, where the surface temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit, but a robot can.’

59. ‘If the ambient temperature exceeds body temperature, heat cannot be dissipated by radiation.’

60. ‘Until my fever broke on the evening of my first full day the nurses would take my temperature and change my ice packs every few hours.’

61. ‘Your child has to sit still for a short time while you take his temperature.’

62. ‘The doctor will take your temperature and look at your abdomen.’

63. ‘This will normally stabilize heat balance and body temperature, but represents the last defence against cold.’

64. ‘For some reason, children's bodies are less able to control high temperatures and fevers and sometimes this seems to cause a seizure.’

65. ‘They asked if she had a temperature and I replied that she did.’

66. ‘She had a temperature and some flu-like symptoms.’

67. ‘The peasant leader's words raised the temperature of the debate.’

68. ‘Such language is sure to raise the temperature of the debate between the two countries.’

69. ‘This saw a rather more elevated temperature of debate than the lobby group was probably expecting.’

70. the temperature was hot

Other users have misspelling temperature as:

1. temperatura 14.5%

2. temperture 8.07%

3. temprature 7.25%

4. tempature 5.92%

5. tempreture 5.52%

6. tempeture 4.19%

7. etemperature 3.27%

8. temparature 2.76%

9. Other 48.52%

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