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Other users have misspelling daughter as:

pie chart
  1. doughter 15.2%
  2. daugther 14.43%
  3. dauther 6.49%
  4. daughte 3.33%
  5. daugter 2.99%
  6. dauter 2.22%
  7. douther 2.22%
  8. daughther 1.54%
  9. Other 51.58%
  10. son 0%

Definitions of daughter


  1. a female human offspring

Examples of daughter

  1. As a postscript to the story, my great grandfather died a few weeks after this conversation, proving, as his wife pointed out to her daughter, that she had been correct in her surmise.
  2. Upstairs were the bedrooms; “mother-and-father’s room” the largest; a smaller room for one or two sons, another for one or two daughters; each of these rooms containing a double bed, a “washstand, ” a “bureau, ” a wardrobe, a little table, a rocking-chair, and often a chair or two that had been slightly damaged downstairs, but not enough to justify either the expense of repair or decisive abandonment in the attic.
  3. She would have taken a great deal of trouble that her daughters might not be a flounce behind the fashions, and was so far-seeing in her motherly anxieties, that she junketed herself and Major Buller to many an entertainment, where they were bored for their pains, that the extensive acquaintance might ensure to the girls partners, both for balls and for life when they came to require them.

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