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Other users have misspelling humongous as:

pie chart
  1. humongus 26.47%
  2. humogous 5.88%
  3. humogus 5.88%
  4. humongos 2.94%
  5. humongo 2.94%
  6. Other 55.89%

Definitions of humongous


  1. (used informally) very large

Examples of humongous

  1. The Secondhand Gypsies played "Brooklyn Baladi", so I tried to dance it with my new, humongous zills...but I mistakenly put them on the wrong fingers, so one zill kept slipping off.
  2. The risks stemming from the Federal Reserve's efforts to stimulate the economy through bond purchases are "humongous" and the central bank doesn't fully understand the ...
  3. The Doomsday Machine itself, the humongous planet killer, has been variously described in Freudian terms or else as a "gigantic horn of plenty.

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