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Other users have misspelling sophomore as:

pie chart
  1. sophmore 39.42%
  2. shophmore 6.73%
  3. southimore 4.81%
  4. shophomore 1.92%
  5. sothmore 1.92%
  6. souphmore 1.92%
  7. Other 43.28%

Definitions of sophomore


  1. used of the second year in United States high school or college


  1. a second-year undergraduate

Examples of sophomore

  1. Sophomore Gee Gee Greene has been getting a good deal of snaps at starting slotback in training camp and figures to get a lot of work today.
  2. Their sophomore album has been an even bigger success.
  3. As the world-in-itself-I'd begun, in my sophomore year, to study Immanuel Kant-exists, unattached to us.

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