Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling etiquette as:

pie chart
  1. etiqueta 16.54%
  2. etiqutte 6.02%
  3. etiquett 3.76%
  4. ettiquette 3.01%
  5. etiketto 2.26%
  6. etiquet 2.26%
  7. Other 59.37%

Definitions of etiquette


  1. rules governing socially acceptable behavior

Examples of etiquette

  1. I'm sure she's flouting loads of official and unofficial tube etiquette in one fell swoop here.
  2. What is the etiquette when the eyes in question are big, and brown, and fringed with generous dark lashes?
  3. The jockey was said to have undergone lessons in etiquette; the horse had not, though it acquitted itself extremely well.

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