Definition of 'obvious'


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1. Easily discovered, seen, or understood; self-explanatory.

2. Easily seen through because of a lack of subtlety; transparent.

3. Easily perceived or understood; apparent. synonym: apparent.

4. Easily discovered, seen, or understood; readily perceived by the eye or the intellect; plain; evident; apparent

5. obsolete Opposing; fronting.

6. obsolete Exposed; subject; open; liable.


1. The benefits of a big brain may seem obvious to us.

2. There are two obvious explanations for champions when they are torn apart.

3. The obvious reason we feel put upon is the information age.

4. The obvious answer is that they are cheap to produce and pull in the ratings.

5. Insurance companies that sold the annuities are seen as the obvious contenders to buy them back.

6. It is obvious this place is bottom of the pile.

7. There is not one easy and obvious way forward.

8. The reason we say it's obvious is you need to have certainty of delivery.

9. That is quite obvious,' he said.

10. He is the obvious choice and I don't hear anyone screaming that he should not get the job.

11. She has had to do this for no obvious good reason.

12. The location agreement lacked the most obvious badge of an agreement for hire.

13. Yet we may have come to the limit of the obvious solutions.

14. The obvious choice was to go into the media.

15. The obvious answer would seem to be yes.

16. We are using a fictional situation but the people will see the obvious connection.

17. The result has been to leave the place without any obvious rationale.

18. The solution is both easy and obvious.

19. This one is obvious but definitely needs to be included.

20. The answers may not be quite as obvious as they seem.

21. The most obvious example of such an indirect route is behaviour.

22. But there are obvious reasons that doubles has struggled in recent years.

23. This may seem obvious to anyone not actually a socialist.

24. There is an obvious explanation of this apparent paradox.

25. The lack of obvious leadership was felt generally throughout the prison service.

26. The obvious solution to the problem is to charge a fee.

27. So it seemed to my parents to be the obvious choice for their eldest son.

28. The obvious answer is for football to police itself.

29. Mexico, how identical in shape and size with the protuberance of Africa just opposite, and how the protuberance of the Venezuelan and Brazilian coast fits in with the in-curve of Africa: so that it is obvious to me -- it is quite _obvious_ -- that they once were one; and one night rushed so far apart; and the wild Atlantic knew that thing, and ran gladly, hasting in between: and how if eye of flesh had been there to see, and ear to hear that cruel thundering, my God, my God -- what horror!

30. I second Nav's comment: sometimes it's not easy to be the one to point out the obvious, especially when the obvious is the status quo.

31. Claiming to be oblivious to the obvious is a big part of social status striving these days.

32. This editing of the obvious is a Baldwinism — but you have to look hard to realize its impact.

33. “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

34. As I was wondering how I can write an interesting post about a struggle for the obvious (collective agreement, job security etc), it suddenly came to me: the fact that the academic staff has to fight for the obvious is the whole point here.

35. To call Balls pathological for stating the obvious is a clear example of why Cameron and the Conservatives are sliding down the poll ratings.

36. ‘When you look at these two options in this light, doesn't the answer seem glaringly obvious?’

37. ‘The Great Bars are dying because of fear and bad science, but the solutions seem pretty obvious.’

38. ‘All have been glaringly obvious for years, but has Davies done anything about any of them?’

39. ‘In the end, after a couple of weeks the answer was blindingly obvious.’

40. ‘The incremental changes, if any, will be more obvious in retrospect.’

41. ‘He'd seemed astounded, but poor Ryan had been making himself painfully obvious.’

42. ‘And now, after a week, it's become pretty obvious the someone is going to be me.’

43. ‘The shortage of railway capacity becomes most obvious during the Spring Festival.’

44. ‘The most obvious reason for this condition is that the Europeans insist on it.’

45. ‘The Gaffer's part in it all is a bit less obvious, though.’

46. ‘And that, for fairly obvious reasons, was almost entirely coming from the sea.’

47. ‘Okay, so there was the closet, but that was a bit too obvious.’

48. ‘But the ultimate solution was not obvious at the time.’

49. ‘Even then, there are hints of Derek's darkness that are only obvious in retrospect.’

50. ‘By the end of the eighteenth century the damage was obvious to many observers.’

51. ‘Compulsions are obvious to an observer and can cause considerable shame and embarrassment.’

52. ‘His posthumous political importance is obvious to any observer of the Indian scene.’

53. ‘As was obvious from the outset, the treaty obligation is proving unenforceable.’

54. ‘I think this will appear obvious to the audience.’

55. ‘The sets and costumes are great but all these aesthetics were obvious from the beginning.’

56. ‘Even those who like their comedy gently done are likely to find this too flimsy and obvious.’

57. ‘He had made it painfully obvious that she no longer belonged in his world.’

58. ‘The casting somehow manages to be terribly clever and terribly obvious at the same time.’

59. obvious errors

Other users have misspelling obvious as:

1. ovious 6.62%

2. obviou 5.48%

3. obviouse 5.48%

4. obvous 3.65%

5. obvios 3.2%

6. obivious 2.97%

7. abviouse 1.83%

8. obious 1.83%

9. Other 68.94%

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