Definition of 'daughter'


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1. One’s female child.

2. A female descendant.

3. daughter language

4. One that is personified or regarded as a female descendant.

5. The immediate product of the radioactive decay of an element.

6. A woman considered as if in a relationship of child to parent.

7. One's female child.

8. A female descendant; a woman.

9. A term of address indicating parental interest.

10. A son's wife; a daughter-in-law.

11. (Biol.) one of the cells formed by cell division. See Cell division, under Division.

12. The female offspring of the human species; a female child of any age; -- applied also to the lower animals.

13. Anything (regarded as of the feminine gender) considered with respect to its source, origin, or function: as, the Romance tongues are the daughters of the Latin language.

14. A woman viewed as standing in an analogous relationship, as to the parents of her husband (daughter-in-law), to her native country, the church, a guardian or elderly adviser, etc.

15. A female descendant, in any degree.

16. A female child, considered with reference to her parents.

17. Produced by or resulting from the decay of a radioactive element.

18. Possessing the characteristics of a daughter; having the relationship of a daughter.

19. Of or relating to a cell, organelle, or other structure produced by division or replication.


1. It worked perfectly until his eldest daughter asked to see the packaging.

2. How would she feel if one of her daughters wanted a career like hers?

3. They have two daughters and two granddaughters.

4. We just feel incredibly lucky to have a beautiful son and daughter.

5. And would you encourage your teenage daughters to do it?

6. He is estranged from his eldest son and daughter.

7. You have a very young daughter.

8. You need to be united in addressing your younger daughter's behaviour.

9. They had a daughter a year younger than me.

10. My eldest daughter is at university and uses the car to get to and from her classes.

11. My eldest son and daughter could now write well and fast.

12. Until this weekend he had not had the right to receive his son and daughter there.

13. He was married twice and is survived by his three sons and two daughters.

14. Another one gave birth to twelve daughter churches during my ministry.

15. Our youngest daughters have been best friends since they were three years old.

16. His two daughters are at university here.

17. They had a son and four daughters.

18. He is survived by his wife and their two daughters.

19. My eldest daughter sees things differently.

20. Now the church wants my daughter.

21. She spoke from knowledge, having watched her teenage daughter die naturally of cancer.

22. He also has a one-year-old daughter by a woman he met in a nightclub two years ago.

23. When the cell divides, each daughter cell gets one of the chains.

24. I confronted him about it and he said this woman had two daughters but insisted only one was his.

25. Not only that, she combines cheerleading with a full-time job and bringing up two teenage daughters on her own.

26. ‘Another possibility is that the findings reveal a reciprocal relationship between daughters and their parents.’

27. ‘Therefore, it was the sons who took responsibility for the care of their elderly parents rather than daughters.’

28. ‘So fearful are parents that their daughters will be taken away that they refuse to simply drop them off; they or a relative will stay outside all day to make sure nothing happens.’

29. ‘Even men who marry commoners are struggling to afford lobola, which has increased with the expectations of parents whose daughters are marrying into the mushrooming black middle class.’

30. ‘Parents encourage daughters to sweat and grunt in physical competition, and even supermodels sport muscles obtained by logging hours at the gym.’

31. ‘Like JM Coetzee's Disgrace, the novel which pipped it to the prize, Fasting, Feasting has a storyline which revolves around parents and daughters.’

32. ‘Lalita has introduced her community to the merits of education; she works to prevent child marriage and encourages parents to send daughters to school.’

33. ‘There is a widely held assumption, especially among those who have daughters, that girls thrive in the absence of boys, but that boys do better with a female presence in the classroom.’

34. ‘The meeting followed years of campaigning by the parents after their daughters were diagnosed with severe blood disorders that required bone marrow transplants.’

35. ‘In the majority of our traditions, it is common to see parents encourage their young daughters to abandon school and get married at ages which are prohibited by law.’

36. ‘Parents discouraged their daughters from nurturing such ambitions, and employers considered young women to be temporary help at best.’

37. ‘Maybe all the parents who warned their daughters not to date poets were right…’

38. ‘Parents of teenage daughters worry most about anorexia, they say, and above all else, teenage boys' parents fear paranoid schizophrenia.’

39. ‘The Sankramana was an occasion for married daughters to visit their parents and for the young to visit elderly relatives to seek their blessings.’

40. ‘According to Banerjee, a large part of the reason for parents giving their daughters the go-ahead now is the lure of decent employment.’

41. ‘Parents with three daughters are about 10% more likely to get divorced than parents of three sons.’

42. ‘Given the times, most parents would like their daughters to have some skill or ability to be financially independent - if need be.’

43. ‘Friends, wives, lovers, parents, daughters of the unlucky ones must also grapple with the consequences.’

44. ‘Many parents keep their daughters home for fear of kidnapping.’

45. ‘I think a sense of proportion is required - stupid parents will tell their daughters that they must wear make-up when they go out.’

46. ‘Other benefits from this information include more accurate information on bulls calving ease and his daughters production and survival details.’

47. ‘Twelve of his daughters have produced foals that earned more than $1-million.’

48. ‘Likewise, when the breeding population was male-biased, producing daughters would be favored.’

49. ‘Over her average 10-year lifespan, a doe and her daughters can produce up to 100 fawns.’

50. ‘In places with lots of food, they produced lots of daughters that stayed at the nest to help raise their younger chicks.’

51. ‘We need to choose beef sires that can produce daughters with good maternal traits.’

52. ‘In order to elevate the socio-economic standing of both their family and the nation, middle class sons and daughters were urged to pursue higher education and ambitious careers.’

53. ‘On pensions, the Democrat proposes sticking to the status quo, but making sure that this generation puts enough aside for its retirement and does not run up bills its sons and daughters cannot pay.’

54. ‘Wives are employed, as are the sons and daughters of colleagues, occasionally doing party political campaigning work when they are paid only to do constituency and parliamentary work.’

55. ‘A female should also maximize fitness of both sons and daughters.’

56. ‘She is survived by her three sons and two daughters, brother John Marren, Toberroddy, sisters Una and Marian, in laws, relations, neighbours and friends.’

57. ‘In species where both parents share in the care, selection may favor differential investment in sons and daughters by male and female parents.’

58. ‘The widespread ambivalence over whether the sons and daughters of Egyptian women married to foreign men should be allowed Egyptian citizenship assumed many dimensions.’

59. ‘Born on the 6th March, 1830, he married Catherine Finan from Loughglynn and they raised a family of nine children, five sons and four daughters.’

60. ‘Mr Jones, whose wife Alice died two-and-a-half years ago, leaves two daughters, two sons, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.’

61. ‘As more parents realize the importance of a good education, they are sending their children to the best schools in town or financing overseas educations for their sons and daughters.’

62. ‘Parental involvement is a big element in the success of the challenge and all parents have been invited to support and encourage their sons / daughters during the Initiative.’

63. ‘Families with a number of sons or daughters may get the right to select an embryo of the opposite sex in the first review of assisted reproduction for 15 years, ministers said yesterday.’

64. ‘The group consisted of singers as young as 4-years-old and in some instances included mothers performing along with their daughters and sons.’

65. ‘With our junk food, lack of exercise, self-indulgences and self-imposed stress, many of our old folk will outlive their sons, daughters and even grandchildren.’

66. ‘Meelick's Independent local candidate Noel Broggy has called on the Government to make it easier for the sons and daughters of farmers to get planning permission on their own lands.’

67. ‘Descent is patrilineal - both sons and daughters are born into the clan of their father.’

68. ‘Moving scenes are witnessed at airports and ferry terminals as thousands of returning sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, make their long trek home to be with their loved ones.’

69. ‘The couple, who have spent all of their married life in Pewsey, will be celebrating their golden wedding with a family gathering attended by their two sons and two daughters and eight grand children.’

70. ‘Gilda Pirella has always been her daughter's biggest influence and greatest inspiration.’

71. ‘Before we continue to explain how Mary's career developed, we should say a little more about her father who, in his way, was a remarkable man and a major influence on his daughters.’

72. ‘I am proud to be an Army retiree, and I have been able to influence and enjoy my daughter's childhood.’

73. ‘He acknowledged his eight-year-old daughter Adesola as the influence for him returning to his musical roots.’

74. ‘Mary feels quite powerless to protect her own daughter and to influence where she is going and what she is doing online.’

75. ‘Sir Josslyn, his wife Lady Jane and their two daughters have already started living in England and hope to have bought a house over there in the next 18 months.’

76. ‘Horvath married Helene, his heart's desire, on October 9, 1942, and with her produced two lovely daughters.’

77. ‘Hill served in the Mexican War and the Seminole Wars; his 1859 marriage to Kitty Morgan was a happy one that produced four daughters.’

78. ‘He also married Hettie Cohen, a union that would last several years and produce two daughters.’

79. ‘Henry felt that the crown needed a male heir but his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, produced only a daughter, Mary.’

80. ‘He had married his wife Pauline just a year previously and they had three daughters, Donna, Laura and Paula.’

81. ‘Mr Ancram lives with his wife Jane and two daughters near Pewsey.’

82. ‘With their mother laid up with a broken ankle, Jane Tomlinson's daughters have decided to fund-raise on her behalf.’

83. ‘Mr Nicol is survived by his wife, Mable, two daughters, Jane and Alison, and by his sister Grace Nicol.’

84. ‘One day, after waving goodbye to his daughters, Tyawan descended into the valley.’

85. ‘He has four children; one 12-year-old rock guitarist son and three blonde daughters aged 18, 19 and 21.’

86. ‘The Carlisles are the parents of two daughters.’

87. ‘My parents have three daughters, and of my cousins who share my last name, only one is a boy - and, frankly, I don't like just his values being associated with my name.’

88. ‘Even though I can't sing like the Beach Boys, I'm glad that my daughters are California girls.’

89. ‘They helped me to be a better parent to my two daughters.’

90. ‘In the language of the scriptures, becoming a son or daughter of Christ is to re-establish that familial relationship which was destroyed by sin.’

91. ‘The Muses are the daughters of hope and the stepdaughters of memory.’

92. ‘I'm no longer the daughter of a gangster; I'm a daughter of Christ.’

93. ‘The atoms then undergo nuclear fission, producing daughter nuclei and more neutrons.’

94. ‘Ratios of naturally occurring radioactive minerals to their decay daughters can be used in determining the age of geological materials.’

95. ‘The radon gas will then also decay into radioactive solid particles, called radon daughters or radon progenitors.’

96. ‘Radon - 222 progeny is another name for the Rn decay products or Rn daughters.’

97. ‘Another problem, discussed here, is that the first daughter product of Ra is radon gas.’

98. ‘Active devices detect and record radon or its daughter products continuously.’

99. her daughter cared for her in her old age

Other users have misspelling daughter as:

1. doughter 15.2%

2. daugther 14.43%

3. dauther 6.49%

4. daughte 3.33%

5. daugter 2.99%

6. dauter 2.22%

7. douther 2.22%

8. daughther 1.54%

9. Other 51.58%

10. son 0%

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