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Other users have misspelling personnel as:

pie chart
  1. personel 22.47%
  2. personell 13.59%
  3. personnelle 6.66%
  4. pulsionnel 4.85%
  5. personnal 3.33%
  6. personeel 2.77%
  7. Other 46.33%

Definitions of personnel


  1. group of people willing to obey orders
  2. the department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management

Examples of personnel

  1. Christie knows that the continuity in playing personnel is a major strength and it's not one he plans to undermine with a cut-price garage sale.
  2. Whether Mr. Johnson was speaking metaphorically or just plain sillily, the fact he was expressing concern over adding many US military personnel to a small island displays concern for the overall impact on the Guamites … Guamians … Guamicans, hell just what does one call a resident of Guam?
  3. Personnel from HMAS Anzac set off to do a tour of Egypt while the ship is anchored near the entrance to the Suez Canal.

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