Definition of 'drowned'


Word Frequency
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1. That has died by drowning.

2. Simple past tense and past participle of drown.

3. That has been drenched or submerged, as drowned lands; also, that has perished by drowning.

4. A fire-tube upright boiler in which the tubes forming the heating-surface are surrounded for their whole length by the water to be evaporated, instead of projecting for part of their length above the normal water-level. This construction diminishes the tendency to leakage at the upper tube-sheet, because the tubes are not subject to such wide ranges of temperature change, and to such changes of length relatively to the outer shell, as the fire varies in intensity or the water-level is carelessly lowered.


1. “Run!” he shouted, the word drowned out by the triumphant moan of the dead as they reached him, one woman moving past him to get to Tania.

2. “No!” she screamed, so loud she shocked herself back to reality, so loud the word drowned out the drumming of her pulse in her ears and the rushing water and her breathing and his and everything else in the universe except the primal need to survive.

3. These reefs are sometimes referred to as drowned reefs.

4. Yesterday, Jhom Ratana that was how he spelled his name in English drowned in Peam Ro Village.

5. I was drowned in work

Other users have misspelling drowned as:

1. drowened 8.33%

2. drowed 8.33%

3. drwaand 4.17%

4. drouned 4.17%

5. Other 75%

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