Definition of 'humongous'


Word Frequency
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1. informal Of an extremely large size.

2. Extremely large; enormous.


1. The restaurant was humongous and rammed to the gills.

2. But the word humongous was coined during my lifetime, and Random House Unabridged gives the times of first usage as 1965-70.

3. D.S. Chisholm Kent, Connecticut We do not know the word humongous here, but I have found used the word ginormous [gi (gantic + e) normous] among our teen-age children and their peers for the last three or four years.

4. The risks stemming from the Federal Reserve's efforts to stimulate the economy through bond purchases are "humongous" and the central bank doesn't fully understand the potential effects, said Nassim Taleb, author of "The Black Swan."

5. The risks stemming from the Federal Reserve's efforts to stimulate the economy through bond purchases are "humongous" and the central bank doesn't fully understand the ...

6. Perhaps the answer to future nuclear plants is not the "humongous" plants the author is against, but to utilize the highly developed, reliable, and effecient nuclear plants found on our carriers and subs.

7. The big I would ay "humongous"! battalions look very impressive.

8. While it is "humongous" as far as slugs go, just about all of my students outweigh it by at least a few stone.

9. ‘I think everyone will agree these are huge loses - humungous losses.’

10. ‘Lots of people would sign up if they could grow a gigantic potato or a monstrous zucchini or a humungous tomato.’

11. ‘The gigantic horse was a humongous black beast with flashing green eyes and a name to suit: Thunderhead.’

12. ‘Their houses here are humongous, gigantic even.’

13. ‘Eventually, after a couple of hours, they reached the bottom of the humongous mountain.’

14. ‘As long as it's not a multicolored, mammoth hat with a humongous pom-pom attached to it.’

15. ‘That probably is worth a huge horselaugh, because franchises keep being bought for humongous sums.’

16. ‘Half the sky was a golden glow casting a shimmering slick across the water, and the other half, painted with grey and black puffed humungous clouds.’

17. ‘She and her friends made humungous signs to carry around.’

18. ‘Also, remember the humongous snowball that we started rolling at the bottom of the hill near our house?’

19. ‘It's not a humongous group of people, but it is a very committed group of people.’

20. ‘You'd think a humongous blunder like this would be all over the front pages.’

21. ‘We thought it proper that we have one of the candidates who was on that humongous ballot here today.’

22. ‘He sat down and looked at the giant pictures of his ancestors that decorated the humungous room.’

23. ‘An already huge company would become truly humongous in terms of its wealth and power.’

24. ‘‘So,’ he started, having not noticed the humungous sigh, ‘Do your parents live here too?’’

25. ‘We are having a humungous party at the beach and everybody will have lots and lots of fun.’

26. ‘‘That was great Katie,’ he said with a humungous smile.’

27. ‘Jennie clacked over to me, in her humungous shoes.’

28. ‘One way or another, we seem to be heading for a world of three or four really humungous pharmaceutical companies in the US, maybe six or eight worldwide.’

29. it was a humongous problem and they had no idea how to solve it

Other users have misspelling humongous as:

1. humongus 26.47%

2. humogous 5.88%

3. humogus 5.88%

4. humongos 2.94%

5. humongo 2.94%

6. Other 55.89%

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