Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling obsolete as:

pie chart
  1. obsoleta 25.51%
  2. obselete 5.1%
  3. obbcerlet 3.06%
  4. obsulite 3.06%
  5. absolete 2.04%
  6. absoleete 2.04%
  7. obsolate 2.04%
  8. Other 57.15%

Definitions of obsolete


  1. no longer in use

Examples of obsolete

  1. It was the least encumbered of all the tenures with obsolete and burdensome features, reminiscent of an older day, when land-holding involved public rights and duties as well as private rights of ownership.
  2. Industry pundits claim the existence of such offers renders pay-as-you-go deals obsolete.
  3. Apparently the delay is due to some of the components being ancient and obsolete (dating back as far as 1999).

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