Definition of 'blonde'


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1. Alternative form of blond (pale golden brown color).

2. Alternative form of blond (person of fair hair). (Used especially of a woman. See the usage notes in the entry blond.)

3. A person of very fair complexion, with light hair and light blue eyes.

4. A kind of silk lace originally of the color of raw silk, now sometimes dyed; -- called also blond lace.

5. a light grayish yellow to near white

6. a person with fair skin and hair

7. The feminine of blond.

8. Alternative form of blond.


1. I only noticed him because of his bright blonde hair.

2. She wore skinny jeans and a blonde wig.

3. The young blonde woman smiles at me.

4. He was dancing with a beautiful blonde.

5. She also sported a flowing blonde wig.

6. But this blonde bombshell appeared from nowhere and told them to get lost.

7. Her blonde hair is tied up in a simple ponytail.

8. We sat three rows behind a woman with a blonde, beehive hairdo ringing a bell.

9. Tall, glamorous blonde women glided about.

10. He uses his own barley in blonde and white beers, a stout and a strong brew to go with cheese.

11. Go bold with your colours, and if you happen to be blonde with pale skin, purple is a good colour for a dress.

12. ‘They are tiny, maybe a year old, and both have fair blonde hair and pale skin.’

13. ‘It managed to compliment her pale skin and golden blond hair.’

14. ‘With her bleach blond hair and pale skin, she looks like a reincarnate of Marilyn Monroe in army boots.’

15. ‘Cora was a short and unnaturally skinny pale girl with silvery blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes.’

16. ‘His blue eyes narrowed as his high-planed face hardened, and even his bleached blond hair seemed to bristle.’

17. ‘Her long blonde hair was so pale that it was nearly silver.’

18. ‘She had pale, ashy blonde hair, of frail build with fair skin and sky blue eyes.’

19. ‘She swept her blonde hair into her pale yellow shower cap and got under the steamy water.’

20. ‘His pale, blond hair stuck out unkemptly, almost looking silvery under the dim light.’

21. ‘Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue that stand out against her pale skin and blonde hair.’

22. ‘He had light yellow eyes and long blond hair tied back as well.’

23. ‘I was expecting a very large old woman with a stick and bleached blond hair.’

24. ‘Her pale blonde hair fell down her back, in a straight fall.’

25. ‘When she finally found her seat (it was in the front row), a pale girl with long blonde hair looked up and nodded at her.’

26. ‘He had the same pale face and white blonde hair that he had.’

27. ‘He had soft blonde hair and fair, freckled skin.’

28. ‘He was about six feet tall with wavy blonde hair and fair skin.’

29. ‘She had pale blonde hair pulled into a bun and large hazel eyes.’

30. ‘They slashed at his legs and horse, and Julius plunged his sword into the nearest man, a beast covered in blond fur.’

31. ‘Ford dug his hands into the blond fur around its neck to hold on.’

32. ‘The blonde man was thrown backwards of his horse; dark coloured steed that refused to panic in the following chaos.’

33. ‘You've taught me a lot about the harmony of colours and I can see that I'm blonde.’

34. ‘Besides she is blond, and that's my colouring too.’

35. ‘Oh, he had Sean's coloring, being blond and grey-eyed, but his face was a little rougher around the edges.’

36. ‘Which I don't really need to do anyway, thanks to Father's blond genes.’

37. ‘Of course I was a blue-eyed blonde baby.’

38. ‘I mean, it's bad enough the media portrays that we should be blonde, blue-eyed and skinny.’

39. ‘With its blue-eyed, blonde haired leads, does the film cast a slight Aryan look?’

40. ‘Isabella's cheeks heightened in color, but the blond man did not take any notice.’

41. ‘Laughing and giggling, she tagged the light skin of the blond child, then turned and raced the other way.’

42. ‘It really didn't matter what you looked like - you could be blonde, blue-eyed or dark-skinned, dark-haired.’

43. ‘Who typically has more hair: blondes, brunettes or redheads?’

44. ‘Because he repainted often, he was always calling personnel ordering up fresh blondes, brunettes or redheads.’

45. ‘Some people like blondes, brunettes or red heads.’

46. ‘I had met women of all shapes and sizes; blondes, brunettes and redheads, some bubbly, some serious, some supremely confident, others slightly hesitant.’

47. ‘Alyssa pointed to a guy who was a blonde with spiky hair and dark gray eyes.’

48. ‘She was a blonde with shoulder-length hair and was listening to music at the same time.’

49. ‘Aria is also medium height but she is a blonde with wavy hair that falls just below her shoulders.’

50. ‘Most of the women had dark hair - a few were blondes.’

51. ‘Brunettes, blondes and redheads adorned the covers in equal proportion, but all had long and luxurious tresses.’

52. ‘However, blondes and redheads usually have more hair follicles than do people with darker hair.’

53. ‘So finally, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?’

54. ‘I wondered whether the myth that blondes are tartier then brunettes stems from the fact they actually need to wear more make-up?’

55. ‘However, some are blue-eyed blondes, have red hair, or even look Middle-Eastern.’

56. ‘Rick half-turned to look at the screaming woman, a tarted-up blonde with teased hair and flashing red earrings.’

57. ‘In some portraits she has short dark hair, in one she's an elegant blonde.’

58. ‘Meanwhile, this is a big week for finding out that people whom you thought were brunettes are actually natural blondes.’

59. ‘As a trucker stops for a red light, a blonde catches up.’

60. ‘Deep navy, in contrast, is less demanding, and leaves a bit more colour in a blonde's cheeks.’

61. ‘Well he thinks that I am a blonde deep down, even if my natural hair colour is brown.’

62. ‘His hair was coloured a very dark blonde, almost brown, and was at medium length.’

63. ‘But here she was, her hair bleached blonde wearing an extraordinary ensemble and as I found out almost totally unrecognisable.’

64. ‘It was a small average sized girl with long blonde plaited hair with random purple and indigo streaks in it.’

65. ‘They've had their hair dyed or highlighted blonde so many times that they start to think they're the sun and that everything revolves around them.’

66. ‘I just got home from my hair appointment and my hair is now a beautiful shade of blonde that I just adore.’

67. ‘I look and see the most perfect shade of golden blonde that I could have chosen.’

68. ‘They range in colours from black to lightest blonde with varying shades of ash, gold, beige, red-violet copper and auburn.’

69. ‘Even at nearly fifty, her hair was still wheat blonde without more than a minimal hint of gray and her caramel brown eyes as bright as her daughters.’

70. ‘She was only five foot, and had black hair with bleach blonde bangs.’

71. ‘Once my hair was completely pale blonde again, I titled my face upward to wash away the smeared make-up.’

72. ‘His eyes were a grayish blue and his hair bright blonde, sandy rather.’

73. ‘His hair is sandy blonde with silver highlights, fading to white naturally.’

74. ‘Her natural hair was dirty blonde, but she had it dyed a natural red with black streaks and black underneath.’

75. ‘His hair was dark blonde, almost brown, and his eyes were a clear steady grey.’

76. ‘I swear every time I see her, her hair looks more and more blonde, I wish my hair would be that blonde again.’

77. ‘His hair was naturally dirty blonde, and he had spiked it up with some green tips.’

78. ‘His strands of hair were tied back by a dark string yet his hair shown bright whitish blonde.’

79. ‘His natural hair color was dirty blonde, just a little lighter than mine.’

80. ‘Caramel blonde is expensive to maintain - it's more moneyed than honeyed.’

81. ‘Mel's hair was bleach blonde and her eyes were sparkling green.’

82. he is a blonde

Other users have misspelling blonde as:

1. balandi 5.52%

2. blonda 2.76%

3. blanda 2.76%

4. belonda 2.07%

5. Other 86.89%

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