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1. employees; office staff

2. The people employed by or active in an organization, business, or service.

3. The department of human resources in an organization.

4. The body of persons employed in some public service, as the army, navy, etc.; -- distinguished from matériel.

5. the department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management

6. group of people willing to obey orders

7. The body of persons employed in any service, especially a public service, as the army, navy, etc., in contradistinction to the matériel, or material, which consists of guns, stores, tools, machines, etc.


1. It also must find away to ensure that emergency services personnel have priority over commercial network users.

2. The personnel change regularly too and the ones that do play look uncertain about their role.

3. More than half of emergency services personnel in London live outside the capital.

4. It is expected to include a strict time limit on when claims can be made against British personnel.

5. About 500 military personnel are medically discharged from the armed forces each year because or mental health problems.

6. Stewards held back furious fans, and security personnel had to duck as objects seemed to be thrown.

7. About 18,000 military personnel were detained.

8. The Russians were played by British personnel.

9. This has rendered them vulnerable to countries such as Russia which have invested in tanks and personnel carriers, army sources say.

10. The same will now apply to service personnel.

11. The pressure becomes stronger as more and more personnel departments adopt computer usage.

12. So is the failure to deliver properly armoured personnel carriers.

13. This is likely to be the experience of personnel officers especially.

14. Support personnel need to be encouraged by this as much as those on the front lines do.

15. Military personnel were called in to join the search for survivors.

16. Witnesses said that the number of security personnel outstripped the mourners.

17. The personnel changes gave us more legs and more intensity to our play.

18. You will shine in natural health or helping medical personnel.

19. Not all governments rely on the central personnel office to provide training opportunities.

20. The personnel department can more effectively carry out cost budgeting and labour cost applications.

21. Six armoured personnel carriers were parked across the road.

22. Only a few reservations of personnel are needed.

23. Identify at least four roles that managers and personnel officers are often asked to perform in improving productivity.

24. But we should also remember that it is not only regular service personnel who protect that security and who make those sacrifices.

25. While working there, she used to say she worked in personnel.

26. Better still, deny access to the photocopier to all but key personnel and only at certain times of the day.

27. Having the right person in the right job is the dream not only of personnel managers, but of employees as well.

28. The war that followed took the lives of 255 British military personnel.

29. The pertinent question is whether they have the personnel to be able to counter an England side brimming with confidence after eight successive one-day wins.

30. He has been put on notice by families of some of the 179 British service personnel killed during the conflict that he may face legal action.

31. In the world of business organizations, the term personnel administration is steadily giving way to a new term—human resources development.

32. Missing the personnel is the big thing in this pa ...

33. Missing the personnel is the big thing in this particular event.

34. The restaurant association declined to comment on what it termed "personnel matters that allegedly took place nearly 15 years ago."

35. Citing privacy issues surrounding what she called a personnel decision, McGuire would not explain the reason for Favret's removal.

36. - The University of Kansas said Tuesday it is investigating what it calls a personnel matter concerning football coach Mark Mangino, whose team is mired in a five-game losing streak that threatens to ruin the season.

37. Kansas said Tuesday it is investigating what it calls a personnel matter concerning football coach Mark Mangino, whose team is mired in a five-game losing streak that threatens to ruin the season.

38. ‘Bonuses require military personnel to make a commitment to serve for a specified time.’

39. ‘There is also the phenomenon of US military personnel posting their own personal blogs.’

40. ‘There are little villages set up in the training area, and military personnel are tasked to play civilians.’

41. ‘The emergency services personnel ran into bomb sites to get people out.’

42. ‘Military personnel will also have access from inside the camp perimeter.’

43. ‘British service personnel are helping to stabilise the security situation.’

44. ‘The service personnel must be above board to gain the respect and assistance of the public.’

45. ‘He came up with all kinds of ways to send messages from the military personnel to their families.’

46. ‘In addition, the number of service personnel is three times that of the passengers.’

47. ‘A barn owl had a new lease of life after it was rescued by fire service personnel at Teynampet.’

48. ‘We invited Service personnel along to answer questions from anxious families.’

49. ‘It is understood large numbers of military personnel were boarding aircraft.’

50. ‘The various reviews will demand a restructuring of the service, more personnel and a lot more cash.’

51. ‘Firefighters were also at the scene, and a group of military personnel waited at the edge of the cordon.’

52. ‘It seems the time has come for military personnel to be given the right of conscience.’

53. ‘We have got to let our service personnel know we are thinking about them and wish a speedy end to this situation.’

54. ‘The support it offers to British service personnel and their widows and families is vital.’

55. ‘The contract also includes training military personnel in the use of the tools.’

56. ‘Now do you accept that is a useful and effective way of protecting the lives of our service personnel?’

57. ‘There is also the problem of Service personnel being away from friends and family.’

58. ‘For some organizations, the management of personnel can be seen as just one other asset to be managed.’

59. ‘She was transferred to the personnel and administrative department but given no work.’

60. ‘The ministry used to have only a few units, such as personnel and resources offices.’

61. ‘We called them downright funny, and we laughed all the way to the personnel office.’

62. The manager compiled a list of authorized personnel

Other users have misspelling personnel as:

1. personel 22.47%

2. personell 13.59%

3. personnelle 6.66%

4. pulsionnel 4.85%

5. personnal 3.33%

6. personeel 2.77%

7. Other 46.33%

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